Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We’re Happy to Condemn Them Unequivocally!

Our Swedish correspondent LN sent this cartoon, and kindly translated the speech balloon for us:

We condemn them unequivocally!

[nothing follows]


Rastaman said...

Yes, I've heard that the vast majority of peaceful muslims are so upset by the plot of a few radical muslims to kill the cartoonist that they are all going to commit mass suicide. I believe I heard it on the Dr. Demento show.

You know, it might show at least a modest modicum of intelligence amongst these inbred incestuous morons if they would first denounce their own cartoons depicting Christians and Jews as apes, pigs and bloodsucking vampires, before going berserk over cartoons of their child-molesting prophet.


Lugundum said...

What Sweden newspaper has printed this cartoon?

It is an eye-opener.


to lugundum,

None, what i know, but the artist "Lindström" who is very cogent, on his blog presents cartoons of immediate interest - wisit him, wisit him often!