Sunday, January 18, 2009

Suppressing the Right Wing in Germany

The delegitimizing of conservative political opinion has been going on for a long time. The process is further advanced in Canada and Europe than it is in the United States, but as the Hope ’n’ Change regime cranks up next Tuesday, Americans will be doing their best to catch up.

No country has demonized the Right more thoroughly than Germany. A deep irony is at work here: German conservatives are considered heirs of the Nazis, and thus are pushed beyond the pale. The fact that Nazism — National Socialism — was as much of the Left as Communism was has been dropped down the memory hole. The conflation of Nazism and the Right is now established historical fact, and — like global warming and the success of FDR’s economic policies — cannot be questioned.

In Cologne, the power of the state backed by taxpayers’ money is being used to suppress right-wing politics. The following article was posted last Wednesday at the Pro-Köln website and has been translated from the German by our Flemish correspondent VH:

Tax money for projects “against the right”

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs promotes an “Action plan against the right” with €100,000 of taxpayers’ money. These funds are designated for the political orientation of children and youngsters in the age group 8 to 12 years, with the project “Ehrenfeld, a district discovers its Nazi history” and for the establishment of a “Network against the Right”. All three projects are politically dubious.

The attempt to politically influence children in primary school was up until now practiced by totalitarian regimes such as those of the National Socialists and the Communists. It was not of much value: most “Hitler Youth” and “Young Pioneers” have shaken off the ideological grip of their childhood. The attempt to politically influence very young people and steer them in a certain direction is incompatible with democratic principles. In addition, the supporters of the respective manipulation activities are — of course as always — anxious to conceal their political educational program as “universally human”.

Once it was “The Fatherland,” then it was “World Peace”, and today it is “Anti-Racism” that has to serve as the pretext for the once-ruling political class to influence a generation of growing children towards their own political purpose.
- - - - - - - - -
The attempt to make the district of Cologne as an example out of their mastery of the past into a mass phenomenon, has miserably failed.

The project supervisors had set themselves an ambitious goal: “In Ehrenfeld [district of Cologne], the entire population is called to explore the Nazi era: in their own memory, family, houses, the businesses, the hospitals, police stations, the parish, the garden club, etc. The results will be presented in an exhibition.”

So far however, the “entire population” stayed far away from participating in the project. They now will be “stimulated” with tax money.

The network that has to be founded for the third pillar of the government-funded project [“Network against the Right”], is directed explicitly “against the right,” rather than against right-wing extremism. But what is in principle objectionable to standing politically on the right? Regardless of the outdated left-right classifications of the 20th Century, this is clearly an attempt to use tax money for a political confrontation with unwelcome dissidents. Obviously it is everybody’s privilege to be “against the right” or “against the left”, but at their own expense and not at the cost of the public purse!

Even the Mayor of Cologne, Fritz Schramma, boasts yet again of a “fight against the right”. He has asked musicians and union leaders to provide some tailwind in the battle for the local elections. On May 9, 2009, four weeks before the elections, a number of political, religious and social players against the Anti-Islamization Congress will be brought into position. Not all, but many of them are readily let themselves be put before the election cart of the old parties.

But all this will not help Schramma & Co., because on June 7, 2009, the citizens of Cologne have the final word. The response pro-Köln has experienced in recent years throughout the city has risen significantly since the last elections. In 2004 many of Cologne’s citizens were not familiar with our movement, which has become an integral part of the political life of the city during these years.

Therefore the agitation by the majority groups in city hall will not help against Pro-Köln. The citizens of Cologne know how dubious their arguments are. The local elections will make Pro-Köln stronger and the old parties weaker!


Fjordman said...

I have to agree with Conservative Swede on this one: Europe needs Germany. European culture has never been whole without the German component. I hope the British can bounce back, but even if they do so they will have their hands full merely defending their own country. The French will find it challenging enough to survive as a nation. The Italians are culturally stronger, but they do not have the same powerful modern military traditions, even if they like to think so.

