Monday, January 19, 2009

Social Democrats Turn Out for the Terrorists

Kalmar Demo

One of our Swedish readers wrote us this morning with news of yet another pro-Palestinian demonstration:

Kalmar DemoIn the small town of Kalmar, on the southeastern coast of New Sweden, there was a demonstration on Saturday in support of Hamas and associates, and of course for lasting peace in the Middle East.

Demonstrators with the right flags arrived in Mercedes cars, along with the valued representative for the local Social Democrats, Mr. Nasim Malik (also called the Ham Sandwich, because he in his agony turned to the Discrimination Ombudsman for damages when he was offered such a sandwich by SAS on a flight to Stockholm).

Kalmar DemoThere are nice photos at Thoralf Alfsson’s blog — have fun!

The assertion that certain demonstrators were hiding their faces, was an utter lie — it was so bloody cold that day, you must know…

See this Swedish radio report.

Kalmar DemoThe keffiyeh and Hizbullah flags were much in evidence at the event.

That’s Nasim Malik on the right, with an unidentified New Swede at the microphone.

Another Swedish contact sent information about some of the grandees of Swedish background who took part in the Kalmar demonstration:
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Among those attending were:

Kalmar DemoSocialdemokraternas kommunfullmäktigeordförande i Kalmar, Roger Kaliff: The district board chairman of the Social Democrats. The Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna) are the ruling party, so Roger Kaliff has a lot of power.

Vänsterpartiets kommunalråd Bertil Dahl: The district council leader for the Left Party (formerly the Communists).

Martin Andersson, the Ombudsman for the SSU, the youth organization for Socialdemokraterna.

The guy in the wheelchair led the crowd in chants of “No peace with Israel”.

See Thoralf Alfsson’s post for more photos, and for larger versions of the photos shown here. If you read Swedish, you’ll probably find more juicy details there about the lefty fans of Hamas who showed up for the festivities in Kalmar.


Holger said...

I tried posting a comment in the guest book of Martin Andersson's blog, but was denied. So I'll just post here instead and let the world know that Martin Andersson, Bertil Dahl and Roger Kaliff are either direct or indirect fascist supporters! It doesn't matter that they speak of equality when their actions are of the exact opposite nature.

They support this (see below), and which is why YOU fellow Swedish voter should not support them!

Henrik R Clausen said...

Holger, for your information those YouTube links can be cut before the first '&' with no ill effects. The rest of the URL just tells YouTube how you got to that movie.

Better yet, use the anchor tag as described in 'Leave your comment'. This will get you a nice result as shown here:

The Association between Naziism and Arab Antisemitism

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Those people in the pics, the new swedes are, according to the nomenklatura, more swedish than the old swedes. They are the ones appointed to replace us, the old swedes in this glorious new caliphate called al-Swedistan. After all, our PM Fredrik Dhimmifeldt hiself has told us that our culture is barbaric, of course meaning the culture of the old swedes, not the new ones. The leader of the Social Democrats and possibly our net PM, Mona Sahlin a k a Mona Muslim, herself has stated that the swedish culture is silly and that she is full of envy over the foreign cultures. This is the kind of politicians we have and a fair guess is that they're not much better in any other western country for that matter. My personal opinion is that they all are guilty of high treason and should be shot or hanged for it.

Czechmade said...

Would it not be more simple to move Mona Sahlin to ME instead of bringing whole ME to Sahlin for her personal satisfaction in a country called insultingly "Sweden" (in her eyes)?

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Believe me, I've spent a lot of time on alternative blogs and forums and Mona Muslim is one of the most hated politicians in Sweden. There's a reason they have such sarcastic nicknames. Our PM, aside from being re-named into Dhimmifeldt he has also earned himself the noble title of halal-consultant, due to his official visit to a halal-butchery during the last ramadan. I hope I will live long enough to see these quislings brought to justice and either shot or hanged. I'm tempted to have them suffer sharia punishments. That would indeed be ironic since they have done there best to appease these savages but not even I are that barbaric although it would be fitting in a sense if they where to experience stoning themselves.

thll said...

Robin Shadowes - the real problem is the people that put their cross on the voting slip by the traitor's mane. The traitors would be powerless were it not for the electorate's support. Of course I agree that traitors should be hanged - the firing squad is too honourable a death for them.