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London’s Marxist Multicultural Olympics

As a follow-up to his post on Monday, Paul Weston casts a critical eye at the ideology of the opening ceremony for this summer’s London Olympics.

Olympics 2012: Opening ceremony

London’s Marxist Multicultural Olympics
by Paul Weston

I really don’t want to sound like a summertime Scrooge, but am I alone in thinking the London Olympics’ opening ceremony was an overtly Marxist, puerile, adolescent, racist and deeply shameful representation of Great Britain? For all the boasts of “inclusivity” and “diversity” I felt deeply excluded as a non-liberal, non-leftist, native Briton.

As it happens, I am not quite alone. Eighty-five percent of the British population thought it was wonderful, whilst only fifteen percent thought it essentially an orgiastic celebration of politically correct, Big State Socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-white, anti-culture, anti-monarchy, dumbed down, mawkish left-wing propaganda.

Only fifteen percent were capable of seeing such obvious political reality! This is a remarkable testament to what decades of subtle liberal/left propaganda can achieve — indeed has achieved. Whilst the battles continue, the culture war appears over. The left has won, which is hardly surprising when one considers the stranglehold they have over television output and education.

The London Olympics were politicised from the outset, and the overriding ideology was that of multiculturalism — whether you liked it or not. We even have the Muslim Brotherhood sympathiser Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari sitting on the board of the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) — which goes some way toward explaining LOCOG’s following statement:

“Diversity was a key reason why London, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, was chosen to host the Games in the bidding process.”

The liberal/left are obsessed with multiculturalism, which they promote with a hysterical fervour. In post-Christian Britain it is now the new religion and all dissenters are heretics. But multiculturalism has many drawbacks, all of which go unquestioned even when truly terrible events reveal multiculturalism to be an unmitigated disaster.

London won the Olympics on the 6th July 2005, and won it because of its commitment to multiculturalism. Less than twenty-four hours later our multicultural capital city fell victim to monocultural Islam, four followers of which self-detonated on our transport systems, taking with them fifty-two innocent lives and maiming seven-hundred-and-seventy.

If ever there was an argument against multiculturalism, this was it. But instead of questions there came an ever-further commitment to multiculturalism, culminating eventually in a sporting event involving rapier anti-aircraft missiles, HMS Ocean’s attack helicopters, Tornado fighter-bombers and thousands of soldiers. In order to stage an athletics event committed to the wonders of multiculturalism we have to deploy a good chunk of our military to defend it from the inevitable consequences of multiculturalism.

Everything, absolutely everything about the London Olympic Games revolves around multiculturalism. LOCOG put it thus: “We aim to make diversity and inclusion a key differentiator of the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. It’s not simply about recruiting a diverse workforce, it’s about the suppliers, competitors, officials and spectators — in fact, everyone connected with the Games, from the security guards to the bus drivers.”

We are all aware of the scandal caused by the security firm G4S who failed to recruit enough people to protect the games. Thankfully the army was called in to do their job for them, but it does raise the question as to why they failed on such a massive scale. Was it because they sought to mainly employ ethnic minorities as per their multi-culti commitment? If this is the case will there be an investigation? I doubt it. No matter the catastrophe, Thou Shalt Not Question The Multi-Cult.

There has also been a scandal about the empty seats. Here is LOCOG again on their ticketing ethos:

“Ticketing: Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of the London2012 ticketing programme, allowing as many people as possible to experience the Games.”

Does this explain the empty seats? Did LOCOG actually act on their words and deliberately hold back tickets from applicants with the wrong ethnic/religious background? Please, Lord: tell me this is not really happening in Britain!

Even the official Logo was inspired by multiculturalism in the form of black graffiti art with “edginess” and “youth-appeal” being the main requirements. Tony Blair, who can always be relied on to get it wrong, maintained the logo would leave people “inspired to make a positive change in their life.” How so, Tony? At best it is looks like multi-cult graffiti, second from worst the Nazi SS symbol and at its absolute worst, the symbolic rape of London (the rapist is the one on the right…) All yours for a mere design cost of four hundred thousand pounds!

