Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vlaams Belang: Persona Non Grata at the U.S. Embassy

Members of Vlaams Belang, like other elected officials of the Belgian parliament, were invited to the American embassy in Brussels to witness the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama. Then at the last moment the invitation was discovered to be an “error”, and was withdrawn.

According to Het Laatste Nieuws, as kindly translated on short notice by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Vlaams Belang not welcome at U.S. Embassy in Brussels

The American Embassy informed the Senate fraction of Vlaams Belang that the invitations a number of fraction members received to witness Obama taking the oath, at the American Embassy in Brussels, was “a mistake”. Fraction leader Joris van Hauthem finds this rejection “indecent for the largest democracy in the World”.


Some three weeks ago, the leader of the Vlaams Belang, the members and the mandatory members of the Foreign Affairs commission of the Senate received an invitation to witness the taking the oath by Obama at the Embassy of the United States in Brussels. Karim Van Overmeire and Freddy Van Gaever responded to the invitation.

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This morning the fraction received a phone call in which the Embassy explained that the invitation was “a mistake”. Fraction leader Joris Van Hauthem is annoyed with the course of affairs. That suddenly members of Vlaams Belang are not welcome at the Embassy he finds “improper and unacceptable”.


Freddy Van Gaever called it outrageous and scandalous that his invitation is withdrawn. He points out that he some time ago donated a house to an organization in the United States. He was even invited to attend the taking the oath by Ronald Reagan in Washington. In the meanwhile he has decided to go to the Embassy this afternoon with his invitation.

Thanks to Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal for notifying me about this news report.


Gregory said...

So, who cares about witnessing Husseins inauguration? I don't get the concern for vlams belang...

Anonymous said...

Well, it is extremely rude to withdraw an invitation like that.

Aeneas said...

This snub to Vlaams Belang, a major Flemish political party, is an insult to the large numbers of people who voted for that party. Are the pinciples of democracy something that the United States no longer cares about? Does this mean that the incoming Obama administration has contempt for large sections of the electorate of Flanders? In fact will people who disagree with the new administration in America be sidelined and marginalised?

Does this mean that all the talk of bringing people together is just meaningless words? It seems that the Obama Presidency has started on a poor footing for the people of Flanders at least. This does not inspire confidence in American foreign relations under President Obama.

Anonymous said...

With B. Hussein in office it will get worse.

Fjordman said...

I've asked this question before: Suppose the natives in some Western European countries actually start to seriously resisting the organized destruction of their countries, halt mass immigration and reverse Multiculturalism. How will American authorities and media react to this? Frankly, I wouldn't be too surprised if they turn out to be actively hostile to native Europeans. That was the case with Clinton and with Bush, who after all supported the continued Islamization of Europe through Turkish membership of the European Union. It will be even worse with Obama, an anti-white Marxist.

As we know, a "Nazi" these days is not one of the many Muslims and their Leftist cheerleaders who shout "Death to Jews! in the streets of Europe; it's any white person who doesn't lie down and die on command. If we don't lie down and die, we must be Nazis. We are after all Europeans. We should reach out to American individuals. They are victims of the same Multiculturalist war against European civilization as we are. But we should expect no sympathy from the American media and political elites. They are a hostile entity just as much as the EU elites are.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

"This does not inspire confidence in American foreign relations under President Obama."

It will take me a while to get used to thinking of him as 'President Obama'.

Back on topic, I fear the Obama administration will treat anyone who disagrees with utter contempt. Increasingly this seems to be the way things are going in the West. After all, we wouldn't want to make their unpleasant right-wing ideas legitimate! If you can't beat them fair and square with facts and reason, pretend they're evil and brush them aside. Should do the trick.

After Bush and certain incidents in Europe, it seems democracy is only legitimate if it's synonymous with progressivism.

Fjordman said...

Europeans have learned the wrong lessons from Nazism, not the right ones. For instance, the European Union is now actively and deliberately promoting Islamic immigration to Europe by the tens of millions, knowing fully well that they will gradually displace the original inhabitants of the continent. Indeed, they desire this. They also know that the people who move in have a culture of extreme anti-Semitism and despise Christianity, just like the Nazis did. Eurabianism has disturbing similarities with Nazism in some ways and with Communism in others.

The EU is promoting lebensraum for a new master race in Europe just like the Nazis did. They just disagree on which master race to promote. The resurgence of violent anti-Semitism in Europe is directly caused by the policies of the European Union and the national political elites in Belgium and elsewhere. To hear them denounce others as "Fascists" or "anti-Semites" is the ultimate fraud. We do have powerful Fascists in Europe today; it's called the European Union.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I fully agree. After seeing some of the hysteria on LGF when the spectre of Nazism was raised, I genuinely think any American administration would back the interlopers over the native Europeans, no matter how timely or just the latter's cause.

