Friday, February 15, 2008

Abu-Usama el Swede

Screenshot of Sindbad.seI mentioned last night that the newspaper editor in Sweden who dared to print a Motoon in his paper dropped dead on the job the following day. Following his death, a Swedish radical Islamic forum expressed unconcealed joy at Allah’s revenge against the blasphemer.

The newspaper is Sydsvenskan, and its editor-in-chief was Peter Melin. Thanks to Fröken Sverige and our Swedish correspondent LN, we now have an account of the celebration of Peter Melin’s death that appeared on the Islamist site. Fröken Sverige posted about the incident, and included this screenshot of a post by “Abu-Usama el Swede” taken from the forum (which does not admit infidels).

According to LN:

Abu-Usama el Swede (560 google hits) is a former Nazi who converted to Islam — he is a not yet convicted criminal — with supposed terrorist connections.

Below is LN’s translation of the page dump:

Wednesday Feb 13, 2008 20:51


Salam Aliykom

Today (Wednesday) the newspaper Sydsvenskan decided to publish the Mo pictures once again.


To show its support for [the newspaper] Jyllands Posten and for freedom of speech.

He who made the decision today is Peter Melin and he is Chief Editor of the paper.

Allahdullah Allah directly sent his punishment to this infidel hound and Peter Melin died later in the day.

[photo of Peter Melin’s memorial]
- - - - - - - - -
We thank Allah for this wonderful gift that he has extinguished the life of this pig.


At the same time I want to thank Allah that there are brothers who fight to extinguish the lives of the two others, Lars Vilks and Kurt Westergaard, I wish them good luck and pray to Allah that he will give them a wonderful victory and hope that someone will kill them very painfully.

Map of Vilks’ house at the terror-alleged


Three arrested for murder-plan


Remember that the soldiers of Allah will catch you before or after and send you directly to hell

Wa Salam Aliykom

I take the responsibility and stand for this text. The Admin of this page has got nothing to do with my text — this is my personal and no else’s opinion and they will not be held responsible for my opinion and my comment.

Abu-Usama El Swede

Hat tip: BH.


kyros said...

what backwards thinking.
OT sorta: I was wondering if you had heard anything about the "youth" riots in Denmark? I just read an AP article and it had a little snip about it.