Friday, January 09, 2009

Videos of the Oslo Riots

Steen has found two YouTube videos of last night’s pro-Palestinian riots in Oslo:

The second video is below the fold.
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Steen’s report is here. I don’t have time to attempt a translation, but readers who understand Danish may want to check out what he has to say.

I can sometimes translate Danish newspaper articles — which are written in “Danish for Simpletons (or Americans)” — but Snaphanen is written in Steenish, which is another matter entirely…


Unknown said...

And, now, reports have it that protesters from other countries who have a history of violent behaviour may be on their way to Oslo for tomorrow's planned protests. The police are readying themselves for more rioting:

Politiet forberedt på mer Gaza-bråk i Oslo

Google translation of that article:

Police prepared for more Gaza-trouble in Oslo


Also, yesterday's violence was not spontaneous but obviously pre-meditated:

Fant hemmelige våpenlagre i Oslo sentrum

På hemmelige steder i Oslo sentrum fant politiet store våpenlagre.

Funnene sjokkerte politiet....

Overfor VG Nett utdyper politiinspektøren funnene som rystet dem.

- Vi tok beslag i molotovcocktails, slagvåpen og kniver. Flere steder i sentrum fant vi skjulte depoter med av molotovcocktails og slagvåpen, sier Fredriksen....


Found secret weapons store in Oslo downtown

At secret locations in the city center police found large weapons stores.

The findings shocked the police ....

To VG Nett elaborates police inspector finds that shocked them.

"We took the seizure of the Molotov cocktails, slagvåpen and knives. Several places in the city center, we found hidden depots of the Molotov cocktails and slagvåpen," said Fredriksen ....

Afonso Henriques said...

What can one say?

Zenster said...

First of all, I'd like to thank Jun for such tireless reporting on this significant event. After all, if Norway is such a big supporter of Hamas and is getting this sort of repayment for its pains, imagine what pro-Israel nations can expect.

Personally, I recommend using a technique favored by Indonesian crowd control police. They employ water cannons loaded with an indelible dye to hose down and "tag" front-line agitators. Officers then arrest any tagged individuals as they attempt to exit the police cordon that has been set up around the riot area.

If they run out of dye, the Indonesian police have been known to load the water cannons with raw sewage. Given the ubiquitous Muslim obsession with fastidious personal hygiene, one can only imagine how persuasive such a measure is with even the most restive of crowds.

I look forward to the day when Western police everywhere use such methods in dealing with dealing with these hotheaded yoots. My own preference for the proverbial "whiff of grapeshot", notwithstanding. said...

Keep an eye open on Toronto Saturday Jan 10th. There is a 'demonstration' planned by a group which calls itself 'Israel must not exist any longer' and has this web page Israel must not exist any longer I have a friend who is going to attend and take pictures and audio. Should be interesting indeed.

Unknown said...

Zenster: I'd like to thank Jun for such tireless reporting on this significant event.

You're very welcome. I have relations in Norway -- some not too far from Oslo -- and this whole thing just irritated me to no end.

Not to mention the immigration policies of the last few Norwegian governments. Oslo now has a 20%+ immigrant population -- mostly from non-European/non-Western countries, so this turn of events is not at all surprising. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. There's going to be more of this rather than less in the near future.

I was in Oslo in 2004 and I felt the most unsafe there that I've ever felt anywhere (except maybe Tijuana!). And I grew up in a major city and have lived in L.A., Chicago, and NYC. And where did I actually get assaulted (by some immigrant creep)? Oslo. :-/ I wouldn't go to Oslo if you paid me a million bucks.

Unknown said...

The pro-Palestinian demonstration is happening now in Oslo and is being covered live by here [the reporting is in Norwegian but you can watch the video and see what's happening].

The demonstration started outside the Parliament and has now moved to outside the Israeli embassy. Apparently, the demonstration was peaceful until it got near the embassy. Now there have been some fireworks and molotov cocktails thrown toward the police. TV2 reports that most of the peaceful demonstrators have left -- now it's the trouble makers that are left.