Given the multi-culti background (all Olympic venue public conveniences have been built facing away from Mecca) and warped socialist thinking underpinning the ethos of the games, the opening ceremony could only logically be an overt manifestation of all things politically left. And straight from the off, so it proved to be.

Multicultural propaganda in the Olympic opening ceremony:

There were no ethnic-minorities in agrarian or Industrial Revolution Britain, yet there were in Danny Boyle’s Marxist rewriting of our history. Why? Why were the girls around the maypole predominately black? Why was there such an overrepresentation of non-whites? Why did the cameras always zoom in on lone non-whites in the rare moments they were outnumbered by whites?

One of the evolving themes Boyle used — to a backdrop of populist music — was that of a typical family in the eyes of a totalitarian multiculturalist. A white woman is partnered by a black man and produces two mixed race girls, one of whom embarks on a love affair with a black man. Carried out to its logical conclusion their off-spring, should they have them, will then be only twenty-five percent white.

Why was this done? What is the subliminal message we are supposed to absorb here other than Boyle and his Marxist assistant directors thinking it a good thing if all traces of whiteness were to be bred out of Britain?

We have heard of this near genocidal ideology before. Well known socialist Andrew Marr of the BBC stated the following in a Guardian article about breeding out the indigenous people of Britain:

“What then can be done? (Apart, of course, from widespread and vigorous miscegenation, which is the best answer, but perhaps tricky to arrange as public policy.)… this means more than education in other religions it means a form of political education….the final answer, frankly, is the vigorous use of state power to coerce and repress…stamp hard on certain ‘natural’ beliefs for long enough and you can almost kill them off…a new Race Relations Act will impose the will of the state on millions of other lives too.”

I find this terrifying and deeply sinister. One does not need be a xenophobic bigot to have the temerity to notice this sort of anti-white racism. Indeed, I would suggest the true racism here, the genuine racism, is coming from the hard-left as personified by the likes of Danny Boyle and Andrew Marr.

Boyle was fully aware he was historically misrepresenting our racial history but, he did it in such a way that those who recognised his virulent anti-white racism would be too afraid to raise the issue publicly. And it has worked. Not one mainstream media outlet has mentioned this. Steven Glover (alone) picked up on the Marxist propaganda but skirted around the obvious racial angle. Very wise too, if Mr Glover wishes to continue in his employment. What a dreadful indictment of totalitarian multiculturalism in action.

Boyle also included the rapper Dizzee Rascal as a representative of modern, multicultural Britain. Why? Mr D Rascal is hardly an advert for racial cohesion let alone decency, kindness or morality. The following lyrics come from his “Sirens” video.

We was on the robbing street, I forgot to mention Clayton
Was dis bredder rollin’ wit us, he was scared and it was blatant
He was panned back to the story
Aido spotted a man straight ahead of us in the distance
With his wifey holdin’ hands, so we followed ‘em
Into this little alleyway into the flats
And when we thought the time was perfect
We crept up and we attacked, I took the first swing
Unexpected causin’ panic, we was ruthless
Causin’ agony it was public it was tragic
Me and Aido lost the plot, acting like we were from hell
Put his bredder to the floor, moved his wifey up as well

In the video itself, the young Rascal is hunted down by police represented rather perversely by white foxhunters (white and bourgeois kills two birds with one socialist stone) who corner and symbolically kill him before blooding a sexually ecstatic looking girl.

Why was such a man with a clear anti-white agenda and a man who glorifies in criminal violence allowed anywhere near the opening ceremony? There is a simple reason. This racist anti-white bile came from the highly politicised assistant director to Boyle, Ms Catherine Ugwu, author of Let’s Get It On: The Politics of Black Performance and Enigmas of Race, Difference and Desire. Her work is quoted on reading lists centred on Marxism and Black Liberation Theology.

The MV Empire Windrush also got a mention but with no apparent historical rewriting this time — all those disembarking were non-white. But this was not actually the case. Fifteen percent of the immigrants were refugee Polish women who had fled Nazi occupied Germany and were subsequently picked up by the Windrush in Mexico. The racists Boyle and Ugwu chose to ignore this reality, based purely on the Poles’ skin colour being the wrong skin colour.

