Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Ramifications of Supporting Kosovo Independence

Atlas and Dr. Eldad, BrusselsAtlas Shrugs posted an essay by Dr. Arieh Eldad, who is currently in the Knesset and is planning to run for Israel’s Prime Minister. I will copy a snip of his writing about “The Moslem Republic of Kosovo” and link to the complete article.

First, however, I want to say how impressed everyone was who met Dr. Eldad at the Brussels Conference last October. As you can see from the essay, he is someone to be rooting for:

“The Kosovo Precedent”
by Arieh Eldad

The Moslem Republic of Kosovo declared its independence this week. The United States and several European countries have already recognized it. News reports that the Israeli Foreign Ministry was urging swift Israeli recognition were denied, and reporters were told that Israel does not want to be the first to jump, but once the list of countries recognizing Kosovo is longer, Israel will be one of them.

If Israel does recognize Kosovo, this will certainly be the result of a decision made by the prime minister and foreign minister. Such a decision will be indubitable proof of the foolishness and malignant shortsightedness from which they suffer. If their willingness to establish an Arab terrorist state in the heart of our own country can be explained by their having internalized the Peace Now ideology concerning what they call the “occupation” and the demographic problem - there can be no such explanation for Israel’s giving support to Islamic imperialism in

It’s hard to believe that Israel would consider recognition of a country that is inimical to its own existence as a state. Are we that far gone?

The fear of the spread of Islam is expressed today in increasing support for conservative parties in Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. These are not extreme right or neo-Nazi parties but rather mainstream conservative parties. They view Israel as a frontline fortress of Western culture facing jihad, and they fear that this fortress may fall under Arab pressure and because of the weakness of Israel’s leaders…

- - - - - - - - -

Islamic proliferation in Europe took in a new country this week. The Moslem minority in Serbia in the Kosovo region bordering the Islamic state of Albania declared its independence. Serbia is a sovereign country, a member of the United Nations, with an ethnic minority. Based on the standards being used for Kosovian independence, the Basques should now be able to set up an independent state in Spain. Such states may also be established in Russia, Slovakia, Greece, and Cyprus. The flag of Kosovo is that of Islamic proliferation and a source of serious anxiety to Europe. Those European countries recognizing Kosovo are doing so under economic pressure from oil-rich Arab countries, the markets of Islamic countries, and internal pressure by millions of Moslem voters in Europe.

Well, that’s their “excuse.” What is America’s so-called reasoning in its support for a new Muslim state, one that threatens and abuses Serbians already?


…Only someone who doesn’t understand what the Moslems in Europe want can think that the establishment of an independent Kosovo will resolve the conflict in the Balkans. If Israel joins in recognizing Kosovo, there will be no political, legal, or moral claim it can make to oppose establishing an Arab state in the Galilee and Northern Negev. For what is the difference? An ethnic minority with territorial contiguity to neighboring enemy states demands, following a bloody war, to tear pieces from a sovereign country, and proclaim its independence.


I have heard commentators explaining that neither we nor Europe should fear Kosovo because the Kosovians are “moderate Moslems.” It was from these moderate Moslems that Haj Amin el-Husseini gathered tens of thousands of volunteers for the 13th SS Division (“Handschar”) and 21st SS Division (“Skanderbeg”). On them he built his dream of marching with Hitler’s armies into Palestine and destroying the Jews of Eretz Israel.

Kosovo’s independence bodes well for no one except those who are dedicated to the spread of the Ummah and the eradication of Western life, history and culture.

I hope Israelis have the wisdom to vote for Dr. Eldad. It has been too long without principled leadership.

The whole essay is here.


Charlemagne said...

"...under economic pressure from oil-rich Arab countries"

Mr. Eldad states what I have been saying for a long time only it is far worse and insidious than just recognizing Kosovo.
The refusal of the European elite to stem the Islamic tide, stop the building of mega-mosques, rein in the radicals, and speak out about the lack of reciprocal freedoms for Christians in Muslim lands is all due to economic and energy blackmail by the Saudis and other oil rich oligarchies.
Their desperate need for oil will keep the doors open to Islamic conquest. E
urope is the host to a parasite that will eventually kill it and like all parasites, it too will die once the host has passed. Europe will degenerate into what is considered modern life in the Middle East.

