Friday, August 31, 2012

Cruel or Stupid?

On April 28, 2009 the White House staged a “photo op” over Manhattan using Air Force One and an accompanying fighter jet. Neither the mayor nor the general population of New York were informed in advance that a large jet would be buzzing their city, so the flyby understandably provoked some concern. In fact, it generated a brief panic on the ground until the federal government explained what was going on.

Vlad Tepes has created a retrospective video of the infamous photo-op. After forty months watching the malevolent incompetence of the Obama administration, one can only speculate what the real motives of the White House were in engineering this fiasco:

By the way — can you believe that we have endured forty months of Hussein?

And, even worse, that he is within a couple of percentage points of winning re-election?


Dymphna said...

I remember that incident only too well. If only the Romney campaign would use this incident to show the ignornace or stupidity or malignity of Obama's reign...

IIRC there was never any official explanation of this menace. Arrogance means never having to explain or apologize...

I had a post on it at the time. Can't remember if I thought then what I now suspect: it was an Air Force One (i.e., one of Obama's fleet of them) filled with Obama Big Donors who were treated to a plane ride in exchange for a hefty contribution.

Always look for the simplest explanation, and for this president, the simplest is money. Money for him, at any rate.

I hope this Eternally Campaigning President is soon out of an office he has abused.

Anonymous said...

Cruel or Stupid?

I would say Stupid and Cruel!

Anonymous said...

I am convinced that this unannounced flyover, creating
terror and panic, was Obama way
of showing to the islamic world, perhaps his financiers in Saudi,
that he is loyal to islam...

How is that for a "conspiracy"
theory ?!

There is no other plausible
The Viking

Anonymous said...

Money, power, islamization

One remarkable dinner once took place in Ram@llah before those forty months, where the happy guests were cheering "insh@allah" in the hope of/expecting to/intent on putting Huss in that chair in the White House - as part of a bigger plan.

It looked ugly then. It looks even more ugly now.

It was a pleasure listening to and watching normal Americans with true American values putting on display the American spirit last night. A feel-good event, which gives you hope! For a change... A real change.

Please, all of you true Americans, vote for the American alternative!

Anonymous said...

I think that some in the Obama administration were drunk on power--almost giddy with it. And, of course, they were arrogant and stupid.

They did make some flunkey take the fall; reportedly someone, of whom no one had ever heard, had to take the blame and was actually fired.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add something about the striking authenticity and the total lack of arrogance, compared to what has been the order of the day for those forty months.

The good old European anti-America MSM is doing whatever it can to hide these humane values that a good society is based upon. Business as usual there. The proBama-sphere obviously has got a tight grip on the leftist press in Europe, which does anything it can to throw dirt on the good Americans. This evil force should not be underestimated.

These leftist media's public get heavy daily doses of efforts of besmirching and ridiculing anything about the Romney camp, and of course, republicans in general.

Anonymous said...

Nothing should surprise or outrage us about Obama. He is such a suspicious character whose background is shrouded in dark mysteries. But he can't do something like that himself. He did not fly the plane, or navigate it, and he did not fly the accompanying Air Force jet, either. Why aren't the underlings questioning their orders and refusing to carry them out when they are so blatantly improper, at the least? Why didn't the pilots refuse to fly the planes when they knew where they were going?

Findalis said...

If you want to know exactly what Obama will do in regards to Israel you just have to read this.

Just the beginning of his reign of terror.