Monday, August 20, 2012

Celebrating Eid with Knives and Pistols

In the Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, the festivities for Ramazan Bayram — the Turkish term for Eid al-Fitr — began with an armed skirmish in a mosque.

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Ramazan Bayram begins with a fight in Jumaya mosque in Plovdiv

Fist-fighting inside the Jumaya mosque in Plovdiv opened the Eid al-Fitr [Ramazan Bayram in Turkish] celebrations, reports bTV. The victim was one of the imams.

Early in the morning on the first day of the Eid one imam was called to the office of the mosque supervisors by the bodyguards of the local Mufti. At the entrance of the mosque he was beaten and hit in the eye. A crowd of nearly 2000 laid siege to the Mufti’s office, but further clashes were avoided.

“They got a pistol, they pulled out knives. It was at that door… two or three bodyguards, who stopped us to help the imam,” explained Erol Mesut, a member of the Muslim board in Plovdiv.

According to the injured imam, the guards attacked him because he dared to report his superior Mufti to the prosecution. In his words, the Mufti was illegally holding the ban cards of local imams and withdrew several hundred euros from their salary accounts without their approval.

“Here they hit me in the eye… and I ran into the mosque. Once I was in the mosque I fell down and I don’t know what happened later,” says the imam Hayri Feimi Murad.

The police confirmed that a report of some turmoil in the mosque was indeed received about 7am, but their patrols did not notice anything suspicious when they arrived at the site.

RR comments: “How dare they notice?”


Anonymous said...

"How is Eid al-Fitr Celebrated? - Islam - -

At the end of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world have a joyous three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking)."

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you don't mean the
'Festival of fist breaking'?

Anonymous said...

I find it striking that where you've got Muslims, you got corruption and violence.


Anonymous said...

BBC C Beebies the children's channel had lots of lovely Eid celebrations. However, bearing in mind that the same channel the other day did not have a single indigenous white English child to be seen we must assume that the Beeb is already preparing for the takeover by those of "African and Asian heritage".

Anonymous said...

The joyous three-day celebration in Vollsmose, Denmark, led straight to the emergency unit in the hospital, with vandalization of interior of the hospital as well as burning of cars following shortly thereafter

60-70 raging individuals entered the hospital looking for the one injured, which they couldn't locate as he was on the operating table

And this was only before the numerous youths started their show

In the local area Mohammed is threatening that his youths may be uncontrollable, unless...! They demanded Monday that the arrested individuals be released immediately

Tuesday night the police were present at the stone-throwers' area

Denmark is in shock. Never before has this islamic celebration reached levels like these

Also journalists and photographers are advised not to go into the area

'Festival of fist breaking'?

Anonymous said...

Yet another one of those conflicts I wish could go on forever and no one would win.

Anonymous said...

Awkward problem for the Danish politicians, however
- The Danish Crown Prince Frederik was already scheduled to
visit the hospital in question right after, on Tuesday, upon which the problems would be clear for everyone to see

This time the tribal riot was too violent to sweep under the carpet

The couple, Mary and Frederik, have been working hard to make Vollsmose look fine. In vain.

At a visit to this area of Odense in July, the Mayor had said he would make sure that the bouquet of flowers be presented to Mary by a boy of an
ethnicity other than Danish, according to Jyllands Posten

Psychologists on their way to Vollsmose in order to help the traumatized population. A letter has been sent to the inhabitants by the Mayor Anker Boye.