As we know, the Olympic Committee refused to recognise the fortieth anniversary of the murder of Israeli athletes by the Islamic terror group Black September at the 1972 Munich Olympics. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation exerted some pressure, but no doubt our home grown LOCOG non-executive, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, played his part as well.

And why was Doreen Lawrence, the mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence, one of the Olympic flag bearers? There are many mothers, both black and white who have had their sons murdered by disgusting racists, but the inclusion of Doreen Lawrence was an overt statement of black racial politics which had no place in what should have been an impartial Olympic ceremony.

There have been many comments in on-line newspaper articles by British ethnic minorities driven to fury by Boyle’s anti-white racism, along with many foreigners abroad who just registered total bemusement. I don’t blame them. The anti-white ideology he promoted really was disgusting to all those who realised the underlying message he was so assiduously promoting. Is it now so politically incorrect to be an indigenous Brit in Britain that we need to be airbrushed out of existence?

Marxist propaganda in the opening ceremony

It opened with Britain’s agrarian peasantry being “violently uprooted” from their happy lives spent amongst their sheep and geese before being forced into the Dante-esque factories of the Industrial Revolution, where they performed oppressed proletarian toil under the eyes of capering, smug, stovepipe-hatted capitalists.

This is the view of industrialisation provided by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in The Communist Manifesto, published in 1848, in which they lamented the effects of industrialisation and free trade, and wrote of the destruction of ‘feudal, patriarchal, idyllic relations’ that had supposedly existed in the countryside.

It was all rather odd. In fact it was reminiscent of Soviet propaganda films, with one glaring difference — Soviet workers in steel factories were viewed as a sign of workers power rather than worker exploitation. Only in the non-Sovietised world are workers portrayed as the oppressed. After all, if you wish to utilise them as revolutionary pawns it would hardly be productive to make them think they were content, would it?

Out of the sparks and faux molten metal came an interesting and ever-moving design of white hot, electronic liquid steel which eventually combined to form the Olympic rings. Meanwhile, dancers with lights formed a star of eerily Soviet design which slowly morphed into the emblem of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, an organisation partially financed in the old days by Soviet Moscow.

And on and on it leftishly went. We progressed with great speed up to the present day, pausing only to note the more obvious examples of Marxist class struggle in the Suffragettes, the Trades Union movement, the Jarrow Marchers and last but not least an absurdly reverential paean to the greatest symbol of socialism possessed by Britain — the National Health Service.

All of the above have made a truly positive contribution to modern day Britain, but why were they the only examples deemed worthy of attention? Why was the formation of modern Britain viewed only through a Marxist prism? Where were the references to Common Law, William Wilberforce, The Pilgrim Fathers, Magna Carta (one of the mainstays of our liberty) Catholicism and Protestantism (Marxists don’t like God) great British inventions that formed our modern world, or indeed, for good or bad, the British Empire?

As for Boyle’s take on our culture, it appears to revolve around the anarchist Sex-Pistols (played in front of aged and dignified Queen), Hip-Hop and Rap and our ability to write children’s stories. The token appearance of non-populist culture was represented by Sir Simon Rattle and the London Symphony Orchestra, but they seemed to be utilised more as a medium for Mr Bean to amuse us rather than a genuine appreciation of their beautiful music.

Where were the Welsh Choirs, the Irish dancers or the Scottish Bagpipers? And why were we subjected to an ex-Beatle whose waning singing ability was milked for far too long? We have any number of classically trained singers in Britain, are they just too elitist for Boyle and the BBC?

I wonder what Mr Boyle’s views on our monarch are? They certainly don’t appear to be well-intentioned. There was no mention of her long service to this country, just an admittedly amusing but ultimately disrespectful stunt pretending she was parachuting into the stadium. It is hardly surprising she was so grumpy. No doubt the Sex Pistols’ rendition of “God Save the Queen” offended her. It should have done, because that was always Johnny Rotten’s anarchist intention, as Mr Boyle knows only too well.