Smaller countries such as Denmark can do their part, but if European civilization, certainly in the western half of the continent, is going to survive the coming generations we need the Germans back and confident. They have the opportunity to play a positive role as defenders of European civilization this time around.

Czechmade said...

Our German commentators have for this sort of bashing a funny term "Nazikeule", (Keule) it is the weight/metal ball (?) chained to the leg of a prisoner...on the other hand our muslim brothers did a good job in putting an end to this silly unjust bashing by advocating hitler publically surrounded by leftist crowds. Leftists have taken bath these days in the hitler thing can be interesting...Nazikeule has been past like a ball to the left!

The title of my comment might be "Nazikeule unchained".

Homophobic Horse said...

Two opinions:

1. In today's politics Left and Right are pseudo political terms that falsify and obscure inquiry into political reality. They serve to generate pointless conflict.

2. The demarcation between "left" and "right" began in the French Revolution. The left were the revolutionaries who wanted to create heaven on earth, the right stood for the tradition and order of the ancien regime.

Nazism, being a revolutionary regime that sought to create to heaven on earth with a biologically purified Aryan man, is very much of the left.

Today the last lingering trace of the Ancien Regime is the nation state with borders loosely based on the old Medieval kingdoms, along with the nation states corrollary--the nation itself. Ergo, the left today, the Islam enabling transnational governments, the Antifa, the Anti-Racists, are united in their desire to destroy our nations in the naive belief that a new higher historical age will begin. That's why Gordon Brown called Obama "the Dawn of Hope".

They regard our sovereign and independent nations--along with their peoples--as historical anachronisms that have been rendered unfit to exist by the the evolutionary historical paradigm.

We've had this before. In Bolshevik Ukraine, in occupied Poland (dirty Polish Slav barbarians), and others.

Afonso Henriques said...

Well, let's look to things properly.

Both right and left wing movements have as a goal to improve (societies, Nations, whatever).
It is just that comtemplative Conservatism (it is because it is so and if it changes is bad) that scares the youth away from non extremist (and those extrimist are usually really pseudo) right wing parties and ideologies while the left wing ones are highly attractive.

The chairman of the party who clames to be Centrist but here is the one more to the right one can get said today about improving the economy: "The youths have to intervene in the economy, the youth is energical and full of new ideas, the youth will dinamize the economy IF THE SOCIALIST STATE does not put itself in the middle."

And it is pretty much it. By castrating the youth and new ideas/movements (pure CONSERVATISM) by the idea of the do not innovate, you give the power to the left.

The Right is not Conservatism just because, it is Conservatism if, and only if it finds vallue in what it is aiming to conservate.
But sometimes - more often than not - one cannot only "conservate" something, we have to go deeper and bring back our roots.
For instance, the Spaniards rediscovered the Monarchy after Franco, the Russians paved their way out of Communism towards an authoritarian government, etc.

We forget that, BEFORE BEING REVOLUTIONARY, NAZI/FASCISM WAS ABOVE ALL REACTIONARY. And the Catholic Church supported the reactionary impetous of Franco and Salazar in Portugal and Spain, a strain of Fascism that many call "National Catholicism" instead of Fascism or National Socialism.

You see, Nazism was also Reactionary and went out for a Volkish sense in the German(ic) peoples and it was rather successfull. It had it's flaws, no doubt, but it was much better than Communism.

I also understand that many people here have fought (or their parents, or their grandparents) Nazism, Fascism, Communism, Russians, and as such, cannot set back enough to stop seeing those ... as purely evil.
Not even islam is pure evil! Only the angels are pure, nothing is pure on Earth. And that is no reason for us to stop looking for attaining purity...

If you look closely, you will see that what came out of the French Revolution of 1789, the Russian Revolution of 1917 and this new thing envolving the European Union, the United Nations, Multiculturalism, "Anti-White-ism", Political Correctness and Mass Immigration to EVERY SINGLE country of the European Civilisation (even Argentina, Australia, Southern Brazil, Greece, Russia) is purely new and represents A CUT with the past. That's leftist. That, and to try to implement from scratch things that never worked out before, while they should came up - if so - naturally, in a gradual process.

