Sunday, February 17, 2008

“The Danes did it! Don’t blame us!”

The Motoons in Helsingin SanomatOn Friday a Finnish newspaper published images of the Motoons, but at two removes: Helsingin Sanomat reprinted the photo of a pile of Danish newspapers that appeared in Berlingske Tidende earlier last week.

“Hey, don’t issue any fatwas on us, Abdul! It was the Danes what done it, see?”

Oh, well… At least they didn’t blur out the face of ol’ Mo…

Thanks to KGS for the photo.

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spackle said...

That is what one calls a Wussy move.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Roundup from Nyhederne (News) this evening Sunday 18th (national television, 2nd major channel):

We had another Intifada-night. 103 fires total the last 24 hours, including 6 *schools*! Containers and many cars also.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen comments on television. He says that the young people (many are minors!) are the responsible, that the excuses ("Blame society!") are crap, and that it's just a minority doing this.

Interviews with the immigrant 'rabble' reveals they have no message, just confused complaints.

I'm pissed. Many are. One of our DF members left because he things DF isn't doing enough to tackle this. He'll do demonstrations, to be announced Monday. Probably SIAD.

Anders Fogh repeats that freedom of expression is unconditional, and that their excuses ("They insulted our prophet!") are crap. OK, he words it slightly more polite. And underlines that integration is going along fine, most immigrant kids get education and jobs, and that complaining about integration doesn't matter.

Interestingly, people notice the connection between the Ungdomshuset riots and the new ones. Ritt Bjerregaard (mayor of Copenhagen) slimes around the question as usual.

Kids complain about their schools being torched. Pretty strong condemnation, I'd say.

A bright school leader states that the riots are motivated by "orthodox forces", and asked again, pointed out religious networks to Pakistan and other places to be behind it. Good to see on national television!

And interview with Kurt Westergaard who did the bomb-in-turban Motoon. He's stout. No regrets. He's done with fear and just angry against the the Islamists. Asked if he'd do it again, he said there's not much need (it's already there), but if anything else provokes him, he'll draw that.

He says the concept of the drawing was completely obvious (seems he's reading newspapers) and took him only an hour.

As a nice finale, a small town had collected €2300 in support for a Turkish fastfood shop that had been torched a while ago (unrelated to the riots). A very nice example of native Danes supporting immigrants in an hour of need.

We've had enough. Even if the riots were to stop right now, the Muslims have burned so much goodwill there's very little left to spend. We just have trouble with politicians and newspaper editors sleepwalking on the issue.

Homophobic Horse said...

"A bright school leader states that the riots are motivated by "orthodox forces"

There it goes again, don't be orthodox..

liberals expect Muslims to

A. Practice the Religion of Islam


b. Not acting on the Islamic aspects of Islam.

TonyGuitar said...

Let us stand by the Danes.

We in Canada agree with their stand, their findings about Iran, so Let Denmark be congratulated in our [brave?] house of commons.

They can have Hans Island too. They just won title, in my view. OR ...

As part owner of Hans Island, a sharing with the noble Danes would be ideal and very much to our advantage.

We would be mutually strengthened by the sharing of North based intelligence.

Our moderate joint governance of the area would garner added respect from nations wishing to navigate there.

A building for Santa and the little guys too, cause Putin*s taking over the pole and Ellsmere due to his under ocean peninsula. = TG