All in all, the entire thing was a disgrace. If even the BBC and The New York Times mentioned the political bias, then that just shows how bad it was. Labour party members have already claimed it as a “socialist triumph” which is a terrible thing to say about what should have been a politically impartial ceremony.

But of course it was not politically impartial. Danny Boyle is a man of well known leftist-views. The scriptwriter and two out of his four assistant directors were keen admirers of Communism long after the genocide, Gulags, totalitarianism and terror had been revealed to the Western world.

These people are genuinely evil. Although the ceremony was a truly awe-inspiring event, the subtle (or not so subtle to the politically aware) socialist ideology was ever present. Boyle and his Communist-sympathising assistant directors are deadly serious about their politics, something which seems lost on most people. One of them is a woman who specialises in racial politics, the scriptwriter cut his teeth writing for Living Marxism (previously known as The Journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party), and the theatrical director learned his politics whilst a member of the Socialist Workers’ Party.

Prime Minister David Cameron thought the whole thing was “brilliant.” The man is either a closet Marxist or criminally ignorant of all things Marxist. No doubt many readers of this article will disagree with its content, but I would ask you to do only one thing before rubbishing it, which is simply to watch the whole ceremony again with a newly aware and critical eye.

This is serious. If we have become so brainwashed we can longer see overt propaganda for what it is, then Britain is finished. The divisive ideologies of multiculturalism and mass immigration have already caused great damage to our community, whilst socialism has already economically bankrupted us. Britain could collapse into genuine poverty and tribal warfare over the coming decades. It can still be saved if we act quickly, but we must first become politically aware of the leftist policies designed to fracture our country, no matter how disingenuously they are presented to us.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary, as always, Mr. Weston.

An extra little tidbit, was the inclusioin of Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay, who denounced his Christian name, and adopted Arab Muslim religio-cultural hostility towards Euro-Christendom....ala the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan.

He isnt even British...but the perfect subversive Anti-Western message was too much to pass up, I suppose.

Im going to look for analytic political commentary in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and regards thte opening ceremony, to see what they make of it.

Cultural-Civilizaitonal Suicide is never a pretty sight, no matter how artfully done.


Green Infidel said...

I mentioned this on the previous article on the subject, but as it concerns one of the "artists" Paul Weston mentions, thought I'd mention it again here.

Dizzee Rascal's song "Bonkers", which he performed at the Ceremony, contained the following line:

"And all I care about is sex and violence..."

You can hear it, played at the ceremony, at 0:20 here...

How on earth can such lyrics be appropriate for an opening ceremony featuring not just the Queen, but dignitaries from all around the World, and watched by a billion people - including many children?! Furthermore, certain parts of London (especially "enriched" ones) have long been known to have high rates of stabbings mostly carried out by black youth spending most of their time listening to such hip-hop. Then there were the London riots, carried out by a similar segment of society (but joined by white youth, many speaking with "black" accents).

Hence the question - do the organisers of the London Olympics wish the city to be even more associated with such mindless hip hop inspired aggression and violence? I thought that the left-wing multi-kulti Guardian brigade were against furthering common stereotypes. But here, they seem to be doing just that!

All this took place in a ceremony where the flag was carried by Doreen Lawrence, the mother of Stephen Lawrence who was killed in a racist attack... Yet in the same ceremony, lyrics exist promoting similar types of attacks.

Is this okay? Is such violence to be condemned only when it's used by whites against blacks, but perfectly OK in other circumstances? This seems to be the attitude of the organisers, as well as those - of all skin colours & complexions - who listen to such lyrics on a day-to-day basis.

Green Infidel said...

Back to the article... an excellent, thorough, well-researched critique. Especially Dizzee Rascal's previous not-so-peaceful lyrics, which I was unaware of. And I was also wondering if the bits of the ceremony with the 19th-century workers being lorded over by the evil capitalists with the bowler hats was inspired by Soviet propaganda films. (I was watching at a farmer's house in a forest and had missed the earlier part of the ceremony). But what would anyone from the "mainstream" say about this piece?!

Britain has now become so brainwashed that an MP who dares to express his doubts about the ceremony has to face calls for his sacking.

