Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Let Denmark Be Denmark

Update from Jyllands-Posten — “Danish PM Backs Villy Søvndahl”, translation by TB:

“Villy has taken a long journey, but now he is where he should be. Let me put it this way: Had I not myself been the Prime Minister, I would have expressed myself in the exact same way,” [Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen] says.


Even Politiken is praised for reprinting the drawing of Mohammed with a bomb in his turban:

“Without interfering in Politiken’s editorial priorities, I think that it would have been beneath contempt if they had chosen not to reprint the drawing as documentation,” he says.

Henrik of Europe News left this report in our comments early this morning. Since I don’t know when I’ll get to any real blogging today (work pressures), I’ll let Henrik bring us up to date on the situation in Denmark:

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This is big in the newspapers today. Jyllands-Posten puts it this way, in large type on the front page:

Holger Danske Vågner

Go to Hell

That’s quite clear. “Hell” in this context would be countries where Islam rules. Bad places indeed.

Villy now has 500+ comments on his blog, most of them ecstatic, and he has a new post on about Hizb ut-Tahrir up today. This is a watershed event.

For those whining about your own politicians still not getting it, please grab the opportunity and tell them that even the left wing in Denmark has had enough and wants the Islamists to leave our nice countries, and that it is time for other democracies to follow the example.
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Writing letters and blogging is recommended. And it takes time. One doesn’t get a victory like this in one shot, it takes a bit of groundwork to get there. Since we’re the best educated about it, it’s our task.

For the Intifada in Denmark, it’s pretty much over. Apart from bombing a solarium 500 meters from my office, nothing of note happened today or yesterday.

And Kurt Westergaard, the artist behind the bomb-in-turban Motoon, said Monday that he had no place to stay. I offered to Flemming Rose that he could use my summer house, and lots of others came up with similar offers. He’s now safely housed again, and I got a warm “thank you” from Flemming Rose.

Islam sure makes life more challenging…


KFRtoad said...
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KFRtoad said...

Here is a link to the Jylland Posten article in english on their website.
MP to Hizb ut-Tahrir: 'Go to hell'.

Anonymous said...

Actually a lot of hotels, along with private citizens, have today offered room for Westergaard.

Among those offering room is
Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel in Copenhagen, Hotel Kronpris Frederik in Fredericia and Hotel Royal in Århus.
Wellknown and respected hotels in Denmark and to some degree outside the borders.

Westergaard himself declares:
"I am so happy for all that sympathy. Maby somebody will actually adopt me".

Yorkshireminer said...

There are basically three things that I have noticed that are different from the last time. One is the lack of howling that came from the the different Muslim countries and the political pressure they tried to put Denmark under in Denmark itself. I think that there were 11 muslim countries lead by Egypts ambassador demanding an interview with the Prime Minister, hoping to see him grovel. This time round the Egyptians have limited themselves to lodging a protest with the Danish Ambassador in Egypt. Threats of boycotts are in the air but as it was not successful the last time, I don't think that much will come from it. Denmark is fairly independent of the Muslim countries both in energy and exports. Here they have very little leverage.
The other has been the non PC talk from most of the politicians and their willingness to stick there head over the parapet. The general solidarity of the newspaper has been a pleasure and some of the comments have made me laugh, ( at least someone can tell the difference been a beard and snot ) was one that made me laugh.
The muslim front men have also been more subdued in their whining, no implied threats, and what could happen to the infidels if they don't do as we say. The muslim line of defence has been yes, but it is offensive to we muslims, and have been attacked whenever they have put a foot wrong. The Prime Minister was particularly dismissive of the leader of the Danish version of CAIR. saying that he was talking with two tongues and they should stop playing the victim role and get an education and a job as there was plenty of work about. Luckily the two Imams, are out of the way, who started the last crisis, or I think that they would have had a verbal roasting.
Its nice to see the whole affair calming down and running out of steam with the odd complaint lodged against the police of verbal abuse, a sure sign they have lost. Now that is the pot calling the kettle black.
The interesting thing will be to see how the muslims react in the future. They were obviously browbeaten but the look of contempt in there eyes, showed quiet clearly that the Danes have not heard the last of this. The protest march by the muslims was also quiet an eyeopener. Legal it might have been, be there was certainly an undercurrent of violence, that I am certain was not missed by the authorities. The number of waving flags many of them black, reminded me very much of a piece out of Churchill's THE RIVER WAR. Where he describes the massed muslim hoards moving forward to attack the British line in front of Omduman in the Sudan.

Inalienable Rights said...

I just want to say that I'm a centrist, a middle-of-the-road kind of guy. For example, I was front and center when the Danes gave the middle finger to the middle east.

Zenster said...

Being half Danish, it comes as little to no surprise that tiny Denmark should lead the way in repulsing their Muslim colonists. One need only read about the legendary Danish resistance against their Nazi occupiers to have a deep appreciation for how they are reacting at present.

No other than Sir Winston Churchill praised the Danish resistance as "a model for all nations large or small". Consider how Denmark was the only Nazi occupied country allowed to fly their own flag.

More than anything, it must have been quite a thumb in the eye for an entire nation of Hitler's ideal blond-hair-and-blue-eye aryans to unanimously flip him the collective bird on no uncertain terms. This only takes on greater significance when one can be sure that the Third Reich would have welcomed Denmark with open arms.

In a book I have about Denmark it describes the Danes as possessing a "sometimes refreshing degree of candor" about things. That this candid nature should surface in a confrontation with such immoral filth as Islam only serves to cement the pride I feel for my ancestral homeland.

Rolf Krake said...

One can only be pleased with the government's handling of the whole issue, the totally political incorrect way of calling a spade a spade by the politicians, the positive surprise from Villy Sovndal.

But one can not help to wonder what the reactions might have been if they had succeeded or would succeed, thank goodness they didn't and thank goodness for the response, in assassinating Kurt Westergaard or another of the cartoonists, might be an overstatement but the Danes are pretty much fed up with islam, yet a public educational incident on the religion of peace.

Abu Abdullah said...

For the Intifada in Denmark, it’s pretty much over. Apart from bombing a solarium 500 meters from my office, nothing of note happened today or yesterday.

No Dhimmitude has a photo of the bombing's aftermath. It looks pretty bad. Let's hope the Mohammedan hotheads escalate this and push the Danes over the edge.