Monday, January 26, 2009

Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!

Here’s another video of yesterday’s events in Malmö, via Ted Ekeroth. There are no subtitles or captions, but it’s pretty self-explanatory:

You can clearly hear the chant: “Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!”

I guess that must be the members of Sverigedemokraterna, eh?


Well, then tell me: exactly who are the modern-day Nazis in Sweden?

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Holger said...

As a Swede watching this I can just conclude that I feel deeply ashamed. What has happened with the country I grew up in? We now have the Arab Street in our society. Just look at the SAVAGES! When watching this I feel like I'm watching scenes from the Weimar Republic. And just as how many post WWII-Swedes feel ashamed that their grandparents and/or parents let the Germas pass through, our descendants will wonder what the hell we were thinking. They'll despise us!
Honestly, it is just apalling that this is happening. I disown my birth nation. I am no longer a Swede because there is NOTHING Swedish about me any longer if this is the new face of the nation.
And I'm afraid this is the one time the Swedes won't manage to escape like they have in the past. The politicians have made sure no one will be able to avoid the Arab Street and the savage influence from the Middle East. - All in the name of multiculturalism and political correctness.

Homophobic Horse said...

I dunno Baron, they may all be chanting Hitler at 1:14, but I'm not sure. I can only hear one man shout "Hitler's born" (?) at 0:26.

Fjordman said...

And remember that the Social Democrat Helle "Hamas" Klein from the newspaper Aftonbladet a couple of years ago stood in front of a banner which read "Stop the Nazi Violence!" and warned against Islamophobia in the media. So Islamophobia=Nazism, but Muslims shouting "Hitler!", hey, they are just frustrated youth. The heirs of the Nazis now rule European streets, while the left-wing media conduct an ever-more hysterical witch-hunt on imaginary Nazis among native critics of mass immigration.

Baron Bodissey said...

Horse --

at 0:34-0:35 I hear, close to the microphone, loud and clear, "Hitler! Hitler!"

Joanne said...

It is so difficult to understand why the Swedes, the British, the Dutch, or whoever tolerate this crap from Muslims. Their actions should never be tolerated; they should be rounded up and deported. Doesn't anyone in these countries have a set or should the women step in and do it for the men. European men complain about women emasculating them - well, they weren't kidding.

KGS said...

They are most certainly shouting Hitler. Once again the followers of Mo offend our sensibilities as the West turns to devour its own.

When will any of these Islamonazis ever be brought up on charges? Crickets chirping.

Michael Servetus said...

Greetings all,
Joanne I agree with your criticism of the once great and proud Europe but America is not too far from the same now. I think the only thing that can change it now is a brave and costly counter-revolution. It is through brazen disobedience, self righteous indignation, zealotry that anything in this world has been accomplished and these are all attitudes and behaviors that are frowned upon now and which only "other" people are "allowed" to express. I say only a very forceful revolution can change things and first comes forceful self confident attitude. Fortuen favors the brave and bold, right or wrong.

Homophobic Horse said...

"It is so difficult to understand why the Swedes, the British, the Dutch, or whoever tolerate this crap from Muslims."

Like the Germans of WW2, they're kind of aware of it, but they also don't know.

In any case, they usually just think:

"The government will never let things get that bad."

Also, at 0:34, I only hear one man shout "Hitler, Hitler". That's not enough to constitute a crowd of Nazis.

Decatur said...

Joanne, I believe that the reason this sort of behaviour is tolerated is because the Left, which pretty much runs the media, is sympathetic to totalitarianism in any form. Remember, the Left supported Nazism and Communism during their pre-war alliance. The media is the major source of opinion and news,(their loathing of the internet is therefore self explanatory).
Does anyone believe that this state of affairs would exist if Europeans had been informed 20 to 30 years ago about Islam and it's true mission.
In the course of one day I may talk to many people, neighbours, friends,casual meetings, if I mention any of the items we discuss on this website, even in the most general way, I am met with blank stares. Completely blank, not one iota of comprehension or familiarity with the topic, to the extent that I feel somewhat embarrassed at having mentioned it,(a trait that I must correct).
Until truly democratic and freedom loving people retake the media and inform the masses, nothing will happen.
How are unarmed people going to revolt against the massive armed EU juggernaught backed up by millions of Islamists?

X said...

At 1:14 it sounded more like he was shouting "hitler's children" in swedish. I guess that's his opinion of the jews...

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

My personal belief is that the politicians and MSM is in the saudi's pockets. Ican't prove it but it is strange pretty much the same happens all over europe at the same time. Just look at how the police in the video acts against the peaceful demonstrators but does nothing against the muslim savages. This corruption runs high up at offices, mark my word.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Charles Johnson, who are the real Nazis in Sweden? And in Belgium?

*Silence ensues*

Homophobic Horse said: "Like the Germans of WW2, they're kind of aware of it, but they also don't know."

I have a slight problem with that statement. Actually, it represents a conflict I have struggled with for a little while now. I have studied Nazism extensively in the past few years and I have never been able to come to a conclusion about whether the average German people knew about the Holocaust or not. I've read that the whole plan to annihilate the Jews was top-secret (which it was) but I've also heard that those who wanted to find out about it could have, if they so desired.

Call Me Mom said...

Robin, you said: "My personal belief is that the politicians and MSM is in the saudi's pockets. "
I have been thinking about the saudis and their influence. Consider that King Faud was born in 1924, one year after the end of the Ottoman empire. His parents were probably quite vocal and upset about it during his formative years. Now if you were a young man in that situation, having become king, as a Muslim, what would your priorities have been? How would you have gone about accomplishing those goals?
It occurs to me that King Faud developed a real genius for manipulating the oil supply and thereby the world's economy.
Suadi Arabia has been a prominent supporter and exporter of wahabism(sp?) and they have long been regarded(according to some of the things I've read) as a contender for the title of caliphate. The competition right now is apparently between the Suadis, Mr. Amidinejad(sp?) and Mr. Bin Laden.

I think about these sorts of things and wonder who was responsible for >$4.00/gallon gas during our presidential election.

Does any of this speculation seem beyond the bounds of reason?

X said...

but I've also heard that those who wanted to find out about it could have, if they so desired.

If you'd lived in that society, at that time, would you want to find out? Self-imposed ignorance often seems far preferable when you know that there might be something wrong but aren't yet sure.

Joanne said...

"How are unarmed people going to revolt against the massive armed EU juggernaught backed up by millions of Islamists?" by Decatur

The people need to arm themselves, however or whichever way they can. There are many millions more indigenious peoples than the Islamists, so taking to the streets to protest in great numbers would be a good start. It is always important to remember that Muslims only appear strong when they have little or no opposition; otherwise, they are cowards. Perhaps people should start putting their faith in Jesus Christ, rather than in government and their fellow man....some praying could do wonders.

Instead of people worrying about what will happen if they take a stand and how it will affect their current lives, they should start worrying about their lives under Islam and Sharia Law. If you're worried about your lives now, well, you may not have a worry later because you will be dead. Do you really think Muslims will want to keep millions of non-Muslim men around?

Robohobo said...


I first saw this video at Atlas' site yesterday. It looks to me like the camera man is the one shouting "Hitler's (bund?)" it sounds like. So I call this video into question not the intents of the demonstrators.

Now, does Europe have a problem? Seems that events in the world and US have driven the situation to a tipping point faster than most of us would have supposed.