Wednesday, August 15, 2012

News Breaks Across the Dinner Table

This news certainly isn’t breaking anymore, but we sure had a dinner table discussion about it. Y’all might as well join in — with the usual caveats re language and civility. Honest Injun — ours remained in that mode all the way through the potato pancakes…with practice it can be done. I mean LOTS of practice — think Gladwell’s ten thousand times to get it on your neural software.

So anyway, this guy goes into the Family Research Council (is there a hex sign symbol for Lefties so they won’t be harmed when they stumble across the news and their eyes take in FRC? Surely someone has given them some kind of protection?). The leftie domestic terrorist goes in there — rumor has it he was clutching a Chick-Fil-A bag, not a bad decoy considering his carnage-driven intent. Evidently the mayhem and murder mission on which he was bent got a Reality Check by the security guard on duty. The Leftie shot the guard in the arm and from there his mission went down the tube.

I don’t know whether the guard grabbed the terrorist’s gun, or if security guards in Washington D.C. come already supplied with them, but at one point, L.T. begged the guard not to shoot him.

That’s as much as I know or need to know right now. Here’s the point:

The Baron was somewhat dysphoric about the chances of this news making it beyond the firewall of the Militant MSM. Remember the non-stop Trayvon coverage, including that remark from Obama — “that could have been my son?” Obama has such of list of quotes that can’t be clawed back.

I don’t know when the forces of gravity will eventually topple those quotes onto his fine rhetorical self. I liken the event to the fall of a badly constructed floor-to-ceiling book shelf onto its amateur carpenter, a do-it-yourself type who should never be permitted to hold a hammer. But like the impatient amateur with tools, Obama often strides up to the microphone and lets loose with something horrifically unedifying. Remember his first attempt at a clawback with the infamous Beer Summit? Like that: almost four years now of mal mots, stumbles, embarrassing repetitions. Who listens besides the choir?

But the Baron’s point is that the Militant MSM is the Obama Glee Club. And their silence on this Lefty Terrorism, combined with the security guard’s heroism, will mean, at most, a few sotto voce murmurs in a minor key:

  • headlines, if any, below the fold;
  • excuses for his trying to shoot those Family Research Council employees;
  • endless echoing variations of “they had it coming” on social media;
  • judicial proceedings ignored…

You get the idea. Feel free to tell me what other injustices are likely to occur in this case. Be creative but credible. In other words, don’t sound like a liberal politician blaming it on the guy’s foreclosure. I’m not saying the Baron’s wrong. I just WANT him to be wrong because then the prison we’re in, here beyond the palings of the community of Decent People won’t seem quite so impenetrable. Thus, if you want to join my optimism — founded on nothing more than what I would like to see happen — you’ll be welcome too. Mine is not the rational vote, just hope springing eternal. Sadly, the Baron is probably closer to the truth here. So please check in with your point of view on this latest cultural train wreck.

As for the lack of context and links — the Family Research Council, Chick-Fil-A, the Beer Summit, Malcolm Gladwell’s theory about practice, etc. — I promised the Baron I’d make it short so as to get back to my fundraising post. Thus if anyone wants to chip in on the code words, please feel free to provide context for readers who may not have all the cultural clues to hand. Of course, there’s always Google or Bing... but that’s a whole ’nother disputation.


Anonymous said...

One could tell that the "press" was having a very hard time spinning the assault by the long delay they had in reporting any data on it. They may have been slowed down in the usually automatic claim that the Tea Party was responsible by the fact that the man was known to have made pejorative comments about the FRC and he was carrying a chick-a-fillet bag (good disguise).
A useful summary of a number of recent assaults that the "press" initially and erroneously wrapped around the necks of Conservatives is: