Thursday, February 14, 2008

Can You Smell the Mocha?

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated a article from Tuesday’s De Telegraaf, and follows it with his commentary:

Islamophobia after attacks

AMSTERDAM — After the 9/11 attacks by Muslims and the murder of Theo van Gogh by a Muslim the European Human Rights Commission is surprised Islamophobia is growing in the Netherlands.

A European watchdog for human rights warns of growing discrimination against Muslims in the Netherlands. According to the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) Islamophobia is fast gaining ground in our country.

The aversion to Muslims has grown dramatically since 2000, stated the ECRI in a report published on Tuesday. Tensions rose due to national and international events, such as the radical Islamic attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, and the murder of Theo van Gogh by an extremist Muslim in 2004.

According to the ECRI the Muslim minority is more often the target of racist violence and discrimination. The group would also be targeted “out of proportion” by security measures. The commission is worried about a disturbing polarization between the majority and minorities. Moroccan and Turkish ethnic groups would suffer badly from stigmatization and prejudice.

The commission noticed a rise in anti-Semitism, especially within the younger generation. The word “Jew” is used more often as an insult. This anti-Semitism includes denial of the Holocaust, according to the authors of the report.

According to the report, the Dutch government should take a leading role in stimulating a debate about integration and minorities, in which polarization, bitterness and enmity between the various communities should be avoided. Also, the government should take measures against racist and xenophobic statements in political debates.

The report continues by stating that the lack of willingness to integrate into the native population of the Netherlands should be addressed by information and awareness measures.

The ECRI investigates racism and intolerance. It presents recommendations to the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

H. Numan adds the following commentary:
- - - - - - - - -
Once more I cannot believe my very own eyes. I think I must be getting old.

In 1980, yes, such an article might be appropriate. Politically very biased, but one might expect that. In 1990, even then. By the year 2000 far less so, and after the tumultuous events that have taken place in this millennium: no. How in heaven’s name is this possible?

Read carefully.

The article opens by stating the actual causes for concern, immediately followed by surprise. Translated into Dutch terms: it’s like digging a hole in a dike, and then being surprised that a flood occurs.

The next paragraph of bovine dung states that Muslims are the victims of discrimination and violence. Not a single word about neighborhood terrorism by exclusively Muslim juveniles. Not a word about the avowed intolerance of Muslim shamans who openly preach that the Netherlands must eventually submit to shariah law and the Koran. Not a single word about Dutch Muslim politicians who openly support the very same cause. And be honest: do Muslim politicians need police protection?

Then it continues by accusing mainly the Dutch of anti-Semitism. If any nation was known for its staunch defense of Israel, it was the Netherlands. This changed when Muslims no longer feared the law and openly ventilated their virulent anti-Semitism. Like father, like son; so do their offspring.

Even worse: a Dutch juvenile who openly admits to hatred for Jews or denies the Holocaust will be sent the principal’s office immediately, and very likely to the police right after that. Yes, there are a few who are like that. In every country a few diehard neo-Nazis do exist. The number of those “mortal dangers to human civilization” can be measured on one hand, with fingers left to spare.

On the other hand, teachers in schools with a Muslim majority avoid teaching WW2, notably about the persecution of Jews and the Holocaust, out of sheer fear. The vast majority of Muslim juveniles will act violently, given half a chance. Since they know they will not be punished at all, they grab the chance to sabotage any class with both hands and a burka.

It’s spreading, though: last year Muslim juveniles in primary schools refused to go on school outings to petting zoos (kinderboerderij, a community “farm” with livestock animals within the city; schools visit them to show the animals and teach biology) because they would see and perhaps have to touch unclean animals like pigs. These little terrorists were not punished. What can you expect when they get away scot-free and go to high school?

But the next paragraph tops it all. It actually says the government should not allow freedom of speech in parliament. It doesn’t mention the name of the PVV party or Wilders himself, but only an illiterate will not be able to read that.

The last part of this piece of vomit concludes with… nothing. A number of politically correct measures which were found wanting at least a decade ago. “Debate”, “awareness”, and of course censorship for those doubting the multicultural society. The standard stuff of the Left that hasn’t worked, will not work, and simply cannot work. Unless taken seriously, and then we will live in something akin to North Korea, but with shariah law.


Henrik R Clausen said...

The report has been mentioned in Denmark. For those able to understand a bit of Danish, please enjoy the comments at Nyhedsavisen.

ECRI is a pile of crap and should be abandoned.

For Denmark in general, we're still having a low-level Mo-crisis. Pakistan burns some flags, Kuwaiti MP's demand a boycott, Iranian demonstrate and the Iranian government sent out a lie about what our ambassador had told them.

Business as usual - good luck!

Diamed said...

If these people wanted discussion, understanding, and awareness, why do they seek to ban freedom of speech?

They are running scared because people are waking up to what their politicians have done to them for the past 40 years.

'In times of universal deceit, telling the truth can be a revolutionary act.'

Homophobic Horse said...

"The report continues by stating that the lack of willingness to integrate into the native population of the Netherlands should be addressed by information and awareness measures."

Erdogan of Turkey called integration "a crime against humanity".

turn said...

Official pronouncements like this must please the 'immigrants'--no doubt that's the intent. I imagine the average Nederlander is merely rolling eyes.

Criminal gangs like MS13 notwithstanding, we've done exactly the same in the US to shore up our social(ist) programs with Latinos--we're still on the fence about granting them legal status. If we do, we'll be issuing similar statements before long.

I sure wish some bright bulb would get around to that time machine...

leadpb said...

Governments such as we have in the West now cannot be reformed. They will be replaced, by elections, once more of the electorate wakes up to what is at stake and what we have to loose. Certainly Holland could lead this process.

Why are our governments so afraid of Muslims? Is the special treatment they get-- in spite of their increasingly conspicuous uncivilized behavior-- based on this fear? People need to work on these questions even before they become curious about Islam itself.

hoeiboei said...

Check out all those 'islamophobic expressions' yourself!