Monday, January 26, 2009

Australia Day

Today (January 26) is Australia Day.

Every year on Australia Day Sam Kekovich speaks out on behalf of Australian lamb, so to honor the occasion I’m embedding videos of his three most recent addresses.

My favorite is from 2007, so it comes first:

And here’s last year’s version:

2006 is below the fold:
- - - - - - - - -

Hat tip: Abu Elvis.


Dymphna said...


OZ is lucky, indeed. All we get on our day is those lousy hot dogs.

What we need is a butterflyed leg of lamb, marinated with lots of garlic, and grilled -- not charred, but grilled. Yum.

OTOH, if a mere shepherd's pie dropped from heaven, I wouldn't complain...

Damon said...

Thankyou Dymphna!
I hadn't seen the 2006 one!

Sam Kekovich is a true Australian - an "equal opportunity offender" if ever there was.

We had a very relaxed Australian Day on Monday, but no lamb.
I fear Sam will be round later this week ;)

darrinh said...
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darrinh said...

While Australians were enjoying Australia day, Muslims were flying the black flag of Jihad instead of the national flag, fancy that?

Joanne said...

I never see Auzzie lamb in the stores; those Auzzies must be keeping it for themselves - at least New Zealand shares their lamb and their lamb slippers as well.....and they don't have great is that!

michelleroseville said...

Also on Australia Day a bloke was shot dead allegedly by a Middle Eastern man. His car was covered in Aussie flags and it was a 'road rage' incident:

"It is believed the man was twice shot at close range following an altercation with another motorist on the busy strip.

Officers are now hunting the shooter, a man of "Middle Eastern appearance" who was travelling in a red-coloured sedan with at least two others...

The ute is adorned with Australian flags."