The 60s and Feminism can be counted on as well. Have you notice how everybody has made referendums about the abortion, about gay marriage? Some even twice or more when the result is negative? But, why did nobody made a "backwards referendum"? Because that is against "PURE CONSERVATISM". Pure Conservatism is, in my view, not especifically "right wing" but a paralisy which has its roots in the burguoise spirit. Yes, the American Revolution and the American Dream also empowered this.

What we need is REACTIONARY RIGHT WING IDEOLOGIES/MOVEMENTS/PARTIES, and yes, like Nazism and Fascism because, quiet frankly, I cannot remember any other. I have my doubts that "Nazism" was more to the left than the Weimar Republic or the adventures of Rosa Luxemburgo. I have my doubts that Nazism is leftist at all. I do not doubt that some strains of Italian Fascism were left wing, but I doubt they were that left wing. I will not even talk of Portugal and Spain... Look at the U.K.!! Look what they did to Churchill's Nation! And yes, to me Churchill was pretty much right wing.

We have also to cease to see Capitalism as right wing. Corporativism seems atractive, the only sad thing about it is the few space it leaves to social mobility. Maybe you cannot climb more than three floors than the one in which you were born to...

You people have to think what you want because I now seem to think that many would NEVER support any Reactionary, pro-active, youth-atravtive right wing party. Stop thinking about your middle-aged right wing whit utopia! In fifty years you will be close to the doors of the purgatory. The youth is what you have to think for, because, if this generation fails, maybe the other one will not...

P.S. - sorry for my terrrible english.

Charlemagne said...

I'm sure it has been said many times before but Liberalism is truly a mental disorder. The Right who have traditionally stood for law and order, tradition, and equality before the law are attacked by the Left around the Western world. The Left aligns itself with Islam, with criminals, and with deconstructionists, cultural relativists, and the morally impaired of every stripe yet it is we who are castigated as "intolerant". Up is down, black is white, and cats and dogs are sleeping together.

Liberalism WILL lead to civil wars. It is only a matter of time as Liberalism runs counter to human nature. I can feel the tension rising even here in the USA as the Liberals push for an amnesty for illegal aliens even as unemployment spikes and more and more American citizens find themselves out of work.

But the Left doesn't care about people, all they care about is power and an amnesty is a means to that end because poor, illiterate immigrants will likely vote for the party of government.

If Europe were willing perhaps they could trade a conservative American for a Muslim and reinvigorate Europe.

Orlando said...

Any society led by ignorant, reactionary, stupid "youth" is a society without social stability. Almost all 18 year old jackasses think they know everything, when they don't know shit. I don't need to tell you, beacause you were there and so was I.

What has happened in the West is a complete rejection of masculinity and by extension a rejection of individuality, self-reliance, and personal responsibility and integrity. Nowadays, everybody is a victim of something and demands reparations from some other group of people.

The "youth" are naively arrogant and the adults value nothing but material wealth. Without a strong sense of social/moral values among older generations, we are doomed.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I also used to think that 'Left' and 'Right' had become meaningless. But when I read Liberal Fascism, things fell back into place:

Fascism, like Communism is revolutionary. Like Communism, it seeks to discard the old in order to create an utopian society. The means to do that is the State, supposedly all-powerful and all-wise. Partial or full suspension of private property is a necessary requirement for that to take place. These are left-wing ideologies in the Jacobinean tradition.

The antidote to Fascism, in all its variations, is Conservatism.

For the record, I don't consider Franco's autoritarian regime to deserve the 'Fascist' label.

Anonymous said...

The left rails against the illusion of theocracy (that's what they say the "right wing" wants to establish). The conservatism of Friedman and Hayek is simply ignored or demonized as "selfish". The idea that it's just as wrong to steal from your neighbors via the taxman as it is to do so directly has somehow been lost.

Czechmade said...

It is also selfish to think you get a solution once for ever.

The one solution clerics have it easy - they can get big worthless crowds and pretend for a while to be "dynamic". Obama is a text book example.

