Monday, February 18, 2008

Modern Times

I found this over at Steen’s place this morning:

Modern times

No further words are necessary.

Photo © Snaphanen.

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Wired said...

Looks like a Nazgûl using google.

Profitsbeard said...

Shouldn't the flatscreen have its own burqa, too?

laine said...

It's amazing they allow their women onto the information highway but then they are confident of their brain-washing from infancy.

Muslims use the Internet to solidify their world community or ummah, download maps and instructions on how to make bombs, troll for equally devout spouses e.g. the Toronto bombers' wives had a chat room in which they described how they required a husband who would be a jihad warrior.

There's no danger of anything outside sharia dictates or life-affirming passing from that computer screen into that woman's cloth covered head.

jagwio said...

Oh my God! Some heathen following the tenants of her religion! What is wrong with the world?!

Oh yeah... the West constantly harassing the Arab world and setting up Fascist dictators and supplying them with weapons so it can have cheap oil and stop the evil scourge of caring for others (i.e. Socialism)! A very old war, my ass :(

VinceP1974 said...

Poor jagwio and his nonsense. How can anyone think that Socialism is truly "caring for others". What a demented narcissist.

jagwio said...

Vince: I truly doubt we would have the current explosive situation in the Middle East without the West's interventions in the region over the last 90+ years.

Your resort to an ad hominem attack is somewhat childish...

VinceP1974 said...

So in other words they aren't responsible for thier behavior at all?

Well one way of analysizing that is to determine the way they behaved before the time period you suggested.

Since Islam's inception, it's been estimated that Muslims have killed, specifically in the name of or in the following of the commands of Islam, about 260,000,000 people.

So you see it's not ad hominem what a said.

Anyone cognizant of Islam's history would not resort to a white-wash of Islam's bloody history , absolving them of all responsiblity and then blaming us for somehow getting the poor darlings upset.

What you exhibited was narcisism... everything in the world happens because of or in reaction to something the West has done... somehow no other people on earth have the human capacity to have thier own values and act on them regardless of what the West would want.

And if you want to talk about childish... then why did you start your comment with such a snotty nonproductive tone... sneering as if you're everyone's better.

jagwio said...

I certainly don't mean to imply that the situation in the Middle East is entirely the fault of the West.

However, things would certainly not be as problematic today if it were not for our insane meddling, e.g. the US/UK installment of Saddam, and the establishment of Israel (however well intentioned). Those are just two examples of the West's unfortunate history in the region.