Charlemagne said...

Baron - I've been having problems with the "Email follow-up comments to" checkbox displaying when I make a comment. To make it appear I have to make a second comment. Ideas?

X said...

There is an alternative way to look at this, which I read here just a few minutes ago (so still digesting). It's a long essay but in the early portion it focuses on the potential remifications for denying Kosovo's independence. Consider the possibility that the EU manages to create itself into a single, unified state. Would we then have to forcibly prevent an EU member from seceding if it wanted to?

All right, Helen articulates the argument much better than I did. Read the essay. It doesn't change my mind about the nature of Kosovo and the potential threat it now poses but it does make me wonder if, perhaps, letting it remain independent in order to damage the United Nations and the "international order", the idea that there is such a thing as international law that overrides national rights, might be the more pragmatic course.

wildiris said...

GD(a), I Jumped to that link you included and read the article there. What a bunch of *&#@.

But your comments do raise an interesting point that I haven't thought of before.

The one flaw that occurs in all of the arguments for recognition of Kosovo's independence is the failure to account for the fact that Kosovo is not, never was, and will never be an economically self-sufficient state. Political independence is useless without economic independence. Currently Kosovo is a country-size welfare housing project for Albanians, supported almost entirely by Euro “tax dollars”. The Serbs were the farmers there. Now that they have either left or are leaving, Kosovo can’t even produce it’s own food!

So it may be, that the long-term goal of the EU bureaucrats is to break-up, otherwise economically viable, and thus independent states, into economically dependent states that would then owe their loyalty to the EU.

Profitsbeard said...

Kosovo = the camel's nose.

Europe = the tent.

Euro-peons = ?

Ed Mahmoud said...

Will we support a breakaway Kurdistan from Turkey? The Kurds have a far greater claim to a nation than the Kosovar Albanians did.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

I wonder what the reaction will be when the EU and China recognize the breakaway "nation" of Mexifornia.

turn said...

Well... at least Mexifornians will know how to farm.

Charlemagne is correct about the energy dependence aspect pressuring EU mavens. There is, however, a not inconsequential second factor.

Europe, UK, Canada and, to a lesser extent, the US have entitlement commitments that can't be met by native populations.

The fact that they won't be met by immigrants either simply escapes the wise old men and women that studied law and political science in the '60s but skipped history and economics.

The rules of cultural assimilation have been tossed--Celebrate Diversity has become the poster.

If I understand EU plans correctly the goal is to erase national lines and create artificial districts with which to assign apportionments.

Everyone will be equal (except for those pigs that are more equal).

As Europe continues the Soviet experiment (This time we'll get it right!) one has to wonder... when power is sufficiently centralized will populations get moved around, as in the USSR?

Will there be re-education camps? Or revert camps?

The question in my mind is why the US jumped aboard the legitimacy bandwagon. We could have fairly adopted a wait-and-see stance to see how this would shake out.

History will show that we were on the wrong side in the '90s. I hope we are flexible enough to recognize this someday.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

We all know Ronbo don't we?

R.I.P. Ronbo

ole said...

Dr.Eldad is an impressive personality,and I agree with much of his way of thinking, but still , he has tendency for doomsdays-profecies.
That is because he is a politician ,and not a soldier.
Israel stands or falls with its ARMY ,and most of all with the fighting spirit in the infantry units of the RESERVE ARMY , where I myself have served for 20 years .
Last time the reserves were called up,in the summer of 2006, the response was just as it we like it to be : EVERYBODY came ,including a lot of guys that were'nt even called up.
All spoiling for a fight,which they didn't get too much of , but the point is, they all thought it would be a frontal attack on whatever&whoever.
The image I like to keep from 2006, is of one reserve-soldier who arrieved at the border wearing only his swimsuit ,staight from a beachparty in a taxi he diddn't have money to pay for.

If the Serbs had really wanted al those albanian muslims inside their country , they would now be ready for another round .
And if they want to save what's left in the northern part ,they should fight for it.
Maybee a lot of anti-jihadist volunteers would come and help ?

Charlemagne said...

As a 41 yr old Christian, US Navy EOD vet I'd go fight for Israel myself if they put out a call for all hands.

Little Green said...

