Friday, January 23, 2009

Going After the PVV’s No. 2

A new translation by H. Numan of a post from GeenStijl, concerning the proposed prosecution of another MP from the Partij voor de Vrijheid:

René Danen wants to prosecute Hero Brinkman

René Danen ( likes it. The extreme left-wing professional whiner firmly believes, as one of the few left, in a multicultural society. Anyone disagreeing with René can count on a legal complaint for racism. You’re already suspect by René if you’ve never eaten a Turkish Pizza, never mind that.

René Danen reached this week the absolute climax of his truly colorful life when the Amsterdam court decided to prosecute Wilders for possible racist statements.

Prosecuting Wilders isn’t enough. The entire PVV should be banned. That’s why René filed a legal complaint against Hero Brinkman, for his statements about the Dutch Antilles. Brinkman names the Antilles as corrupt, and that is, according to the Obersturmführer of ‘The Netherlands confesses color’, to be compared with what Wilders said.

Please don’t be too negative about this news item. Before you know it, René Danen will be prosecuting you as well. That’s it for tonight. The redacton of GeenStijl is off to a party.

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