Thursday, August 16, 2012

Islamic Lawfare Comes to Disney World

A female Muslim employed by the Disney Corporation has sued her employer for not permitting her to wear the hijab on the job.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news video:


Anonymous said...

Soon you won't be allowed to have rules in your business - you'll have to do everything your employees ask for due to "religious beliefs".

Heikki Polojärvi said...

Soon, if not already, people wearing hijab will, at any job interview, get the answer "thank you, we'll be in touch later"

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that a Marxist/Jewish organization - the ACLU pushed this lawsuit.

I guess they think they'll have a special position when the Muzzies gain power thanks to people like them.

Guess they haven't seen what happened in France to their fellow Jews. Ha, ha.

Mind you the ACLU(which was founded by 2 Communists) is at the forefront of attacking Christianity and anyone who stands for things the ACLU doesn't like such as promoting Western Civilization and can successfully litigate over.

Overall the ACLU has done more damage to this country than all the Muzzie terrorist acts combined. They have almost unlimited financial and legal resources to litigate anyone or even a entire city into the poor house if you don't abide by their legal fatwas.

babs said...

Someone on TV came up with a great idea; have her work at the "Small World" ride!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the Muzzie gal, she's just a puppet for powerful secular Leftists who just love making a mockery of the traditional American society.

The sad fact is, she is just the latest tool in a long line that the ACLU and their fellow Leftists have used against the U.S. Remember these are the very same people who got Christmas and Christian symbols removed from many cities, replaced Christmas with happy holidays, they are the people who put Islamic studies in public schools but go on a legal Jihad if we had Christian studies, etc.

Put another way, behind every Islamic cause here in the U.S. there is a powerful secular Leftist or group behind them. 9/11 Mosque and open boarders - Mayor Bloomberg, Bill O'Reilly and that idiot Dennis Miller. The latter two aren't Leftists, but tools of the Left.

Anonymous said...

This will be the end of Disney Land as we used to know it.
Ever since a person go murdered in Disney Land during the same time the Pope got shot, things have been sliding toward turd world in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

My wife and I are interested to know who has financed Barrack Obama. He is an international socialist and a closet Muslim. Perhaps somebody over there in America could help.

It is now becoming obvious that the Left is using Islam to bring about their Marxist revolution and destroy European Christian Civilisation. This is evident in Scandinavia and in France and even in England where George Galloway and Ken Livingstone - he with a Palistinian wife - once regarded as the looney left, have wedded themselves to Islam so much so that the Jews in London have left Livingstone's rainbow multicultural alliance.

Is the money for Obama coming from Saudi Arabia and other oil rich muslim states? We know that SA is funding the building of mosques all over Europe.

Or is it coming from the one world Jewish financiers and bankers in New York who somehow think that they will be exempt from anti-semitic slaughter, as was American Jewry during World War 2?

Muslim anti-semitism is rife in Europe now, so much so that the Muslims are ethnically cleansing France of its Jews. With muslims doubling in number in Britain and probably the rest of Europe in the next 20 years the position of European Jewry is becoming more and more precarious.

The amazing thing is that the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent and other left-wing organs in Britain have not been attacked for remaining silent about such anti-semitism or do they just regard it as the punishment due to all Jews for Palestine. That is like Hitler punishing all Jews for those who took part in the Russian Revolution and Rosa Luxembourg et al. This perhaps proves what Churchill said, namely that fascism never died but carried on as anti-fascism. Once the left called the indigenous peoples of Europe Nazis if they objected to the multiculturalisation of their countries, implying that they exhibited the same racism as the Nazis did against the Jews. But now they are quite happy to ditch the Jews as they have found that Islam is going to be a much more effective means of silencing and ultimately destroying Christian Europe.

Anonymous said...

I just won't go to Disneyland if they're going to give in to this religious blackmail. I'll spend my money elsewhere, and see how much they like Islamic lawfare when the rest of us refuse to play along. She is now officially costing her employer money by demanding the right to practice religion at work. Doesn't matter if people are starving, when it comes to religion there's no power that won't shy away. Shame.