A more appropriate ceremony would have been to show the British people as a herd of sheep, led by a cardigan-wearing, Guardian-readiong leftie with a trendy haircut, and all heading towards a tall cliff in order to be made to fall off it.

Green Infidel said...

Here's another Dizzee Rascal video - Flex - linked on from "Sirens" above...

Plenty of black youths, white "booty" women and some white males - one of them old, the other young but also "not with it"... The moral of the story: white males are "out"- dying out, or uncool. And black youths - thanks to (mainly) white taxpayers' welfare money, and thanks to the computer, youtube, video cameras and other inventions by whites - are "taking over"...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the insight. This was a particularly odious opening ceremony, but Big Sports have long ago become a dangerously destructive and highly corrupt opiate of the people, quite what Marx said about religion. The curruption at the top is of a particularly multicultural nature, as both IOC and FIFA are replicas of Third-World dominated UN. Votes are bought and traded and false PC/MC pieites asserted by the White functionaries purely out of venal calculations. Samaranch did that to IOC and Havelange to FIFA. Both were skillful in transforming their respective organizations from European dominated (GB in FIFA and France in IOC), honorable and quite idelistic institutions into golden globally-run cesspools. The British sports journalist Andrew Jennings has written smany eye opening books and articles about this.
My other remark is just to note my puzzlement; I don't understand the phenomenon enough to form an opinion -- but what's this with the Queen? How could she have come to this Grand Guignol Marxist Cabaret without demanding to see the script in advance? And why didn't she walk out when this revolting agitprop was unfolding? And where has she been hiding all these last 40 years as Britain has been decomposing? Does she still deserve the affection of loyal subjects who love their country?
Takuan Seiyo

PatD said...

Eight five percent thought it was wonderful because the 'media' told them it was. Lead by 'you know who'.

Anonymous said...

"These people are genuinely evil."

Great article Paul, but you have to square the ideological circle in that this was not only the usual Marxist suspects but the multicultural deeds of the entire British establishment including Royalty, conservatives and free-market capitalists.

The British people were not flying the Red Flag they were knowingly waving the mongrel flag of progressive patriotism - the Union Flag.

Jolie Rouge

Mark Wright said...

Yes an excellent analysis (although I disagree with the quibble about Paul McCartney who was clearly badly let down by some idiotic sound engineer at the beginning). The multicultural security guard thing worked out really well - I assume you saw the story about the "Asian" G4S guard spitting at a soldier and calling him a 'baby-killer'.

I think you may have downplayed one of the most politically extreme aspects of the ceremony, namely the choice of those people to hold the Olympic flag. That is something that was covered here:

Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling said...

Ethnic demographics

White (British): 85.67%
Black: 2%
Asian (not Chinese): 4.4%
Mixed race: 1.2%
Chinese: 0.4%
Other: 0.4%

White (British): 58%
Asian (not Chinese): 13.1%
Black: 10.7%
Mixed race: 3.5%
Chinese: 1.5%
Other: 1.9%

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony British flag bearers:
White British: 0%
S.E. Asian: 33%
Black: 66%

London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony representative British family:
White British: 20%
Black: 40%
Mixed race: 40%

Paul Weston said...

Jolie Rouge, you make an incredibly pertinent point here:

" have to square the ideological circle in that this was not only the usual Marxist suspects but the multicultural deeds of the entire British establishment including Royalty, conservatives and free-market capitalists."

Yes, absolutely, and I am ashamed to say not something I had thought of until I read your comment. Thank you.

Edgar Davidson

I discovered the background of the Brazilian Green Party woman (flag bearer) after the article was published. You are quite correct and I will be looking at your blog for further elucidation.

You have both provided food for thought, which unfortunately will probably require another article to expand upon.....

Thank you both.

bewick said...

Sorry Paul but I rather think that 99% of the world, not just the UK, would not have analysed it like this at all. I do though tend to agree with you.
One would think, from the ceremony, that the UK was already less than 50% indigenous. Maybe that is because London is now all but taken over?
As for the "actors". Well the non indigenous were definitely a minority since THEY have integrated. All praise to them.
As for the ceremony itself I found it embarrassing. I texted my sister, 160 miles away, and found I was not alone. I switched it off.

