Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anti-Semitic Incidents in France

Toulouse: “Israel Nazi”

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated two French-language articles about recent anti-Semitic incidents in France. The first is about the fire-bombing of a synagogue, and was published yesterday by Ligue de défense juive:

Another Synagogue Attacked

A Molotov cocktail was thrown last night at 01:30 AM [January 17] at the synagogue in Hayange near Thionville (Moselle), causing a fire. This was reported by the Jewish consistory in the department and the Jewish community in the city.

“Another, unused Molotov cocktail, was found by police near the synagogue,” said André Fruchtenreich, vice president of the Consistoire israélite de Moselle et délégué régional du Crif [Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF)]. An outbreak of fire was quickly contained by firefighters, and occurred at the entrance to the synagogue. Several people who live on the floor above were evacuated. André David, who chairs the small community of 23 Jewish families of Hayange, recalled that “behind the synagogue a house was built in 1957, a construction that is directly connected to the building. The previous building of 1863 was destroyed by the Germans in June 1940.”

“I understand that these are reactions vis-à-vis the conflict (Israel-Palestine, ed),” he added without further comment. In a statement, the CRIF called on all public authorities to take action against anti-Semitism. “It is unacceptable that an external conflict is transposed to the territory of the Republic,” the CRIF said.

Since the beginning of the Israeli military action in Gaza, the Hayange synagogue is the second target of a Molotov cocktail attack, following the synagogue in Schiltigheim — a suburb of Strasbourg — on the night of January 12 in the Alsace region. Two other synagogues, one in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) and one in Lingolsheim (Bas-Rhin), were tagged on January 5 with anti-Israeli [and anti-Semitic] slogans.

The second article is from yesterday’s La Dépêche:
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Toulouse. Multiple anti-Semitic tags in the city

More sidewalks and walls tagged with slogans

Yesterday in Toulouse pavements and walls were tagged at several locations: the inscription “Israel Nazi” on the sidewalks caused consternation among employees of a supermarket at the Allées Pompidou. Others were reported in front of the “Parc des expositions” and also in a street outside a factory. And yesterday, in the late afternoon, a bomb squad destroyed a suspicious bag near the synagogue in the Rue Rembrandt. The same place of Jewish worship was rammed by a car on the night of January 5.

“These excesses are calls for racial hatred and racist violence and are anti-Semitic,” said Prime Minister François Fillon [member of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, “Union for a Popular Movement” (UMP), Center-Right party]. Several cities have in fact become the victims of this phenomenon on the margins of the war in Gaza. Rallies for peace in the Middle East have been banned by the Prefects [State representatives] of Nice and Perpignan “to avoid incidents”.

Yesterday, about a hundred people, many of them elected representatives in the Val-de-Marne, were meeting in a sign of support after the arson attack of the synagogue in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. Meanwhile, the Consistoire central Israélite de France [Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France] calls on the authorities “to stop the anti-Semitic attacks” and made public the alarming number of 66 formally identified anti-Semitic acts in the last three weeks.

Also in the Val-de-Marne, in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a young man of 24 years was injured Thursday night by two men, who stabbed him with a knife when they found out “that he was Jewish,” as the police stated.

Assaults, vandalism, graffiti, all signs indicate an increase in tension between communities in France, and the will to dialogue seems to have eroded amongst the representatives. For example, the recent resignation of Muslim members of the “Muslim-Jewish Friendship organization of France,” who accused their Jewish counterparts of remaining silent on the “war crimes” of Israel. And in Lyon yesterday, there was a heated debate on the issue at the end of the prayer at the Mosque.

In Mauritius, the singer Enrico Macias had to cancel his concert because he had participated in a rally to support Israel on January 4. And yesterday evening in Vals-les-Bains (Ardèche), the comedian Arthur had to cancel his one-man-show when pro-Palestinian demonstrators prevented the audience from entering the theatre where he was to perform.

Several tags yesterday morning in downtown Toulouse.

Stunned by the discovery of anti-Israel slogans

In large letters on the sidewalk of the Allées Pompidou, behind the library, the slogan “Israel Nazi,” was painted. In the kosher supermarket that has been there for four years, the supervisor and employees are filling the shelves. Their faces look sad, and comments are prohibited. No controversy. “What can I say? This slogan is not an exception. It never stops,” an employee of the municipality who cleans the insults off the sidewalk says.

Similar slogans, perhaps made by the same person(s), were discovered early yesterday morning at the “Parc des expositions” which contains a wedding room. The same on Rue du Férétra and in front of a chemical plant of SNPE at Chemin des Loges. The slogan this time draws a parallel between Zionism and Nazism…

Special teams of the city are very quick to erase those sickening words. Almost too fast. As a result the Central Police investigators were struggling to list the exact number of tags that had been made.

