Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Verdict First, Trial Later

Free Geert!

What makes the current legal action against Geert Wilders so egregious is that a panel of judges has ordered a lower court to conduct a “trial” in which the verdict against Mr. Wilders has been decided in advance. Calling this a “kangaroo court” would be an insult to the kangaroos.

A member of Parliament from Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV (Party for Freedom), confronted Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende with questions about this farrago of justice. But, strangely enough, the prime minister declined to answer.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated this report from the PVV website:

Questions Prime Minister Balkenende refuses to answer

During Question Hour in the Dutch Parliament today, PVV MP Raymond de Roon tested Prime Minister Balkenende on the order to prosecute Geert Wilders.

He asked whether Prime Minister Balkenende would like to be prime minister of a country where a court wraps up an order to prosecute in such a way that a lower court can do nothing more than declare it “proven”?

Balkenende refused to respond to the question.

The statement of De Roon:

The order to prosecute by the Court in Amsterdam is already 90% for a conviction. Friend and foe alike agree on that.
- - - - - - - - -
A conviction, without a hearing being mandated. A conviction, whereby the convicted was not given a chance to question witnesses and experts. A conviction without even one question having been asked of the convicted. A conviction, without the convicted having had the last word.

Does the Prime Minister want to be a prime minister of a country where this can happen?

Do you want to be the prime minister of a country in which a court order to prosecute is wrapped up in such way that a lower court can not do anything else but to declare it “proven”?

If not, what will you do to change this?
That is, to ensure that a fair trial is possible again?

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heroyalwhyness said...

Just about a year ago, on this site, in a thread discussing the persecution of blogger "Lionheart", I read the following haunting comment . . . which should have every citizen of the EU very very alarmed:

Schengen and Prüm and the arrest warrant that will be along shortly all combine to make safe residence in any EU member state completely impossible for exiles from another EU member state. Even if the Danish police refuse to arrest him they won't, under Prüm, be able to stop a foreign police squad crossing the border to carry it out. And as a last resort the Euro Gendarmerie can just go in and shoot him

Bat Ye'Or outlined the birth of Eurabian scheme - and the world stood silent.

Liberal policies & MC/PC rhetoric enabled dark elements to silence Pim Fortuyn and then Theo Van Gogh. The government is now openly stepping into the arena to legally silence opposition, first by forcing Ayaan Hirsi Ali out and now by legal fiat against Geert.

Witnessing the acceleration of the Eurabian train wreck is exasperating!!!