Monday, February 11, 2008

The Fifth Beatle?

I don’t usually go in for those separated-at-birth photo look-alike memes, but I’m a big fan of Paul McCartney, so I couldn’t pass this one up:

Hillary and Paul — separated at birth?

Maybe I'm amazed...

Did he say to her, “Girl, I like your face”?

That was yesterday, but today it’s just another day.

It's time for her to get back to where she once belonged — back in the USSR.

She says yes; he says no.

But they go together well. Maybe we should just let it be.

[the end]


Unknown said...

You really aren't being fair to Macca, poor guy...

Sodra Djavul said...

Nice comparison, Baron. I can definitely see similarities. In appearance only.

- Sodra

Dymphna said...

I have no idea of his politics, but he does good stuff with his money. Like the music conservatory in Liverpool.