Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Somali Connection

Update: A reader from Canada adds his two cents:

I’m not so sure Bile Abdullahi was trying a dry run into Canada to escape. Rather, he might have been a plant in Canada. Traditionally, new U.S. presidents visit Canada as their first foreign trip.

The President will be entering Canada on Feb. 19th.

I reported last fall about the mysterious disappearance of Somali youths from the Minneapolis area. Later it emerged that some of them were lured back to their ancestral home by the swan song of jihad, and at least one returned to the USA in fragments after realizing his dream of becoming a suicide bomber in Somalia.

Now we learn that yet another Somali-American from Minnesota was thought by the DHS to be a danger to our new President at his inauguration. It doesn’t really make sense — after all, Obama’s birthplace in Kenya is right next door to Somalia, and the Muslims of the world overwhelmingly believe that Obama is one of them — so what’s the beef about the Messiah of Hope and Change?

Here’s the story from Fox 9 TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul:

U.S. Officials: Minnesota Somali Man a Possible Threat on Inauguration Day

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) — With the inauguration of President Barack Obama in the past, U.S. officials are reporting information about possible threats on the day of the ceremony by a Minnesota Somali man.

U.S. intelligence was reportedly investigating a potential inauguration threat involving a Somali insurgent group. They believed one man to be connected with the missing Somali men from Minnesota.

48 hours before the inauguration, U.S. customs agents arrested the 32-year-old Bile Abdullahi, a resident alien from Minnesota, at the Canadian border near Detroit.

According to federal charges, Abdullahi was trying to sneak into Canada using his brother’s U.S. passport. Both Bile Abdullahi and his brother are from Minneapolis, and until recently lived in the Cedar Riverside apartment complex.
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Abdullahi told officials he was going to Canada for a vacation, but intelligence officials fear it could’ve been some kind of dress rehearsal for leaving the country in a hurry.

Fox News has learned Abdullahi’s arrest was just part of the intelligence that led to a cryptic warning.

The FBI and Homeland Security were investigating information about a potential threat on inauguration day. The information was of limited specificity and uncertain credibility.

The threat reportedly involved Al Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda connected radical Muslim group, operating terror training camps in Somalia.

Al Shabaab is the same group that’s believed to have lured as many as a dozen missing Somali men from the Twin Cities to fight in the jihad back in their homeland.

The remains of one of those men, Shirwa Ahmed, were returned to Minnesota, after he became a suicide bomber in Somalia last October.

U.S. intelligence officials are investigating whether financial support for Al Shabaab is coming from Minnesota and other cities with a large Somali population.

So what was the threat to Barack Hussein Obama, and why? I’ll be interested to see more news about Bile Abdullahi as it leaks out through the federal sieve.

Hat tip: Minnesota Anon.