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Who Makes the Rules in Berlin?

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In the corridors of a Berlin district court, the extended family of an Arab defendant makes the rules — which include permission to throw a bucket of what appears to be urine at the camera crew attempting to film them and interview them, while the officers of the court look on.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A full transcript is below the jump:

00:00 It may not have escaped your attention,
00:04 as regular Spiegel TV viewers, that there are
00:08 extended Arab families in parts of the capital who accept their laws only.
00:12 But the fact that now even the Berlin district court is being considered an
00:16 area immune from prosecution, this surprised even our reporter Claas Meyer-Heuer.
00:20 Holding a film shooting permit, he just wanted to document
00:24 the initiation of a lawsuit against a certain Arafat A.
00:29 But as the man appeared not on his own, but accompanied by his
00:33 awful family, the whole thing ended
00:37 in chaos. Also a confession of failure of the German
00:41 rule of law. - Thursday at the Berlin district court [probably the one for the Neukölln district]. Opening hearing
00:45 against the member of an extended Lebanese family. 'Get away with that camera, idiot.'
00:49 The A family clan is among the most notorious in Berlin.
00:53 One of them is imprisoned for robbery, another for causing bodily harm,
00:57 and a third one is in remand, for suspicion of collusion.
01:01 Today the court will deal with Arafat A, a close friend and
01:05  business partner of the rapper Bushido.
01:09 Arafat A, here filming with his cell phone, is indicted for threats,
01:13 together with his brother Yasser. These two and a dozen
01:17 other men are said to have surrounded two rivals. Arafat has no comment
01:21 regarding the charges. Instead, his brother Nasser interferes,
01:25 rather intending to intimidate than to inform, it seems. 'Have your brothers
01:30 threatened a man, and did your brother say, Take the gun
01:34 and hold it against his head? This is the charge.
01:38 Today, the focus will be on your brother's alleged statement towards his brother, Take the gun and hold it
01:42  against his head.' 'Have you got children, and how old are they? Let me hear, tell me about yourself.'
01:46 'I would like to ask you...' 'Nouhh, I was first to ask.'
01:50 'Where do you hang around, in what clubs, maybe we can go out together
01:54 somewhere.' The lawyer in this lawsuit is Stefan Conen,
01:58 one of Berlin's best lawyers.
02:02 'As far as I know, there is no
02:06 general filming permission at the district court.' 'Well, we've got one, ask the judge,
02:10 , who... [?].' 'Yes, maybe you have a permission for the court room, but not for the
02:14 corridors. You would have to obtain it from the [court] president.' 'But we've got one.'
02:18 Several witnesses have been summoned for the first day of trial. In detail, the charges are
02:22 causing dangerous bodily harm, threats and dangerous interference with
02:27 road traffic.
02:31  'We are allowed to shoot here.' 'You need to
02:35 let us decide what we...' 'We need to let you decide whom you denigrate, and whom you
02:39 don't - huh? You're certainly such a pedophile
02:43 guy, that's what you are. You're exactly one of them, that's my assessment. This is my private opinion.'
02:47 Right before the regular opening hearing, our team needed to withdraw -
02:51 - although we had received a shooting permit from the judge responsible,
02:56 also for the courtroom.
03:04 'Could someone possibly make sure that we can peacefully pursue our work?'
03:08 'What is this, how can they determine
03:12  if we can shoot unimpeded or not?' And then,
03:16 to the right of the image, wearing a grey sports suit, a sympathiser of the A family
03:21 surprises with bare facts.
03:25  Then, this same man grabs a trash bucket, fills it with water [urine], and although
03:29 it is clear what he's planning to do, nobody intervenes.
03:33 'Refrain from the water attack. Desist from the water thing. Have a look...'
03:37 'Is he serious to ... here our... [?]?'
03:41 Of course, he is serious. It appears that
03:46 domestic authority has passed over to the extended Arab family.
03:50  'Tell me, are you serious here?'
03:54 'What's going on here?' [incomprehensible]
03:58 'Can you tell me what is going on here?' Only one of the bailiffs had tried
04:02 to intervene. The others capitulated before the aggression of the extended Neukölln family.
04:10 'It's all right. What can we do about it?' At the end, a clear
04:15 message: 'Tell me where you live, then I'll come home to you, invite me home to your place,
04:19 then let's have a coffee together, and then we can talk.' 'We could rather...' 'What do you think about it!' 'We could rather...'
04:23 'Yes! I'll come to your place.' 'No, also on a neutral place we could...' 'No, home at your place.'
04:27  'I'm not interested in you coming home to me...' 'I'm not interested in talking to you about not being filmed.
04:31 You have filmed enough, that should do it.' 'This is a pubic space, here we can...' 'You know what, then broadcast
04:35 everything I now say, broadcast everything, also this part with you.' 'Yes.'
04:40 Also part of the trial took place, but only against Yasser A, to start with.
04:44 The charges against Arafat will be dealt with in the next session
04:48 23 August.

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Anonymous said...

And this is why many of us maintain that, except for small (and probably futile) pockets of resistance, Europe as we knew it, as a whole, IS finished. Germans go from (wrongly) coming within reach of conquering all of Europe to, 75 years later, being paralyzed by a savage, arrogant, unassimilable, PUBLICLY P*SS-THROWING minority.

So tell me again why we should not write off the vast majority of Europe?

Anonymous said...

It was actually not urine, but water. I wasn't quite sure about it in the beginning, had the feeling that 'water' was a euphemism for urine, but later the evidence grew (also through a detailed newspaper article found) that it actually indeed was 'just water'. I notified Vlad accordingly, but it probably came too late.

Michael Laudahn