Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Soldiers in Hijab

Hijab and gun

The Norwegian government has decided to allow soldiers to wear hijab as part of their official uniform. The directive was made all-inclusive by permitting the turban and yarmulke as well, but the move is a blatant attempt to pander to the Islamic grievance lobby.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated a brief article from today’s Dagbladeton the topic. The translator includes this note:

It seems that the Muslim community in Norway has managed to coax the authorities into granting them yet another special concession. This time it’s the option for female Muslim soldiers to wear the hijab if they wish to do so.

My guess is that several prominent Islamic figures in Norway will now silently ‘encourage’ female Muslims to join the armed forces of so that they can really take advantage of this Islamic victory and rub it in our faces.

The translated article:

It is now allowed to use hijab and turban in the Norwegian military

Turban, hijab and kippah can now be worn with Norwegian military uniforms

The defence ministry has given the heads up for the new directive which allows certain symbols to be worn in conjunction with the military uniform, the regional newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reports.

“The decision to allow religious symbols to be worn with military uniforms was approved on July 1,” says Major Tor Simen Olberg, the advisor for ‘Feltprosten’ who is responsible for the department of military chaplains.

Among the newly approved symbols are turbans which may be worn by Sikh soldiers. For soldiers belonging to the mosaiske trossamfunn, namely Jews, it is now permissible to wear a kippah or alternatively a smaller round cap on the head. This garment can also be worn underneath the standard military beret.

Female Muslim soldiers now have the option to wear the hijab if they wish to do so.

“It is required that those women who chose to wear the hijab wrap it tightly around their heads. It cannot be fitted loosely or be allowed to flap around,” according to Major Olberg.

He emphasizes that the list of approved symbols is a short one. In addition to the aforementioned symbols soldiers are also allowed to wear bracelets with engraved or affixed religious symbols.

Major Olberg announced the new rules on symbols during a seminar on religion and conflicts which was held at NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre at Jåttå in Stavanger earlier this week.


Dymphna said...

the ROTFLMAO take-away on the latest idiocy drooling out of Norway:

The directive was made all-inclusive by permitting the turban and yarmulke

And exactly how many suicide Jews *are* there in the Norwegian military anyway?

Why does Kumbiyah Norway have a military anyway? Are they afraid of Sweden? Denmark? Oh, right: the IDF is planning an invasion. Gotta be prepared for those war-mongering JOOOS.

Anyone have the figures??

alcade said...

Why does Kumbiyah Norway have a military anyway?"

I would say to reach out to the Muslim world, but I think NASA is already covering that...

Anonymous said...

Not idiocy but suicidal.

Like the Romans who recruited massive numbers of barbarians into their legions soon found out they called the shots and turned on their masters.

All the Muzzies need to do now is sign up 20,000 or so of the Ummah and they'll have control of the country.

The people won't fight back because the welfare state turned them into useless leeches.

Anonymous said...

Well we had the same discussion regarding police uniforms.

The argument against is simple: when you dress in a police or military uniform you represents the state, nothing else. It matters not if you are a gay communist, islamist, a devoted vegeatrian or a hardcore christian fundamentalist... THAT IS YOUR PRIVATE LIFE and is totally irrelevant to what you represent in a uniform.

But no we have to make ourselves the most ignorant and naive fools in the enitre northern hemisphere. I am ashamed to the bone. And I ask myself what exactly will the soldiers salute? It's not the man, but the rank or rather what the officer represents. And now ... let's salute the hijab.

This country is destroyed beyond repair. The motto is: grab whatever you can, give NOTHING to the common good and pray that the oil keeps flowing until you're dead.

Is there a possibility for political asylum in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this isn't a Monty Python skit? It is so ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Someone asks - "Is this a Monty Python sketch?" No it's not. It is egalitarian multiculturalism approaching its logical conclusion.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone asks - "Is this a Monty Python sketch?" No it's not. It is egalitarian multiculturalism approaching its logical conclusion.


* * *

Want even more irony? Leftist John Cleese - noted authority on all things American - a few years ago opined his great fear of Sarah her or not, a true patriot who'd do anything to preserve this country as founded.

Why anyone would even still interview any of the old MP crew is beyond me but what they SHOULD be asked is, "What do you make of the widespread bending over of European societies, including your own in the U.K., to unassailable Muslims?"

It's a question that never gets asked of leftist fools, I know, I know.

goethechosemercy said...

The directive was made all-inclusive by permitting the turban and yarmulke

What about the bright red caps ethnic Norwegians wear at Christmas?
I'm sure they're forbidden.

goethechosemercy said...

Deception, infiltration, manipulation, betrayal, mass murder, conquest and control.
It's the Muslim way of war.
These "Norwegian" Muslim soldiers will turn on their ethnic Norwegian "fellow citizens" and kill them all.

Green Infidel said...

It's not only Norway, folks, but Germany as well that's at it... yep, after all the "cultural enrichment" and success of immigrant-filled ghettos, that even prompted Angela Merkel to declare that "multiculturalism has failed", we have the new way forward: Muslims, armed with weapons, in the army!

Surely nothing can go wrong with that one, eh?

Anonymous said...

About half a year before the terror attack on July 22nd, the top brass of the Norwegian Police discussed allowing the hijab as an integral part of the uniforms.

Now in the aftermath of terror, the Prime Minister is "surprised" by the scale of failure by the police dealing with 22/7.

I am not surprised at all. This system-failure of the Norwegian state is all inclusive. If ever there was a time to invade and conquer Norway it is now. Not since spring of 1940 has there been such incompetence at the top.

While we discuss hijabs ... this could be a good beginning of a story about Norway, anno 2012.

Anonymous said...

The Same people to demand that they be permitted to wear the Four Winds Same headgear?

Avpixlat has the photo

Isak Thomas Triumf, from Kautokeino, North Norway, has been in the defense for 33 years, and asks how it is that the immigrants get their demands so easily granted, saying to the

Same paper, that there is Same clothing that is much more comfortable than the uniform, for instance the Luhkka, a kind of poncho.