Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fogh Weighs In

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has issued a statement about the recently foiled murder plot against the Motoon artist Kurt Westergaard. The translation is by our Danish correspondent TB:

Fogh: We will protect freedom of expression

PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen (V) states that plans for the terror murder of a newspaper artist shows that Denmark houses extremists who don’t accept the principles of democracy.

“Of course I cannot comment on the specific case. But I have been informed about it, and I understand that it is the perception of PET that with these arrests they have foiled a terror-related murder,” the prime minister says.

“We are talking about a suspicion of a very serious crime, which of course is deeply worrying. This case unfortunately shows that we in Denmark also have groups of extremists who do not recognize and respect the fundamental principles of Danish democracy.

“I can understand that PET is looking at this matter with a lot of concern, but that they strictly underline that they, based on this case, have not found reasons to upgrade the general level of threats against Denmark.

“But under any circumstances, the government takes an attack on freedom of expression very seriously. In Denmark there is freedom not only to think and say what you what you want, but also to draw whatever you want. The government will stand guard around the liberty of free speech, which is the very foundation of a free democracy,” Anders Fogh Rasmussen finishes.

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Yorkshireminer said...

Don't you just enjoy the size of large Danish middle fingers raised in salute, especially when it comes from politicians and the MSM. But meanwhile quietly behind the scenes the ordinary Dane prepares himself for the clash of civilizations. although in this case the lady should not have been quiet so trusting in the Police. This translation is from an article in a Danish Newpaper from a couple of days ago, please enjoy I certainly did.

A couple of policemen from South and southern Jutland police dept, were somewhat surprised when they were called out to a burglary at a property just outside Kvong by Varda

It was about a burglary at a 62 year old womans house, where there had been stolen a flat screen T.V. Silver ware a video camera and technical equipment.

The police asked the 62 year old women if she was frightened that the burglars would come back to her house

“No I am not” she answered , whereby she quickly heaved a sawn off rifle into view said Anders Hansen from South and Southern Jutland police force.

The police checked the weapon and found it to be loaded. In the mean time the woman has lost her property and now can look forward to being charged with the unlawful possession of a a weapon.

laine said...

A Western leader who understands and says that the foundation of our democracies is free speech and the government's job is to defend it (not limit it). Hope Danish courage is contagious.

Dank said...

It sounds as if finally liberals ( in the media) are taking the threat seriously. But only when it starts to affect their freedom of expression. Perhaphs liberals are starting to wake up to the time bomb they created when the pushed multiculturism open Europe? Most liberals I know are absolutely brainwashed and get extremelly uncofortable when we start talking about "race" or immigration.


These people in the Danish government who are determined to protect freedom of speech and democracy,lol, it really is a pity that thier indignation does not seem to extend as far as allowing a referendum on the eu constitution.