Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/28/2012Hurricane Isaac made landfall today south of New Orleans as a Category 1 storm, bringing with it strong winds, massive quantities of rain, and a ten-foot storm surge. Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away across the Gulf of Mexico in Tampa, Mitt Romney became the presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention.

In other news, an unexploded bomb from World War Two was uncovered last night in the center of Munich, forcing the evacuation of the surrounding area as bomb-disposal experts attempted to defuse it.

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Anonymous said...

Hijab as part of the
military uniform in Norway

- What an insult to Norway and to Norwegians!

This was made official at a NATO event in Stavanger recently.

One hijab wearer told Aftenposten a few years ago, that she didn't salute the flag, like of course, all soldiers do.

Pretending that it's not a big deal, the politicians are also allowing for the turban and the kippa to be worn with the uniform.

What does this mean in a situation of defense of the country? The hijab is signalling to her fellow ideologists that she is with them and not with the defense of Norway?

How utterly stupid is this supremacy symbol to be allowed with a European uniform? What are the Norwegian politicians thinking? How can they possibly make such a significant decision behind closed doors?

Where is the respect for the Norwegian people?