Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fisticuffs in Lillestrøm

Cultural Enrichment News

There were culturally enriched hijinks in the Norwegian city of Lillestrøm last night: high-spirited “youths” mugged, robbed, and beat up passers-by at random near the central train station.

Many thanks to our Norwegian correspondent The Observer for translating this article from

Random beatings in Lillestrøm
by Rubb

Young men of Somali ancestry beat up and robbed random people in Lillestrøm [a city northeast of Oslo] on Friday night. Ugly incidents took place at Lillestrøm train station and at a local gas station. The incident is reminiscent of what is already happening in Oslo.

Beat up random people

A police patrol was called out to Lillestrøm train station after reports of fighting on Friday night.

At the scene they encountered a person with injuries to his face. The blows to the head this person had sustained resulted in four stitches.

“While dealing with this person the police patrol discovered that something was going on inside the train station,” says Øyvind Strømsborg, the operations manager from the Romerike police.

The five suspects, all of Somali ancestry, are aged between 18 to 20 years and registered with addresses in Oslo and Romerike. Police told Romerike Blad [local newspaper] that they believe that this incident is connected with what took place at the Shell gas station that same night.

“We believe that these events are connected, and we are interested in getting in touch with people who may have witnessed the episodes,” says Per Stenslet, who took over as manager of operations on Saturday morning

“These are individuals who beat up and robbed people in Lillestrøm on Friday night,” he adds.

One person was injured inside a Shell gas station in Lillestrøm.

“The man had clearly been in an altercation, received a couple of blows to his face and had his wallet and mobile phone taken away from him,” said Øyvind Strømsborg. The man was taken by ambulance to Ahus [local hospital] for a medical examination.

“We suspect that there are at least two perpetrators, both of foreign origin. According to witness reports one of them was wearing a striped knitted jumper with a blue emblem on it,” says Strømsborg.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't diversity wonderful?

There were an estimated 15,000 pick-pocketings last year in Oslo alone. "Romanian" (i.e., Gypsy) street beggars are believed to be largely responsible for the epidemic, but the ruling Labour party continues to block all attempts to reinstate anti-begging laws.

Roma beggars are also behind a recent epidemic of old women being assaulted and robbed of their jewelry. The criminals actually hang around outside retirement complexes and wait for victims to come their way.

This in addition to the ongoing record crime wave of robbery, burglary, rape, car theft and fraud.

In response, the Norwegian government is actually cutting police resources in many areas, and appoints incompetent cronies of Labour leaders with no police experience to leadership positions.

danaigh said...

Norwegians have certainly fallen in recent times. The western disease seems universal, wtf are Somali's doing in Norway?

Well I live in a small US town, am 5'7", nearly 70 yrs of age....and ALWAY travel locked and loaded.

God bless Norway.

Anonymous said...

Ah but remember Gordon Brown's logic: there are just as many Norwegians living in Somalia, so everything's hunky dory and all's well with the world. Don't you just love it when politicians use truth and logic to deal with the issues of the day..

Mr. Rational said...

What do you want to bet that, of the penalties suggested for these criminal Somalis, deportation is never mentioned by the PTB?

Anonymous said...

" wtf are Somali's doing in Norway"

- Supporting Al Shabaab!

Recruitment in Scandinavia, for fighting in Somalia

One Somali, around Tromsø, was at a time, even appointed something, like immigrant or something ".. Of The Year" as an example to show how well integrated they were. Soon, however, it turned out he had been channeling taxpayers' money to Somalia.

A list of some Somali organizations in Oslo, all with seemingly good intentions, like for instance, Somali Children's Aid

How many of these do not get taxpayers' support I have no idea, but they must be very few.

- We all support Al Shabaab

Anonymous said...

"Young men of Somali ancestry"

You can take the Somali out of Somalia, but you can't take Somalia out of the Somali

Anonymous said...

In this hotel, at Grønland, Krekar The Mulla and his family were accommodated after he had received threats some time back

Anonymous said...

It is quite incredible really that
a simple situation like this cannot
be sorted out by anyone in government. These foreign criminals
need to be arrested, identified, tried, sentenced and later deported with a warning that if they EVER re-enter the country and commit further offenses they will face minimum sentences of 40 years imprisonment without parole.

gsw said...

"The man had clearly been in an altercation"
The man had clearly been mugged.

Many of these 'young men' are actually happier in prison.
They are among their own kind, they have special 'religious' concessions regarding food and drink and prayer times.

They are actually a lot better off than they would be back home.

Nope, we need them to be tattooed "PNG" (Persona non grata) and kicked out.
Any attempt to re-enter any European country will be greeted with a strip search (terrorist) followed by a kick out.

Anonymous said...

Somali in Finland lost her sister in the Mediterranean where she drowned on her way to the London Olympics

Just to tell you to what extent the Somalis are going to the West

Why can't they go to Somaliland, nearby, instead? There must be plenty of space there, they are closer to home, and they understand the culture and the language

"Runner Samia Yusuf Omar was
trying to cross from Libya to Italy in April when the boat she was travelling in sank, according to Italian media."

Anonymous said...

Somali drowned

"According to a profile of Samia on al-Jazeera, she faced death threats and intimidation when she returned to Somalia after the 2008 Olympics, with the Islamist militia al-Shabab controlling parts of the capital."

No reason to flee Al Shabaab in Somalia, going to Scandinavia where you find more of the same..!

- Go to Somaliland, or stay home

Anonymous said...

Talk with Harry Belafonte at multicult-festival in Oslo...! No..?

Free access
Mela festival taking place at City Hall Square, Rådhusplassen, August 2012

"About us", Horizon Foundation
Artistic Manager: Khalid Salimi

Funded by...taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

A Tariq Ali is the one to talk with Harry Belafonte at the Mela scene in Oslo

Tariq Ali, the same that works to make Saladdin a hero to be celebrated in Norway

Tariq Ali: The Perils of Islamophobia

Anonymous said...

Tariq Ali speaks in Oslo about the wonders of islam

"How close islam and judaism is"
"Al Andalus"
"Live together in Palestine", "like at the time of Saladin"
- Rubbish...blablabla

Anonymous said...

Finland's Jussi Halla-aho (True Finns)
- Somalis no longer need protection in Finland

A recent report on Finnish TV shows Somalis by the numbers visiting Somalia.

"An asylum exists for real distress, and is not a means of elevating your standard of living".


And then there is the oil, in Somalia
- A boom for Somalia thinks Gulf News in April this year

Who is going to build up the oil industry in Somalia..?

Anonymous said...

Monomulticult festival Mena in Oslo
- Not impressed

Antonio Mendez, Radio Latin-America, thinks there is too much focus on Asia, in particular Pakistan

- Never before has the festival been more diverse, says artistic manager Khalid Salimi

There are approx 18 000 Latin-Americans in Norway, most of them in Oslo

- Latin-Americans don't feel at home at the festival, says Mendez

Anonymous said...

Anywhere in Europe people are robbed of their gold, with or without physical violence

Yesterday it was Aud(85) in Oslo. Today a woman(87) in Moss.

My Title

- They have no scruples. Not even drug addicts to this to elderly people, say police in Østfold county, to the East of Oslo, towards the Swedish border

Bring on some Rumanian police who speak their language. That might help

Anonymous said...

Begging pays
Norwegian Customs estimate that the Roma gypsies have transferred 42 mio NOK (7 mio USD) to Romania. At the same time they travel for free on public transport - too much hazzle to follow up on them, name, id, address etc