I later re-watched via the Beeb, with a clearer mind.I found the technical stuff amazing but the presentation seriously tacky and lacking in real historical truth.
Tower and chopping block for Boyle if I had my way.
Sad thing is that kids may now actually believe this crap.

PatD said...

Anonymous - T.S. The Queen is Head of State, she would not have an option on attending national functions that she may or may not like. There was no way out of this one. She is also Head of the Commonwealth (ex Empire countries). (She did have the grace to look 'bored' at one point in the Opening Ceremony I have heard). The Queen does not have a say in running the Government, if you hear her opening Parliament for example she is reading what the Prime Minister of the day wants. She mirrors whatever we have got in power.

Paul, with the greatest respect, you will not win hearts and minds by going for the monarchy at the moment. The Queen herself has said that if the Royals are not wanted 'they will go quietly'. We have much more destructive minded people here to deal with than them.

Congratulations on sitting through the 'multiculti hideousness'.

Anonymous said...

Viewed from abroad by someone who is not British but who very much esteems the positive contributions of British culture, this ceremony was certainly a bit strange. To begin with Shakespeare and end with rap music was... well, sad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Weston, for this very informative analysis. The deficiencies of the present are, to a certain extent, a price to be paid for the deficiencies of the past, especially for the lack of statesmen who are more than short-term politicians.

What a country needs is a successive range of leaders who are able to manage the nation from the past, through the present, into the future, with a clear and realistic vision, not only of the immediate needs and circumstances, but also of the character and history, the tasks and possibilities, of their peoples in the long run.

Obviously Britain, like many other European nations, has missed such a leadership for a long time. You, Mr. Weston, could become such a national leader in your country in this century. At least you are acknowledging what is wrong and how it could be better. However, now that there is at last a capable leader, the risk is that meanwhile the basis of your great nation has already too much been undermined. Half a century of PC/MC transformation of a whole society seems hardly reversible. But, perhaps, you with BF and EDL can turn the tide.


Anonymous said...

I still think that Boris Johnson is a buffoon but am grateful to him for describing the ceremony as socialist. Even my Guardian-reading brother agreed with him and thought it showed a very strange version of working class history. Interested to hear that London is now reaching the tipping point of being a non-white city. Who is going to win, Birmingham, London or Leicester? I did not watch the ceremony as I knew it was going to be like this but it seems to have been worse than I anticipated. The likes of the Chinese, Japanese and most continentals must have looked on with bewilderment at the sight of an 11,000 year old people commiting suicide through miscegenation. As I have said before on a posting, the Marxists must have been delighted in finding a city and a country which has been so manipulated into signing its own death warrant that they could stage a revenge ceremony for that of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. As for the great British public, I think they were just bedazzled by the pyrotechnics. I suspect that when they think about the picture of their country that was shown to the world they might just wake up in the night in a cold sweat. Also, not all young indigenous British have bought into the multicultural social engineering experiment. As the proportions change so rapidly and as London descends into a third world hell-hole when it achieves a white minority our youngsters might suddenly have the penny drop. What is frightening is how history is being re-written to such an extent and the brainwashing is so unceasing that they could turn round tomorrow and say that blacks and Asians have always lived in every part of England but it was white racism that denied it and many young people would believe it.
I like to think that this ceremony was not the triumph of Marxism but the day before D Day when the English finally realise what has been planned for them since the docking of the Windrush in 1948 and turn with a vengeance, as is their wont, when their backs are pressed firmly against the wall.
By the way, you must remember that Danny Boyle is Irish and is therefore programmed to relish the idea of the English going down the pan. And yet they want to knight him.

Anonymous said...

"This is serious. If we have become so brainwashed we can longer see overt propaganda for what it is, then Britain is finished."
(Paul Weston)

I fully agree, and would even say that if we have become so brainwashed we can longer see overt propaganda for what it is, then Europe is finished.

Anonymous said...

"And all I care about is sex and violence..."

