Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prime Minister Dhimmifeldt

“We need a deepened dialogue with the Muslim world.”

Fröken Sverige is reporting on the latest dhimmi-speak from Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, as reported by Swedish public television.

She calls him “Dhimmifeldt”. Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated some excerpts:

“We need a deepened dialogue with the Muslim world. An important purpose should be to build increased confidence, respect, and understanding between what we call the West and the Muslim world,” said Fredrik Reinfeldt.


“We have demolished a wall in Europe, and we should not now build a wall against Turkey…”

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Félicie said...

"We need a deepened dialogue with the Muslim world"

What a disgrace, compared to the courageous words of the Danish PM. And what shape would this "deep dialog" take?

Dhimmis: "Muslims, we love you! We are so lucky that you graced us with your exalted presence and made our boring European culture colorful and hip!"

Muslims: "Convert or die, you infidel dirty dogs!"

cand.jur. said...

The most striking part of the prime minister's comment is his phrase "what we call the West". In his mind, "the West" is apparently only a harmless linguistic contstruct, while the "Muslim world" is heavy with substance. I have yet to see a more striking example of pre-emptive intellectual submission.

Zenster said...

“We need a deepened dialogue with the Muslim world.”

Preferrably a "deepened dialogue" heavily freighted with JDAMS, cruise missiles and more than a few carpet-bombings. After all, Muslims want nothing less for us Infidels and we should seize every opportunity that presents itself to emphasize what little reciprocity there is between Islam and the West.

laine said...

What hope is there for a country that has pointlessly opened its borders to hostile colonists who do not even solve the labor shortage for the most part but swell the Welfare rolls, and who elects a complete dhimmi to office who bows and scrapes to an inferior barbaric culture?

Swedes' brains appear to be as pickled as the herring they love. They have gone beyond being open-minded to masochistic.

Stopmakingsense said...

Swedish leaders such as Reinfeldt, are not ingratiating themselves with the parts of Europe that will undoubtedly fight their battles for them in the coming age.

Denmark, as we can witness on these very pages, at least have some semblance of spirit and moral backbone left with which to fight.

But Sweden?. The usually Neutral Sweden?.

As we are all well aware, when the s**t hits the fan, it (as always), will be left to the Anglo Saxon speaking nations to clear up the mess.
It is their brave sons that will risk life and limb to ensure the outright defeat of this Islamic monster.

Has, - since the fall of the Berlin wall, - the West, in demographical terms changed so drastically, that its members now inclusively include - U.S.A. - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - Britain (other than Gordon Browns dhimmi government) and Israel.

The rest - it seems to me, would far rather distance themselves from this Anglo Saxon axis, than play any part in its future direction.

That, believe you me, is a truly dangerous game in which to partake...

Unknown said...

cand.jur - That's what struck me about the pm's comments. What self delusion, what cowardice...

Nemesis said...

We can call him a fool....but does he know any better? Terry

leadpb said...

cand.jur said...

"pre-emptive intellectual submission."

That is priceless.

You are exactly right about the West or any constituent country being billed these days as only an "idea"-- nothing more than a wonderful concept (democracy) that the whole world needs to get in on. The concrete reality of Western countries and Western people is being replaced by multiculturalism and trading blocks. Thanks to Shrub et al. this thinking has caught on and created a dichotomy where none existed before.

All cultures must be celebrated and encouraged. Except our own of course.

Vasarahammer said...

"We have demolished a wall in Europe, and we should not now build a wall against Turkey…"

This is the mainstream opinion among EU elites. David Miliband said the same in the BBC article referred by Fjordman a while back.

They think that by letting Turkey in they will prevent a rift opening between Europe and the Islamic world. After Turkey countries like Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have a chance to join the EU and there will be peace in our time.

Stopmakingsense said...


David Miliband quotes almost exclusively from the beliefs of his father - Radical Marxist theoretician - Ralph Miliband.

However - the apathy amongst vast swathes of the British peoples is as such - many of them, have no notion to this revelation, and are completely dumbfounded when it is pointed out.

carpenter said...

We have a saying in Sweden: "Slå två flugor i en smäll" ("Hit two flies in one smack") which means having managed to deal with two things in one act. Just like Reinfeldt did with this statement:
Neither do Swedes want more interaction with the Muslim world, nor Turkey to join the EU. Yet Reinfeldt wants both!
Svenska Dagbladet reported May 8th last year that only 10% of the surveyed Swedes wants Turkey to be given EU-membership and almost half of us don't. The article is entitled "Massive opinion against Turkish EU-membership."
According to World Economic Forum's Islam and the West (pdf) 65% of the Swedes considers more Muslim-West interaction as a threat.

*boiling with anger*