Friday, August 24, 2012

The Neighborhood of God Returns

It’s been a long time since I was able to keep up my other blog. I’ve made yet another start on doing so — the Neighborhood of God was once a source of pleasure for me, but as my fibromyalgia continued to complicate things, I’d tell myself… oh I’d tell myself any number of things.

I’ll go back when —

  • I’ve reduced the clutter around me.
  • I’ve finished my thank-you notes.
  • I have more energy.
  • I’ve caught up on the backlog of posts that I owe to people.
  • My gardening chores are more nearly done.

Or, as Momma used to say, when the cows come home.

Well, they came home all right. They’re mooing out by the gates in my old neighborhood and I need to tend them.

Besides, all four of my followers are waiting there, too. They’ve given up asking, and I’ve given up hiding.

Besides, it could be that the homeopathy remedy one of our readers sent to me, plus the tinctures given by another reader… hey, come to think of it, they’re both in California!… it could be that their magic has done something or other. But it not those, then the beneficence of prayers — that I “may stand in the sunshine of God’s love” — have tipped the balance.

That particular prayer was sent in my direction by the same fellow who gave me the funds for this netbook on which I write this announcement to Gates of Vienna readers. And by chance, the Baron thinks it is the netbook which has made the difference.

It is probably all those things and more. If homeopathy isn’t your thing, or if you believe herbs can’t help, or the efficacy of prayer sends you striding away, that’s okay with me. I’ll trust in my own experience here. I have a bit more energy and I’m in less pain.

Oh, and another piece of input from a reader: a news report — in The Daily Mail perhaps — written by a doctor who has fibromyalgia herself. She said that cutting out oxalates from her diet had reduced the pain. It wasn’t welcome news! I already follow a carb-restrictive fibroglycemic diet. But it seems to help, darn it.

The thing is, if I am able to continue to write in both places, then I am at last home free. And in the final analysis, that’s all that matters.


Anonymous said...

The Neighborhood of God
May I recommend..

- keeping a few nuts, almonds, dried fruit in your bag, so at any moment you can take one little energy bomb which is good for you

It should make you going, nurturing both your brain and the rest of the system

Especially when you're out at stores that sell things you didn't know you needed until you saw them!

Could it also be that getting the habit of taking just a dried fruit once in a while, would give you the good sugar that you need, and you could take less palm sugar?