The same at the Rue de la Sainte-Famille, where municipal services were prompt in erasing anti-Semitic remarks, but also those aimed at the police. “Smaller, different,” someone says. Photos were made to hand over to the police. Prosecution is indeed taken very seriously. An analysis of the painted slogans will be released later: a scientific analysis to try to trace the authors who appear to have acted early yesterday morning. “Around 5 AM. When we were at the Parc des expos, as here and elsewhere, the paint was barely dry,” a municipal employee says. The prosecutors said the investigation was in hands of the sûreté départementale [National Police, Departemental investigation service].


heroyalwhyness said...

Quote: "Special teams of the city are very quick to erase those sickening words. Almost too fast."

It's obvious French Jews have given up or given in, having learned nothing from events 60 years ago. Where is the French Jewish Defense League? Does it even exist? Damn it, FIGHT BACK!!

Disarmed, disengaged and resorting to "erasing" what disturbs 'social harmony' to soothe their or their neighbors never ending cowardice invites more of the same . . .and it escalates. Damn it, FIGHT BACK!!

Having read the books and watched the new film "Defiance" yesterday, I am grinding my teeth at the 'sweeping away' or 'intellectualization' of 'anti-semitism'. One cannot bargain with anti-semites. The Bielski brother's natural, brutish survival instinct could not be tamed nor bargained with. In stark contrast to those learned scholars scoffing at the Bielski brothers irrational risk taking, preferring to let the clock tick out.
Tic, toc . . .until fear/cowardice/survival instinct finally overcame them and they joined the partisan brothers in the forests. Hunger, lack of shelter . . .is that what it will take for the Jews of France, England, Germany to wake the hell up and fight back with brutal unrelenting force?

Hugh Fitzgeral stated this years ago (2005):

"And the Muslim presence in the state schools is now cause for permanent disruption of ministerial curricula (we won't read Voltaire, or Racine; we won't study the Holocaust or French history), and of classroom and schoolyard discipline. . . The French, the well-connected and carefully schooled rulers, and the ruled, both for a long time remained carefully uninterested in what Islam teaches, or what arises naturally from the tenets of Islam, to form what might be called the attitudes and atmospherics of a Muslim community.

Time to dust off the old copy of
Andre Servier's "Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman" published 1922/23, or read it online.

Some striking statements by Mr. Servier about the Musulman:

"The intelligence of an Arab rises as high as the faculty of imitation. Put him on a motor-car or a locomotive engine, and after a certain time of apprenticeship, they will be able to drive it; but if the machine should get out of order, he will be quite incapable of repairing it, and still less could he make a new one.”

The same mistake had been committed by the Romans in former days, when they had granted the citizenship to barbarians. "An exchange was established between Italy and the Provinces. Italy sent her sons to die in distant lands and received in compensation millions of slaves. Of these, some were attached to the land, cultivated it, and soon enriched it with their bones; others, crowded together in the towns, attentive to the vices of a master, were often freed by him and became citizens. Little by little the sons of freed men came to be in sole possession of the city, composed the Roman people, and under this name gave laws to the world. From the time of the Gracchi, they alone nearly filled the Forum. Thus, a new people succeeded to the Roman people, absent or destroyed."

'Islam was not a torch, as has been claimed, but an extinguisher. Conceived in a barbarous brain for the use of a barbarous people, it was-and it remains-incapable of adapting itself to civiliza­tion. Wherever it has dominated, it has broken the impulse towards progress and checked the evolution of society.'
“Islam is Christianity adapted to Arab mentality, or, more exactly, it is all that the unimaginative brain of a Bedouin, obstinately faithful to ancestral practices, has been able to assimilate of the Christian doctrines. Lacking the gift of imagination, the Bedouin copies, and in copying he distorts the original. Thus Musulman law is only the Roman Code revised and corrected by Arabs; in the same way Musulman science is nothing but Greek science interpreted by the Arab brain; and again, Musulman architecture is merely a distorted imitation of the Byzantine style.” (Servier, page 61)

Hugh Fitzgerald's, Douce France
Hugh Fitzgerald's Douce France in German

Czechmade said...

It is copying the selective mistaken copyist Mo. It is like taking the worst student in the class and aping every ridiculous episode from his life "to get closer to God".

His pissing in the schoolyard becomes a holy mass worth imitating.

However the women and the non-believers are not granted this great pissing privilege...they are truly inferior.

Czechmade said...

The teacher might be amazed to find out millions of his indirect "followers" spend their time pissing in the schoolyard after the model of his worst student...claiming to be the teachers true followers.

Fortress said...

Speaking of movies, I watched "The Day the Earth Stood Still" here recently. The first one was better, as this one was tainted by eco nonsense of current liberalist establishment, but there was one line that struck a chord with me.

"At the precipice, you change." This was made in regards to evolution. When a challenge is presented, you either evolve to surpass it...or die.

We are at the precipice. I can only hope whatever it is we change into will be greater than what we are now. To do otherwise will be our undoing...slow that will seem to us, but only an eyeblink for the cosmos at large.