Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Complaint Against Harry Van Bommel

Most of the news seems to be Dutch today, so I might as well add this item. Regular readers will remember Harry van Bommel, the Dutch MP who called for a new intifada during a pro-Hamas demonstration in Amsterdam. VH sends a brief note with the latest on Mr. van Bommel:

Recently the lawyer Bram Moszkowicz has filed a complaint against Socialist Party MP Harry “intifada” van Bommel and SP MP Sadet Karabulut. He calls on the Amsterdam Chief Public Prosecutor to prosecute them because of the incitement to hatred, discrimination, and violence. He has also filed a similar complaint against Gretta “the black widow” Duisenberg who was walking next to Van Bommel and also called for an “intifada”.

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heroyalwhyness said...

It's good to see that a complaint has been filed, but I won't hold my breath for conviction.

For such repulsive behavior, they each should - in the very least - be censored and suspended from office until this is resolved.