Thursday, January 22, 2009

Filip Dewinter: “An Assasination Attempt on the PVV”

Below is a translation by VH of an article from yesterday’s Elsevier:

Procedure against Wilders is an attempt to assassinate the PVV

By Luc van Kemenade

Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang) is shocked by the lawsuit against PVV leader Geert Wilders. According to the Belgian politician; it is a blatant attempt to destroy the PVV and silence Wilders.

So says Dewinter in response (on Wednesday) to the prosecution of Wilders for inciting hatred, offense and discrimination. It reminds the right-wing politician strongly of the prosecution of his own party the Vlaams Blok, which in 2004 was forced to dissolve by order of the Court.

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Freedom of expression in the Netherlands is in grave danger, according to Dewinter. “The proceedings against Geert Wilders are an assassination attempt on a democratic party,” he says. “The Dutch government wants to silence Wilders. If he cannot be pushed back with the ballot box, then without any embarassment it opts for a legal proceeding.”


The court in Amsterdam on Wednesday decided Wilders must be prosecuted “for making discriminatory and instignating hateful remarks.” The Public Prosecutor earlier on decided not to prosecute Wilders. Then various individuals and organizations complained to the Court, which finally agreed.


KyleS. said...

Hey Baron,

I want to contribute to Geert Wilder's defense through the PVV paypal link thats up at their site, but I'm worried that if foreigners contribute to their party they'll face political trouble down the line Just like in the US foreigners are supposed to be unable to contribute to elections, we saw how well that worked out!)

Can your great Dutch readers find out whether foreigners contributing to help Geert's legal defense would cause them political problems later?

Czechmade said...

“for making discriminatory and instignating hateful remarks.”

Nice cartoon: a long queue of immigrants with their nasty remarks.
Imams get a special queue standing with their homologated qurans expecting multiple charges. Most of them get victimized immediately for agreeing with all of the statements contained in the unholy book.

Quran hate? Yes! Deportation plus confiscation of all your property inclusive quran! Next one!

Wilders seems slightly bored since when he joined the queue it swells so fast that the chances to get a fair trial are zero.

Imams and immigrants beg in front of the Dutch gov. to buy them a nice Gaza stripical desert somewhere not to be forced to go home.


Unknown said...

@D.K. Shideler:
PayPal is very handy indeed, and the PVV will not get in trouble.

To be shure I looked it up on the website of Dutch Parliament:
Fundraising, Donations and Sponsoring is legal.

Donations from private persons are without restrictions (and can be done from any country).

Donations from companies and organizations are also legal and without restrictions (and can be done from any country). A party only has to publish a donation by a company or an organization in their Annual report when it is over 4537,80 euro.

KyleS. said...

Thanks VH!