Thursday, January 22, 2009

Safety in Numbers

What if other prominent people in the Netherlands decided to imitate Geert Wilders?

How many hate-mongers can the Dutch government prosecute at the same time?

We may be about to find out. According to today’s De Telegraaf, as translated by VH:

Theodor Holman supports Wilders

Theodor Holman, a columnist for the Amsterdam newspaper Het Parool, by way of support sides with the statements of Geert Wilders. In his column today he writes: “I, Theodor Holman, find the Quran to be as grave as Mein Kampf.” The PVV leader will be prosecuted for the same statement.

Holman [who also used to work with Theo van Gogh] criticizes the “political process” against Wilders. According to the columnist, the prosecution is a violation of freedom of expression.

“Wilders is right”
- - - - - - - - -
“Wilders is also not allowed to make movies with an opinion. And even when Mohammed Bouyeri murders Theo van Gogh for religious reasons, as he himself said, Wilders should not be of the opinion that the Quran is comparable with Mein Kampf. While Wilders is right.

“And therefore I repeat his statement: I, Theodor Holman, find the Quran to be as grave as Mein Kampf,” the columnist writes in the newspaper Het Parool.


thll said...

The beginning maybe?

Thorum said...

Wow, great news. (Relatively speaking.) We need more with the guts of these guys!! Bravo and keep up the good fight!!

heroyalwhyness said...

Geert Wilders is absolutely correct.

We are all Geert Wilders.

Czechmade said...

The judges want to suppress something which could easily spread and multiply. We need some extremely simple cryptic symbol (not explicit) to spread Wilders simple statement(s).

It might become ridiculous to fight such an omnipresent symbol (like three points in a circle - for truth not to be uttered, or three points for three monkeys?).

It could stand for "unfree speech obliterated".

Imagine someone to try to punish you for that. Some judge fighting "three points" would be beyond the realm of idiocy - fighting air - not even wind mills.

Imagine someone trying to prove this symbol to be evil, aggressive, spreading hate or "analyzing" it in depth.

You know, free speech is my religion, it is holy to me. I need subsidies to build big buildings for my religion and my followers.

And schools of course. And every week I am to make some free speech hajj/pilgrimage to go somewhere, meet friends in my faith and practice free speech publically. If I do not exercize free speech I will go to hell literally, you know.

Dear judge, are you ready for a little conversion to my religion?
First of all stop persecuting my correligionists!

Before performing free speech ritual, please perform a little voodoo - brush your teeth.

Czechmade said...

(Brushing your teeth might be prohibited one day - a heavy symbol - hateful)

Henrik R Clausen said...

Since Muslims themselves are invoking Hitler and Nazi ideas, the fact that Wilders is comparing Islam to Nazism is, well, quite relevant:

IslamoNazi demonstration in Copenhagen

He even asks the Muslism to discard those parts of their religion. Good Idea!

Czechmade, careful with that idea about brushing teeth. Since that was the very last thing Mo did in his life (possibly realizing that some bad stuff had emanated from his mouth), that too might be perceived as insulting to the religion he founded.

spackle said...

If there are any Dutch brave enough I suggest a T-shirt line that says.

"I find the Quran to be as grave as Mein Kampf,”

Or at least

"Geert Wilders is right"

Anonymous said...

"I am Spartacus."