Saturday, August 25, 2012

Michael Coren on the Breivik Verdict

On his program earlier tonight, Michael Coren talked to Hans Rustad of about today’s verdict in the trial of Anders Behring Breivik.

Mr. Rustad discussed the judge’s remarks, and the part the trial played in the campaign of surveillance and intimidation that is currently being waged against conservatives who oppose mass immigration. The vilification of Islam-critics is occurring not just in Norway, but across Scandinavia and in the rest of Western Europe.

Pay close attention — you’ll hear Fjordman mentioned.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


bruce said...

15 to 20yrs for 77 murders have you lost your minds?

Anonymous said...

You must remember that these measurements were made for the Norwegian society, in a pre-islamic age, where you would be punished for whatever crime you committed, and then, you would be reintegrated into society. Very humane approach.

Another very important principle in the Norwegian justice is that no law should be retroactive.

Normally prisoners get to go to the cinema and other activities as a preparation for life after prison. For Breivik, this will not be the case, though the Director at Ila says to Aftenposten today, that "We will have to be flexible with Breivik"

If they totally isolated him for 21 years, how then, would he be prepared for a civilized society on the outside?

However, in 21 years who will be ruling Oslo, or Norway?

- Norwegians..? Muslims? With sharia?

Take a look at how much Oslo and Norway has changed in the last twenty years. Just imagine what it will look like after an acceleration of islamization, probably with much more sharia and a minority population of Norwegians in Oslo, 20 years from now...

What is unfolding before your eyes is the ethnic cleansing of yet another European people - unless something very drastic is going to happen

Will Brevik be better prepared for Norway 2034 after 21 years of isolation, after all?

Anonymous said...


Just to underline the fact, 21 years is the maximum penalty under Norwegian law, which is totally different from American law, to say the least

G2 said...

Bruce, calm yourself. He will never see the street again.