Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/21/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 8/21/2012There’s a lot of news in tonight’s feed, for some reason. Most of it concerns the deteriorating economic situation, Iranian nukes, or the bloody chaos in Syria. But the violence in India merits a few column inches, as do various conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa.

Oh, and there’s also the police investigation of a bias crime in a Staten Island park involving uncooked bacon and praying Muslims…

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the article "Eid in Nairobi: Veiled Muslim Women and Boozing Western Intellectuals" by ANDRE VLTCHEK: This article is total drivel.

The author is completely BRAIN DEAD and SOULLESS. We all have to live in the horrible world that he is enabling through his uninformed WORSHIP of Islam over God.

Go talk to some Copts in Egypt and see how 'peaceful' Islam really is.


Anonymous said...

Vltchek's article on the wonders of Islam is sickening and inaccurate
gibberish. He needs to brush his tongue with his toothebrush to remove
that smelly brown stuff.

Anonymous said...

Converted Mr Gay Denmark
prove that you can be homo AND muslim

He "prays" a lot. But doesn't go to any mosques in Denmark, thinking the preaching there is too aggressive.