This is an example of how the foot soldiers of capitalism lose touch with the true nature of capitalism and imperialism. It is to the great benefit of western imperialism to divide the world into tiny countries. Serbia is an ally of Russia (who is still resisting NATO and US on a global scale). Such a nation should be put in her place by bombing, sanctions, and finally cut to little pieces even if one of those little pieces happen to be a Muslim nation. Who cares, after all the western imperialism has many other Muslim friends around the world (like the Saudis). If that hurts you personally because of your hatred towards a certain group, well big deal.

. said...

Who's the babe in the picture with the dumpy Israeli dude?

Charles Martel said...

Ronbo. RIP.

A good man who understood what we are up against. Sequestration of the Islamic pathogen - until and unless we are willing to take that step - we will be defeated. Half measure may buy us a small measure of time but will not forestall the inevitable.

The Islamic animals must be sent packing and then isolated with perhaps more drastic steps directed at those nations who pose ANY threat. Islam must be declared a crime in all civilized nations. All mosques will have to eventually be destroyed. Until and unless we are of one mind on this they will prevail.

1389 said...

Forget it, Nodrog. The "babe in the picture" is waaaaay out of your league - and that is an understatement of truly cosmic proportions.

Vincent Jappi said...

This cretin knows nothing about the whole region.
Albania is no more "Islamic" than Kosovo is a "Muslim Republic".
The Albanians never "invaded" Kosovo, they are by far its first inhabitants:
The Albanians were a majority of two thirds in Kosovo when the Serbian army invaded in October 1912 and immediately set upon murdering 20,000 of them.

The 6,000 Albanians who enrolled in the short-lived Skanderbeg (and not "Handschar", which was recruited in Bosnia among Croats and Muslims) "Division" essentially fought a counter-insurgency against Tito's Communist Partisans and nationalist Kosovars.

The original German roster of individuals deported to death camps from Kosovo, as well as other documents, preserved by Sinan Shabani, former director of the Albanian National Archives, and distributed by Claire Lavoine, show that no more than 40 Jews or offspring of mixed marriages were deported by the Nazis from Kosovo --out of a community of around 600.

Albania itself, which drew many Jewish refugees from Central Europe, did not turn a single Jew over to the Nazis; it was the only Axis-occupied nation to come out of the war with more Jews than lived on its soil before the conflict began. The role of Albanians as Righteous Gentiles was recently recognized by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Heroes’ and Martyrs’ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem. Most of the Albanians who saved Jews were Muslim.

On the other hand, in the Serbian pro-Nazi regime of Gen. Milan Nedić, the Serbian police and nationalists, Draža Mihajlović 's Chetniks as well as Dimitrije Ljotić's Zbor movement, hunted for Jews.
From his enthusiastic followers, Ljotić had recruited a Serb Volunteers' Corps ("Srpski Dobrovoljački Korpus") which was incorporated into the Waffen-SS on 27 November 1944. Yes, the Serbs had their Waffen-SS too.

As a consequence of the Serbs' diligence, Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, was officially designated “the first judenfrei city in Europe” by Emanuel Schäfer, Befehlshaber for the Sicherheitspolizei and the Sicherheitsdienst for Serbia in early 1942.

Statistics published by the Federation of Jewish Communities in then-Yugoslavia, in 1989, showed the highest rate of liquidation of Jews in Banat, ruled by Serb collaborationists (93 percent killed) and Serbia proper (88 percent killed).

On May 19, 2003, the "Serbian Orthodox Church" "canonized" Nikolaj Velimirović, a bishop of Žiča who had died in exile in 1956. He had proclaimed himself Ljotic's spiritual leader in an interview in 1953
In a public speech in 1935, pubblished in 1937, "The Nationalism of St Sava", the "sainted" man had this to say about Adolf Hitler :

"We must regard with esteem the present German leader who, in the twentieth century, came up with the idea of St. Sava and as a layman took upon himself a task for his people as befits only a holy man, a genius and a hero."
"... се мора одати поштовање садашњем немачком Вођи, који је... дошао на идеју Светога Саве, и као лаик подузео је у своме народу онај најважнији посао, који приличи једино светитељу, генију и хероју."

"Canonized" only five years ago by the "Serb Orthodox Church", a pillar of Serbian society, and the keeper of its political identity...