Friday, August 24, 2012

Graphic Details

Over the past few days, when I really should have been working, I spent a few hours making graphics, which is what I love to do more than anything else. I’m not sure if these images will ever be relevant to any particular post, so I’ll just put them here, where readers can see them — and steal them, if they seem useful to you.

The first one is a modified version of the notorious photo of Barack Hussein Obama with his head obscured by a teleprompter. For anyone who hasn’t already seen this moving and iconic image, it may be found here.

Just for fun, I altered the photo to reveal its underlying truth:


The second image is less jocular. It depicts a revenant figure of evil, a shade returned from the pit to glower at us all as the Twelfth Imam climbs out of his well:

The Khomeini bomb

He may be part of Comrade Obama’s October surprise. Or — if you’re a devotee of the Mayan Long Count calendar — he may appear at the end of the thirteenth b’ak’tun, on December 21, 2012. Or some combination of the above.

Or he may just be a figment of my fevered and over-active imagination…


Anonymous said...


"Forward" to the dark middle ages.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Only the message should read, "Forward to the Dictatorship of the (unemployed) Proletariat."

Anonymous said...

Obama is our 1st 3rd world president. Here's is a man who raised primarily by a rabidly communist mother in non-Western foreign lands, then tutored in Hawaii by a hard core Black communist. Never associated with anyone remotely White or non-Marxist. No one is sure where he was born. Questions still remain who was his father.

Look this is like walking out of the cornfield. At Occidental no one remembers seeing him(WSJ asked 400 ex-students who were there when Obama was, no one saw him). He then moves on to Harvard, has several powerful and mysterious helpers. His time there was a mystery. He left no trail of his supposed intellect. His admission there reeks of social promotion like his wife's at Princeton. Where are the photos of him and his girl friends. Is he even a hetro? He certainly doesn't act like one. He marries a bug ugly backbreaker, which is not typical of a successful Black male.

When he graduates, he associates with ex-terrorists, Marxists and Muslims of various stripes.

Right now he's busy ushering in the new Caliphate like a good Mahdi with his bride of Islam(Hillary). Once Syria falls all of the ME and North Africa will be under the sway of the MB. How long do you think Iran will last when the rest of the Muslim world is under the diktat of Sunni extremists?

Old wars and ways are being rekindled. But the West is so full of bull**it and naval gazing it doesn't see the it.

Anonymous said...

Well, Obama did hang around with the Choom gang of heavy dope smokers in high school in HI.

I presume that the main of his high school friends were white people because he attended the best private high school in HI - so says my good friend, an Obama supporter whose older brother attended that school a couple of years ahead of Obama.

Obama probably thinks that all white people are dope smokers - cause, after all, white voters did elect him in spite of clear danger signals!


Anonymous said...

I think a better representation of the mahdi would be that of Samara Morgan from the horror film the Ring: an unspeakable horror coming out of the bottom of a well.