The term "conservative" seems to lack any aura or image of being dynamic. A pianist playing and covering all possible different styles is very dynamic. Above that he knows exactly how these styles are linked together. He can view all possible developments of music already conserved and available in the past - from the past.

Why are we unable to get the same image?

The one solution guy is uneducated and spent his life in inertia - the vision of sudden fake solution wakes him seemingly for a while from his inertia to get him later into a deeper status quo often identic with slavery.

Conservatism can be also sort of inertia on the surface - it can be almost sterile, it can be setting solid foundations for solid changes stretching over generations as well. But who can say or see the difference?

Some conservatives being young get an elderly look while some conservatives being old act with amazing youthfulness and energy.

If conservatism implies a lot of knowledge and experience (by itself a lot of work), it still does not mean one can applie these riches correctly and fruitfully.

So if you think that c. is simply an attitude, an ID, I am sure you wan´t get very far.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Homophobic Horse:
I have to agree, in the modern world the schism goes far beyond left and right. The terms are still useful up to a point, but often they seem more of a smokescreen; David Cameron is often viciously attacked in some quarters as somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan. It was the same with McCain during the US election, and Boris in the London Mayoral race. If any of these men are right wing, I'm yet to see any evidence of it.

Being rich is far from the same, but I think that's sometimes what's meant.

The 1st Earl of Cromer said...

I have some experience of Germany, as I taught English there for 9 months after university. I was in a predominatnly Turkish 'Berufschule', and I must admit it wasn't the most pleasant experience of my life.

I would say the odds of Germany finding it's feet again are 50/50. Immigration is already under way, to the point were the effects are probably irreversible. As in other countries, although the demands and behaviour of these groups is often appalling, their every need and whim is pandered to.

The teachers had to sit through countless 'diversity' session style seminars, as well as the usual things; targets, translations, quotas, ignoring certain behaviour (including a Turkish man breaking a Kurdish girl's wrist on site) because 'it's just their culture', people are excused sport for Ramadan, etc.

But, individually, no German I spoke to was as politically correct as the average Briton, or just less afraid of saying so. When a friend of mine was mugged at the station and I told a colleague, her first reaction was to ask 'were they actually German though?' Here in the UK that would probably be said with a knowing look with someone you didn't know well.

Anonymous said...

If the right has been conflated with Nazism in Germany it only has itself to blame.

The self-styled left has to be combatted with its own language, as do islamists.

The operative word in "National Socialism" is not "National" it is "Socialism". Socialism has always had an expansionist creed. A true nationalist wants to look after his/her own country and has no designs on another.

The Nazis were dishonest in their name. They wanted to expand socialism via a third empire (Reich). At least the new socialist empire builders are honest in their name, the "International Socialists", that is, the Internazis.

It is no surprise that nazis, commies and islamists have joined forces to form the new totalitarian regime, Nazislam.

Why women are not fighting this more vociferously is mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

homophobic horse said:
They regard our sovereign and independent nations--along with their peoples--as historical anachronisms that have been rendered unfit to exist by the the evolutionary historical paradigm.

"evolutionary historical paradigm"? The biggest ironies of the left is its failure to accept the politically incorrect implications of evolution by natural selection. They reject the right to self-defense and national defense, things that should be obvious rights when one looks at the theory of evolution.

Homophobic Horse said...

Evolutionism is false anyway:

"Their own view of reality tells them that their opinions are not opinions, but mechanical reflexes programmed into them by the past natural selection of random genetic mutations or behavior modifications in their ancestors. They are thus machines. How can a machine have opinions? And what right does a machine have to hold forth on its opinions and expect other machines to listen?"

Anonymous said...

Evolution is false? Humans are obviously animals and are obviously bound by the same rules of survival as other animals. Although you don't accept it, I find it ironic that the left accepts it yet the left acts as if the human ape is exempt from such rules of survival. Examples of such leftist idiocy: pacifism, multiculturalism, all the idiocies of the left that was noted by this blog many times.