Seems to fit like a hand in a glove, however, when it comes to the most correct multicultural totalitarian ideology concerning these Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the "multiculturalist" ideology of the otherise enjoyable opening ceremony was disproportionale - you might think that Britain is half-black already. But how many obvious Muslims did you see in it? That's right, none whatsoever. Even though the ceremony was held in a culturally enriched part of London, not far from the Sharia zone of Tower Hamlets. And even though they came close to building their mega-mosque next door.

Anonymous said...

- Great photo, symbol-wise

Egypt, Olympics logo, too heavy a load

"The diminutive 5ft 3in Khalil Mahmoud Abir Abdelrahman was bidding to stay in touching distance of the leading pack when she fell backward from a squat position and the bar struck her chest forcing her onto the ground. It follows Jaehyouk Sa of South Korea damaging his elbow two days earlier (inset)."

Anonymous said...

I am told by my wife, who has been watching some of the Olympics, unlike me, that there seems to be an absence of coloured faces in the crowds full-stop/period. It is strange that there are not more Asians; or are they, as with the cricket, just waiting for the Indian team to appear. Also, strange there are not more blacks;that is, we will be told, because they are not rich and privileged enough to buy tickets. However, there is an interesting take as regards muslims. Apparently, because of the crushing security resulting from mass immigration into this country since the War, every potential ticket holder had to go through a security check. This is why the empty seats are being filled by police officers, military personnel, teachers and medical staff, people who have already been subject to a check by the Criminal Records Bureau and who knows who else. This might explain why not a single muslim made it; too much of a security risk. Of course, they could just erect one of those Roman balista devices and catapault a suicide bomber from Tower Hamlets into the arena. The sight of him - or her - being blown to smithereens by a missile launched off a tower block would be almost as spectacular as the £50m firework display. I wonder what the closing ceremony is going to be like? Doubtless it will point the way to Britain's bright non-white multicultural future and to Rio, which must be a vision of London in 50 years' time.

Anonymous said...

I am a white foreigner leaving in London and I was surprised by the opening ceremony and even more by the enthusiastic reception it received in the UK. I personally thought it was distasteful and bizarre; no continuity, no artistry, no soul.
I was expecting a showcase of the true achievements of this country: obviously the Magna Carta and the contribution to worlds sport and instead I ve seen afrobrits texting each other, a celebration of NHS with dancing sick children and a triumph of multiculturalism (despite Cameron's statement last year that multiculturalism has failed in the UK).
I am surprised by the reaction of the readers and the writer - the departure from the English tradition has started long before - Boyle has simply shown the true image of Britain ( an amalgam of religions and people)
Personally I don't think multiculturalism is working for this country even that I am contributing to it;
it's a disgrace that Brits are waving goodbye to their proud traditions and welcoming a 'brave' new world without questioning. The oxymoron is that euro scepticism dominates the country while at the same time London often looks like a suburb of Beirut. Not sure where all this is going.

Anonymous said...

The national Olympic association’s general director, Michael Vesper

"In Greek mythology, Hesperus (Greek Ἓσπερος Hesperos) is the Evening Star, the planet Venus in the evening. He is the son of the dawn goddess Eos (Roman Aurora) and is the brother of Eosphorus (also called Phosphorus, and Lucifer), the son of the morning. Hesperus' Roman equivalent is Vesper (cf. "evening", "supper", "evening star", "west"[1]). Hesperus' father was Cephalus, a mortal, while Eosphoros' was the star god Astraios."

"Hesperus (Greek Hesperos) is the personification of the "evening star", the planet Venus in the evening"

Anonymous said...

How will the Western politicians benefit from totalitarian sharia?

Did anyone ever hear any Western politician express himself about his or her motivation for opening up for more sharia, and forcibly, in the end, the full sharia?

Anonymous said...

The father of the Saudi hijab judoka will be sueing those who insulted and dishonored his daughter on Twitter during the Olympics.

AMDG said...

It was disgusting indeed, but if 15% react strongly enough against that propaganda, I think it is enough.

In any case, Weston cannot write:

> As we know, the Olympic Committee refused to recognise the fortieth anniversary of the murder of Israeli athletes…

What I know is just the opposite: the OC honored them, but refused the pretention to interrupt a world wide show one minute to do so.