Friday, February 29, 2008

Al Qaeda Calls for the Slaughter of Geert Wilders

Our Flemish correspondent VH emailed us this morning with a digest of the latest information on Geert Wilders. With his permission, a slightly edited version is posted below:

Geert WildersAl-Qaeda calls for the slaughter of Wilders, Elsevier Magazine and the newspaper De Telegraaf reported this week (February 27) in the Netherlands.

The usual butcher’s language was discovered in an open section of (blood-porn warning), which is related to Al-Qaeda: “In the name of Allah, we ask you to bring us the throat of this infidel who offends Islam and ridicules our prophet,” they wrote on January 28.

What their Allah needs an infidel throat for is not clear, but this he has seemingly developed a taste for it. According to Adam Raisman of SITE Intelligence Group, the bearded diabolos accompanied their message with pictures of Wilders and Theo van Gogh, the latter having already been Halal slaughtered by a Muslim for religious reasons.

Speaking of throats: a billion and more Muslims all over the world seemingly lustfully agree with throat-cutting, since not one protest of disgust escaped an uncut throat of theirs.

Maybe they are busy ordering their flock of females to sew a piece of white, blue and red cloth together (for the right order of the colors, consult the local imam) for their upcoming being-offended-act.

Wilders now is even more right to oppose these diehard primitive idiots, and this week registered a domain name to run a website for the film. This film, Fitna (“ordeal”), is supposed to unveil the fascist and backwards ideology based on Mein Kampf the Koran, just the way it is: (This way he avoids the board of YouTube “censors”).

Wilders said the film will be ready later this week, and will be aired on his website. Uncut.

VH added some further thoughts about the Dutch political situation:
- - - - - - - - -
For many decades Dutch politics has been held hostage by the leftists. They sneaked into every vein of society, government, and law, sucking the subsidy-teat dry and oppressing law-abiding civilians with their “anti-discrimination-bureaus” (actually an updated version of the Stasi that used to terrorize the East German civilians).

Ever since Geert Wilders announced his film, all the scum that had been keeping a low profile since the assassination of Pim Fortuyn jumped up into the spotlight. PM Jan-Peter Balkenende, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of Justice — the lot; all leftist parties, including those whose leaders once supported Mao and the Khmer Rouge — including the Christian Democrats (CDA); they all want to silence Geert Wilders.

These traitors who amazingly expose themselves, being nothing but incompetent coward quislings, make you long for a tribunal, a bit like the one in Cambodia at the moment (even though that is somewhat exaggerated; the Khmer Rouge tribunal is of complete different proportions — by the way, one of the main slaughterers in this trial, Nuon Chea, is being defended by a bunch of Dutch notoriously green-leftist lawyers, Koppe and Pestman. These lawyers of course also defended the killer of Fortuyn).

If Dutch politics continues the way it is now, I think only a mass exodus to Flanders (once it is independent) that will make the welfare-state collapse — or a revolt — will help.

Please pardon me my anger about the Dutch.

— VH


Yorkshireminer said...

VH has caught the mood perfectly. The quiet anger, the frustration felt by the Dutch, the contempt for the muslims and worse still the contempt more and more of the Dutch population hold for their politicians. A couple of times a week I wander across to the local cafe in the small rural hamlet where I live. I am quiet good at getting arguments started and sitting back and watching the fireworks. The area has not be culturally enriched, but some of the comments I have heard would scorch paint. I was going to pop over tonight but the wife will be out late so I will stay in looking after the house. It would have been nice to mention Maxime Verhagen a Dutch politician who has been in damage limitation mode for the last few weeks and see what the reaction would be.
The problem is that none of this pops up in the press. And it is only by oblique means that you can really gage the real feeling of the people of Europe, like me going into my local pub and listening to my neighbors, or checking how well Gert Wilders in doing in the opinion polls. He started off as a one man party has now 9 members in parliament and would get over 20 if there were elections in the Netherlands now. Britain gets branded as a Dimmi country because of its cowardly politicians and religious leaders. But the vitriolic reaction of the British public over the comment of the Archbishop of CANT shows how the Brits really feel. The BNP (British Nationalist Party) gets regularly roasted in the MSM as racist, Fascist, Islamophobic and I don't know what, but they receive 51% of all the hits recorded for all the political party web sites in Britain. There is a bubbling going on underneath the surface that is being dismissed. I have great difficulty understanding this, I can't decided whether it is willful and deliberate, or it is just stupidity. I finally got of glimmer of an answer while browsing a few videos on Newton Gingrich's site. I knew the name, but had not taken it very seriously, right wing republican speaker in Congress. It was quiet a pleasant revelation. I might not relish his politics but I certainly relished his clarity of thought and simplicity of expression. It was only later that I found out that he had taught history at university and had written historical novels. Churchill perhaps the greatest political leader of the last century earned his living writing about history. Without a historical education politician's egos, hubris, call it what you like can never be kept in check. Most politicians, and I have met a few in my life time are infected with a utopianism vision, a fairytale which begins once upon a time and ends where every one lives happily ever after. This vision is never measure against the yardstick of history.
Christmas 1989 I spent at my Brother's house in Yorkshire, with a good glass of whiskey in my hand and a good turkey dinner in my belly, I watched one of these Utopian politicians in Romania get his comeuppance. I think he went under the name of Ceauşescu. I watched him address the plebes, the rabble from a balcony somewhere in Bucharest. I saw his face change from smug arrogance to incomprehension to fear. I watched the farce of a trial, his executions and his rather hurried burial. Whiskey never tasted so good. The tontine of history will mature in a few years, when the Dutch plebs have had enough, and history, while perhaps not repeating itself will certainly rhyme. Technology will of cause be much better so hopefully I will be able to enjoy the spectacle in full glorious color on a very large plasma screen. The visceral pleasure, along with a good glass of whiskey, like revenge should always be enjoyed cold

Joanne said...