There are some crowd control people there (yellow vests) who are obviously immigrants -- they must be members of whatever organizations have arranged the demonstration. Kudos to them for trying to keep order (a lot of them seem to be women -- clever tactic?). I hope they manage.

Earlier, some of the Blitz anarchists were arrested by the police when they were on their way to the demonstration. Police not taking any chances, apparently. But, I have to say I disagree with that -- arresting people *before* they've actually done anything illegal. Not unheard of in Norway, though, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Here's some headlines summarizing what happened in Oslo today (guess there was rioting in Copenhagen and Malmo, too, today -- amongst other places):

13-åring tatt av politiet etter ny Gaza-demonstrasjon

13-year-old boy arrested by police after the new Gaza-demo

Reports that around 130 people were arrested today. Fourteen cases of vandalism were reported as of 5:00 p.m., including 5 McDonald's that had windows broken.


Pøbler angriper McDonalds-restauranter etter Israel-rykter

Rioters attack McDonalds restaurants after the Israel-rumors

Four or five McDonald's were vandalized during the evening -- mostly broken windows. Apparently there was a text message circulating amongst immigrant rioters (that originated in Sweden or Demark? - at least one McDonald's was targeted in Copenhagen) saying that Saturday's turnover from McDonald's was going to be sent to Israel or would somehow support Israel [*roll eyes here*].


Her stormer politiet demonstrasjonen

Video of police in action against the rioters.


Her angriper de juletrefesten

Here they attack a "Christmas tree party"

Rioters rockets sabotage children's party in Freemason Lodge.

"Troublemakers shattering a large window with a cola bottle. Subsequently, the New Year fireworks through the hole....

"'This was obviously very dramatic for all, especially for the large groups of young children who were in the premises,' said Grann....

"'It is paradoxical that the demonstrators who protest against warfare that affect innocent people, especially children, take measures in that framework just children,' said Grann who is former Secretary General of the Norwegian Red Cross."


Here's a Norwegian guy who was obviously fed up with the rioters and jumped in the fray to try to stop them smashing windows. All he got was beat up for his trouble:

Ung mann fikk juling av mobben

Young man received a beating by the mob

"Five people threw themselves over me."

Unknown said...

More on the attacks on McDonald's:

Knuste fem McDonalds-restauranter etter falsk kjede-SMS

Smashed five McDonalds restaurants because of fake chain-SMS [text message]

"Everything they serve on Saturday to go to Israel."


130 demonstranter er innbrakt av politiet

130 demonstrators are brought in by police

"Police arrested 130 people in Parkveien. After the full chaos reigned in the city center."

Rioters launched bottle rockets through the window of one McDonald's that had customers inside. The staff had the presence of mind to evacuate the customers to a basement storage room.


Frp frykter flere gateslag i Norge

Frp fears more street fighting in Norway

"The Progress Party fears that we will find several street battles in Norway in the future, and believe that politicians must now intervene.

"'Street battles we saw in Oslo on Thursday and Saturday is a new phenomenon in Norway, but we can expect more of it in the future. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of the rioters who went amok, had an immigrant background. 32 of the 34 who were arrested by police Thursday, was non-Western immigrants,' argues Frp's immigration policy spokesman Per-Willy Amundsen told NTB.

"He fears that the trend is here to stay.

"'We can expect more situations like what we have experienced in Oslo. When the foreign cultural immigrants come to Norway, they take with them both conflicts, attitudes, culture and mentality from their country,' said Amundsen.

"He believes the events show that there is a need for comprehensive tightening of immigration policies."


I love this picture. ;-)


babs said...

My favorite is when they drag the big plastic Ronald McDonald into the street and torch it. That's my favorite!

laine said...

Is any thought being given to throwing out the politician(s) who came up with this brainstorm:

"We have a harmonious and highly developed society here. I know! Let's import a very large number of foreigners too quickly to assimilate them. 20% of the population should do. Let them be largely illiterate, non Norwegian speaking, with a supremacist religion and totalitarian ideology, no work ethic and a giant chip on both shoulders. What could possibly go wrong?"