With Obama in power, that will be about a thousand times worse. After all, it's the future now - dialogue and understanding with the Islamofascists.

Fjordman said...

With the possible exception of Sweden, France and Belgium (which is dominated by a French-speaking political elite,) the English-speaking world is leading the disintegration of the West, ideologically and demographically. All of the West is sick, but the Anglosphere is sicker than most. The English-speaking countries still have the most dynamic military traditions of the West, but that counts for little as long as they are used for promoting global Multiculturalism rather than protecting the home country.

I cannot see that the Anglosphere has more freedom of speech, either. The USA does, at least for a while longer (we'll see what the Black Messiah does about that), but Al-Canada is plain nuts and Britain is a Multicultural banana republic. Australia and New Zealand could be a part of Greater China by mid-century. Maybe they will be more prosperous as a part of Greater China than France will be as a part of Greater Algeria or the United States as a part of Greater Mexico. But they will be Asians, not Westerners.

Homophobic Horse said...

 The U.S. establishment, the Universal Nation, has nailed its colourless flag to the mast. What else could we expect from the same thing that has enjoyed a long and fruitful collaboration with Islamic terrorism, from the mujahideen in Afghanistan, and again in Bosnia? Vlaams Belang are the only party to oppose the Islamization of Belgium, and are in the unique position of discrediting the EU in its own living room.

 When the dust has settled people will look at the future of Western societies - post industrial, unsustainable welfare, demographically collapsing, riven with ethnic conflict, underclass, illiterate and innumerate, and they'll say "where now is our last best hope on Earth?" That's all Obama represents to me. The triumph of the cancer establishment.

Anonymous said...

I fear that Fjordman is right about the US.

The American political elites are not fully integrated with those of Europe, much less those of Belgium, but too many of them apparently see the world in the same terms and are striving toward the same "diplomatic" goals.

And our state department is the worst of the lot.

Not to say that there isn't still a pro-western group here in the US. But at the moment they seem seriously fragmented.

Things will get much worse under B. Hussein.

I strongly endorse any measures that will raise awareness in the US of what is happening on the other side of the ocean.

I still believe however, that to be fully successful the anti-sharia resistance must be at least associated with a fully international coalition -- that includes Israel, Lebanon, India, Malaysia, Thailand ... the whole lot.

We have got to remain aware of the fact that the forces that we resist are international themselves, and are counting on their ability to coordinate internationally to succeed in the various local battles in which they are engaged.

As the founders of my nation once said -- we must all hang together, or else we will surely hang separately.

LibsareDim said...

I hate to say it, but most Obamatrons, and there are a lot of them, are not the least bit itnerested in facing Islam. They think what we really need is more liberalism. I believe BHO really is anti-white and wants to make America something akin to western Europe (at best). I don't trust him. I don't understand why so many people do. I made the mistake of trying to ask intelligent questions of an Obamatron, last night. I told the SCHOOL TEACHER that I don't see why she's so enamoured of The One, that it all seems really cultish and creepy. I asked her to explain it ot me. She bagan by driviling on about Hope-n-Change, no more war, Hope, Change, blah...so I asked some questions about the consequences of his vague policies, and still didn't find signs of intelligence. So I asked her if she supported the US bringing democracy to other countries. At which point she began to screech "Don't go accusing me of being anti-democratic! Do you have problem with black people? Hispanics? Are you a RACIST?!" My reply "No, I don't have a problem with blacks, I'm half hispanic, and I'm not a racist. Now, do you support the US bringing democracy to other countries?" The answer to my question was met each time with 'are you a racist' until my boyfriend broke it up. So what can we judge by this exchange of ideas? (Remember kids, this woman teaches children!)

Most of the Obamatrons I've had the misfortune to meet, display the same level of intellect. Sad days indeed.....

Homophobic Horse said...

"So I asked her if she supported the US bringing democracy to other countries."

That gets them every time. Because they're obliged by puritanical fanaticism to say yes, even when the failure of this idea is clear in Iraq. The mental dissonance is torturous.

"The episode of the Iraqi shoe-thrower has ceased to be funny at all. Muntadhar al-Zaidi has now been held incommunicado since December 21.

His family do not even know where he is.

When they saw him last he showed signs of having been disgracefully ill-treated, including severe bruising, a gash on the bridge of his nose, a missing tooth and what appeared to be a cigarette burn on his ear. Yet a ‘judge’ who interviewed him said there were ‘no signs’ of abuse."

Do free countries have security guards who enjoy beating to near death recalcitrant journalists?