Sunday, January 25, 2009

Violence Against a Pro-Israel Demonstration in Malmö

A pro-Israel demonstration was held today in the (predominantly Muslim) city of Malmö in southern Sweden. The demonstrators were peaceful, orderly, and had obtained a valid permit to hold their demonstration. A counter-demonstration — which had no permit, and was therefore illegal — behaved threateningly and even violently towards the pro-Israel group. The pro-jihad demonstrators threw eggs, stones, and bottles at the pro-Israel demonstrators, while the police did nothing to prevent it.

Ted Ekeroth has a report on the day’s events. Here’s the video he took (turn on the “caption” feature to see an English translation of his exchange with the police commander):

An excerpt from his report:
- - - - - - - - -
Several police officers approach me and asked me to stop filming. They said that I was “provoking” the others. Funny, apparently they weren’t provoking us when the were filming (which they were), apparently I am the provoker — not them — when they threw glass bottles, stones and fireworks at us.

How did the police react when the first stone was thrown? They didn’t. No action, no nothing. Then more stones were thrown, the eggs started raining down on us. Meanwhile, the police stood silent and did nothing. The electricity to our speakers were cut by the Arabists — the police didn’t do very much. Then glass bottles started to be thrown into our crowd and it is just pure luck that no one got seriously hurt. A girl got hit on the arm. Not long after that they started to throw fireworks at us, as can be seen in the video below.

See Ted’s blog for more details.


babs said...

This is insanity...
Someone needs to tell me how this is any different than Nazi Germany.
The Police are clearly on the side of the Islamists. If they weren't they would disperse the Islamist crowd with tear gas and water cannons. The very idea that a group can no longer gather in Sweden without being assaulted by a mob is something that I am not able to fathom so, I think the vast majority of the Western world also will not be able to fathom it.
Why did that clearly caucasian police officer side with the Islamists??? If he sat down and had a few shots, maybe he would realize that his actions only make the situation that much worse. The next time the Islamists will be throwing hand grenades into the crowd. Does that Police Officer doubt it?

Unknown said...

The "clearly caucasian" police officer knows his job is on the line. If the cops broke up the Moslem mob, there'd be an outcry about racism and heads would roll faster than you can say "anti-discrimination and diversity".

This is not unique to Sweden, but an ill affecting all of the Western world. Or did I miss the report about how the Ft. Lauderdale Moslem who was demanding genocide on camera or the New York Moslem who wanted to kill all Jews have been brought to trial?

Mikael said...

Hate-speech has become a one-way street. Nazi-salutes and cries for the Jews to go back to the ovens are apparently quite accepable in this day and age.

But quoting from the koran or insane Imams will get you thrown in court. And if your not actually jailed, the legal fees will tear the shirt off your back.

We live in interesting times!

thll said...

I don't think it's that the police are on the side of the Muslims rather that the police know that if they attempted to control the Muslim mob they'd have to endure accusations of racism and perhaps a riot. It wasn't bias but fear that dictated the police behaviour. This encapsulates the difficulty in dealing with Muslims wherever they infest the Western world. I'm afraid Muslims only understand one thing - kindness and generosity and fairness they despise.

Mikael said...


I don't think it's about fear. It's more that the police assessed they had the situation under reasonable control. Dispersing the mob would undoubtedly have resulted in night after night of full-blown riots in downtown Malmö with carbaques and a 1000 cops and firefighters on overtime pay.

Better then to turn a blind eye to a few smashed bottles.

Not that I condone the lack of police action, but from a "cost-benefit" point of view it was probably the most reasonable thing to do. Let the crowd blow off some steam and call it a day.

Personally, I would rather gleefully have seen the mob throwing up in a haze of tear gas, but then again I'm not chief of police.

spackle said...

It seems that even in Sweden the Palestinians manage to launch (literally) rockets at Jews. I suppose if those Jews had hurled a few rocks back it would have been "Disproportionate".

babs said...

"did I miss the report about how the Ft. Lauderdale Moslem who was demanding genocide on camera or the New York Moslem who wanted to kill all Jews have been brought to trial?"

I saw the video of the mob in FL. They were not attempting to injure anyone with anything other than words...

This mob threw bottles and fireworks into a peaceful crowd.


I would like to think that if these actions took place in the states the Islamists would be dispersed by the police. As it was, from the video I saw, the police did a good job of stepping in to avoid injury to those peacefully assembled.

OTOH, I guess it is only a matter of time until we find out how the U.S. police will deal with a similar situation.

Push will have to come to shove at some point and the strategy of not "provoking" a riot will be put aside.