Can't wait.

lowandslow said...

Joanne said...
Can't wait.


nikolai said...

"There is a bubbling going on underneath the surface that is being dismissed."

I get that feeling in the UK too.

Hope I'm not imagining it.

Geoffrey de Bouillon said...

I just watched Zoltan Korda's 1939 "Four Feathers"

It's hard to visualize that England in light of what we see in the media today. I hope that England is bubbling under the surface, and not totally supine as shown by the government and the BBC.

Profitsbeard said...


Hear, hear!

I was living in The Netherlands in 1989 when Ceauscescu and his dragonlady were lined up and shot by the self-liberating Romanians.

I raised a glass of Grolsch and toasted to that and the Fall of the Berlin Wall, as well.

Western Europe has been sliding downward ever since that glorious Autumn.

I was warning the Dutch, even then, that they were inviting Islamic cuckoo's eggs into their "gezellig" nest, but they raised their eyebrows and looked on me as an alarmist American "cowboy"
...and couldn't imagine a future like shot-in-the-back Pim Fortuyn's or slaughtered-on-the-streets-of-Amsterdam Theo Van Gogh's.

Jammer (as they say).


Zenster said...

I fear things are getting to the point where the West must simply inform Islam that if one of their followers should decide to harm Geert Wilders then an entire Muslim metropolis or nation will simply cease to exist.

Every single new death fatwa sworn out should be met with a similar reply and newly designated target. Only when Muslims are put directly at risk by the actions of their jihadist clergy will they ever come to realize how Islam regards them as nothing more than unused cannon fodder. To date nothing of the sort has happened and things will not change until angry Muslims—freshly bombed out of their homes for some new terrorist atrocity—begin slitting the throats of their jihadis who cause all this grief.

For those who cannot bear the thought of such nastiness, perhaps things could begin with major crops, refineries or other vital infrastructure disappearing instead of people. However, I can assure you that before this all ends it will come down to Muslims perishing in large quantities. The only significant question remaining is whether it will be by force of conventional or unconventional weapons. This is not any byproduct of Western policy or strategy. Such avoidable slaughter is a direct result and the sole responsibility of Islam for refusing to prevent further atrocities that will trigger such massive retaliation. As I have so often said before:

Islam will not have it any other way.

So long as Islam continues to wage its war of atrocities against the West we must not allow there to be any alternative. Otherwise it will merely be a question of us Infidels perishing in large quantities and that is simply not acceptable.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

“In the name of Allah, we ask you to bring us the throat of this infidel who offends Islam and ridicules our prophet...”

Uh, as far as I can tell, the ones causing offense and ridicule are these idiotic Islamic totalitarians who want to murder everybody who doesn't think like them.

I'm reminded of Star Trek-- the marauding planet slayer has a directive to destroy anything imperfect. Captain Kirk demonstrates that the entity itself is erroneous, therefore imperfect, whereupon it self-destructs.

Too bad these jackasses don't take a good look at themselves. The correct Islamic response would be to cut their own throats out...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

The question of what and how much there is actually bubbling under the surface is my nagging question. From reading the postings on newspapersites it is hard to fathom - it all depends how far to the left the paper is - and they all are of course, but one more so than the other. Concerning the Wilders-case at least half of the posters appear to have absolutely no clue what is at stake, and they blame him for speaking out, just as they blamed Hirsi Ali for stirring up trouble.
Even politicians seem to actually believe that with Wilders gone everything would be hunky dory again in the 'polder'

Official polls, taken by government-sponsored polsters leave me very wary - nobody ever asks me anything, so it is anybody's guess what to believe, but I can't but imagine that 'the man in the street' is totally and inrrevocably fed up with islam and all things islamic

At the same time it's a conundrum how quiet the people actually are, considering what unimaginable, absolutely earthshaking events already have occurred in our quiet streets, without all hell breaking loose: contrary to claims that after the Van Gogh-murder 'schools and mosques went up in flames' nothing actually happened.
The only open hostilities in the Netherlands are committed by muslems, and so the only people attacked are the indigenous dutch, gays of all nations and of course - the jews. They had been under attack for some time already before the press started paying attention to it, and in one of the first articles about the harassment jewish youngsters met with from moroccan hoodlums a policeman was reported to acually admonish the journalist 'not to make too much of a stink, because these kids' - and he meant the moroccan bullies! - 'had enough problems on their plate as it was'...!
Upon reading this the blood rushed to my skull with rage - to think that in my town guests dared to trouble jewish people - agáin!
Because they are jews!
Absolutely insufferable..and the more so because of an idiotic policeman's tender concern for the perpetrators of a totally unwarranted persecution, which forces harmless schoolboys to wear a sportscap over their yarmulka..

The world upside down..
I can't believe what my country has come to

nikolai said...

I see the liberal elite's control of the mass media being critical in this. I think it acts like an immense wall of electronic peer pressure and people have a natural tendency to conform to what they see as group consensus.

Until the recent Danish events I've been thinking only a fairly wild and extreme nationalist reaction would be able to break through the PC wall. And possibly even that being held back until after it was too late. The other, more optimistic, thought I had was that faced with extinction at the hands of the jihadists the media elite would start to crack and weaken the wall allowing a reaction.

But I see a third possibilty now. In the face of that PC wall of electronic peer pressure the way people might react would be tiny steps at a time. One person stepping a little way. Others following a little way. You'd see it in minor things like people not saying "I'm not a racist but..." before saying something completely reasonable about Islam. Or someone saying something mildly non-pc and others not shouting them down the way they might have a few years ago.

Not 100% sure but I think I'm seeing signs of that.