Thursday, January 22, 2009

Naming Names

Below is report from our Flemish correspondent VH, who has researched the names of the people who brought the complaint against Geert Wilders:

The names of the enemies of freedom of speech, for the record

The eminent Dutch crime reporter Stan de Jong just received the pleading that unveils the complainants: “It is all in black and white in the pleading of Geertjan van Oosten, the lawyer of Wilders, that the little fairies just delivered in casa De Jong.” [Download the pdf from de outstanding blog of Stan de Jong, or direct here]

The complainants are:

July 2, 2008; a complaint by Miss Y.B. Wolthuis-Olf

Wolthuis does not specify the victims on behalf of whom she files the complaint. Above all she writes her letter of June 30 2008: “What struck me — after so many years — is that society has enormously hardened and also the Public Prosecutor has the tendency to allow people to offend with great ease. At the same time it is also known that European Law leaves more room for prosecution. I regret use of European jurisdiction is not made more often, certainly when it concerns expressions made by politicians.”

July 22, 2008; a complaint by Mister G. Spong, lawyer in Amsterdam on behalf of 21 citizens:

  • Timo Eekhoudt [see note below]
  • Jörgen Raymann [TV comedian]
  • Sjoukje Maartje Aafke Wiersma
  • Evy Dewina Kasmo
  • Ali Al-Jaberi
  • Mohamed Yosuf Haydaty
  • Nan Luursema
  • Floris Alberse
  • Khalid Bedri
  • Milena Holdert
  • Klaas Stutje
  • Mirko V. van Pampus
  • René Boer
  • A. el Aqde
  • Cüneyt Kocak
  • Dirim Kutlar
  • Casper Thomas
  • Jennifer Tason
  • Allard Altena
  • Willemijn Kuper

July 24, 2008; a complaint by Mister A Daskapan

July 13, 2008; a complaint by Miss E. Lucas (two complaint letters)

She writes: “The expressions of Mister G. Wilders have been made in the public arena with the obvious purpose of making public a number of views and to convince the population of the Netherlands of the correctness of them. In that sense Mister G. Wilders directed his views in his open letter in De Volkskrant, to which I am a subscriber, to me, as citizen of the Dutch society. […] As citizen of Dutch society I have an utmost personal interest in security within this society. Mister G. Wilders with his expressions does harm to this security by giving the impression that Dutch society is being threatened in its peaceful existence because of the presence of Muslims in The Netherlands.”

August 13, 2008; a complaint by mister H. Raza
- - - - - - - - -
August 23, 2008; a complaint by mister I. Ipenburg (vicar and former student pastor at the University of Maastricht), who filed complaints on behalf of:

  • Miss Machteld Roede
  • Miss Madelon Djajadiningrat-Nieuwenhuis
  • Mister M. Elyamani (chairman of the Association Mosque Elfath, Maastricht)
  • Mister Z. Zouggari )chaiman of the Islamic Study Association Maatricht)
  • Mister I. Yazar (chairman of Mab-Der, Alevitic Society Maatricht)
  • Mister B,. Saadane (chairman Islamic Council Limburg)
  • Mister Theo van Boven
  • Mister Cor Spreeuwenberg
  • Mister Karel Steenbrink

August 29, 2008; a complaint by Mister P. de Wolf

November 19, 2008; a complaint by Mister T. Eekhoudt

“He states that Wilders crossed the line of freedom of expression by inciting to hatred against a population group and is (potentially) dangerous”

Note: The editors of Het Vrije Volk did some research on Timo Eekhoudt last year after he filed a complaint, and were quite shocked of what they discovered. They concluded that Eekhoudt is a despicable creature who in his younger years was a fan of Osama bin Laden. Quote: “I’d almost wanted Bin Laden to crash 200 aircraft in one go on top of the White House and the Pentagon. On the Pentagon only on high chiefs and the White House completely. When does America realize they have to act normal?”

Apart from this, Eekhoudt thinks of the citizens of the Netherlands as the dumb masses: “We, the elite of students are basing ourselves on our own intelligence, and indeed, then there is no danger at all [to have Mein Kampf on the bookshelf]. The problem is the dumb masses. […] We should prevent people like that from being able to just read that book and possibly become inspired. And yes, that is possible. 60 years ago that worked pretty well.”

The lawyer Gerard Spong, who filed the complaint on behalf of Eekhoudt, said about him: “[…] someone with a very healthy, good, righteous, honest intentions and ideas. The latter [Eekhoudt’s] complaint was already filed, however, on September 29, 2008, at the Hague Court, but for reasons of efficiency passed on to your Court.”

Geert Wilders’ lawyer Geertjan van Oosten: “All above are complaining — in short — about the fact that the Public Prosecutor decided not to pursue proceedings against Mister Wilders in response to his film Fitna and/or other expressions made by him in the media on (the danger of) Islam.”


Czechmade said...

"Mister G. Wilders with his expressions does harm to this security by giving the impression that Dutch society is being threatened in its peaceful existence because of the presence of Muslims in The Netherlands.”

OR: "THE MUSLIMS with THEIR expressions, FAITH AND ACTS do harm to this security by giving the impression/BY EXHIBITING THEIR DOGMA that Dutch society is being/MUST BE threatened in its peaceful existence because of the presence of FAITHFUL Muslims in The Netherlands.”

It is all about "giving impressions", doing nothing.

filthykafir said...

MP Wilders deeply offended Miss E. Lucas by "giving the impression that Dutch society is being threatened in its peaceful existence because of the presence of Muslims..."

Hear, hear! Then it's about time that nefarious scandal monger Wilders be hauled before the bar and strung up likity-split. The man had the audicity to give an impression, I say, and in public at that. Such evil-doers deserve no sympathy. They will be punished both in the hereafter and the herebefore.

And what vicious impression did the aforesaid vile hate-monger give. Was it his famous, but clearly disgusting, George Bush impression? Bobby Darin? Madonna? Oh no; it was much more odious than any of those, ladies and gentlemen.

He gave the impression... Oh, oh, can I force the scurrilous words from my fingers? He IMPLIED, no less, than that not all Muslims are peaceful. Not only that, but he had the timerity to suggest a that a certain book some Muslims have been observed to read contains impolite suggestions -- such as to kill non-muslims.

Oh, the filth, the scum. Cut out his tongue, mount it on a pole, and hoist it high from the minarette, er church tower, er battlements. Oh, you get the picture.

This hate-monger Wilders has outraged the modesty of and punctured the delusions of his last Miss E. Lucas. No dungeon is deep or dark enough for him or his elk, er ilk.

That's what happens, folks, when people's rights are inordinately respected. They turn blond and foul-mouthed. They grow horns and evilly harrass the lovely and delicate Miss. E. Lucas. We'll put an end to the ravages of this monster, pronto. Count on it.