Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sending a Signal

H. Numan has translated another article, also from Spits Nieuws, and follows it his own commentary:

Signal to Wilders

Wilders will be prosecuted after all for his anti-Islamic remarks. The court wants to send a signal, but does not intend to put Wilders in jail, so said experts.

The DA’s Office earlier found that portions of Fitna and remarks by Wilders were not off limits; the court of Amsterdam yesterday decided differently. It wants to prosecute the politician for discrimination, inciting hatred and insulting groups of people. Also it wants to judge comparisons made by the PVV leader between Nazism and Mohammedanism.

That’s good, said Meindert Fennema, professor of political theory and ethical relations* at the UvA [University of Amsterdam]. “I do not agree 100% with the court, but I do agree that Wilders is sowing hatred and calls for violence.” The limits of freedom of speech have been broadened measurably since the conviction of Hans Janmaat in 1995. “He was prosecuted because he wanted to abolish a multicultural society, which is something shared by a parliamentary majority right now. Also Fortuyn participated in this broadening.”

Commentary by H. Numan:
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* A clear and distinct title like this can only be given to somebody utterly to the left. The University of Amsterdam is the second most red university of the country. The first is the Catholic University of Nijmegen, nicked “St Marx University”.

His statement is correct, but only partially. Hans Janmaat was indeed sent to jail (6 months) for stating ‘Eigen Volk Eerst’ (Own People First). Something I find rather normal. How do you Americans handle this? Equal chances for everybody, including illegal immigrants?


Holger said...

So then they better judge history too. More precisely Churchill who drew parallells between the Qu'ran och Mein Kampf.

- Wilders has not promoted violence, that's what the islamists are doing. Put them on trial!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Totally agrees with Holger. Either that or Europe will face another Holocaust and it won't be the muslims who will get exterminated but rather the rest of us.

filthykafir said...

"How do you Americans handle this? Equal chances for everybody, including illegal immigrants?"

Sadly, we deal with this issue with about the same cultural self-hatred as most of Europe and, of course, the capital of multicult, Canada. In giving aid and assistance, the government shows a distinct preference for "minorities" and immigrants. We, the People, know that's unfair, and we grumble about it and resent paying for it. The practice, no doubt, contributes considerably to anti-minority and anti-immigrant sentiment, but no one in office -- Republican or Democrat -- shows the least inclination to change it.

Fie and a pox on 'em, I say.