Sunday, February 17, 2008

“Like Any Other Crime”

The lion and the unicornThe police want to talk to Lionheart about his blog “like we would with any other crime”.

Telling words, those.

Lionheart is supposed to turn himself in to the police tomorrow, but has decided not to return. This is the latest report on his situation, from the nespaper Luton on Sunday:

Web logger seeks asylum in States

A controversial ‘web logger’ from Dunstable is seeking asylum in America because he faces arrest in the UK for stirring up racial hatred.

Paul Ray, who regularly writes an online diary as ‘Lionheart’, was due to attend Bedford’s Greyfriars Police Station on February 18 as part of Bedfordshire Police’s investigation into his blog.

However, he has decided to apply for political asylum in America because he risks charges which carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and police corruption.

Mr Ray, 31, speaking to told Luton on Sunday on the phone from South Carolina, said : “I was going to meet Bedfordshire Police on Monday. But I don’t want to come back to England and get arrested.

“I had death threats in Dunstable and I wrote everything down.

“I did it because if anything happened to me then I wouldn’t just be another statistic.

“I have just written my thoughts down while I have been on the run.

“I am applying for political asylum on the grounds of political persecution and human rights issues.

“All I’ve done is written words on a blog. That doesn’t befit a prison sentence.”

Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats.

He admits his reactions to this in his blog may be considered ‘over the top’ but maintains he has a right to write his beliefs.
- - - - - - - - -
He has been in South Carolina dodging arrest after receiving an email from Bedfordshire Police’s DC Ian Holden on January 3.

The email said: ‘The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material’ contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986.

“You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.”

Mr Ray added that he will return to Britain unless Bedfordshire Police confirm they are going to cease their investigation.

A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: “We contacted him to say that when he returns to this country we would like to see him.

“We have got a complaint about his blog. That is the whole point of this exercise.

“We have spoken to him like we would with any other crime.”

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ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

Let me attempt to understand this situation: "An arrest is the action of the police, or person acting under the law, to take a person into custody, usually so that they may be forthcoming to answer before a tribunal for the commission of a crime."

As I understand it, Lionheart is guilty of writing his "opinions" on his blog and this has angered those of a contrary view. And this in the nation that gave us Magna Carta? Looks like John Hancock and Patrick Henry had an excellent point.

VinceP1974 said...

I left this comment on the news site.. (pending approval from the UK censors)

I'm an American and I hope my hapless government grants the request.

I'm proud that my nation is a refuge for those people in Europe/UK who find themselves having their life or freedom be put at risk for telling the truth about Islam. What a disgrace for Europe.

We have already gladly embraced Oriana Fellaci and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Will we have to take Geert Wilders next? And then Kurt Westergaard or Filip Dewinter.. and on and on.

If we must. And we should. America benefits from having such brave people here.

Europe is hounding the very people they need the most... those people who are putting thier lives at risk to defend their way of life.

What's wrong with you people?

Anonymous said...

Just some advice from someone who has knowledge of the process.

First, hire an attorney who practices immigration law and specializes in asylum applications. Check to see that the attorney has a record of successful grant of asylum.

Next, document threats, then document the fact that threats against your group, e.g. white Christians in the UK don't get protection.

Next, document that the crime you are charged with is based on your speech, not other action.

Also document that others outside your group commit similar crimes but are not charged.

Note that you are in the U.S. on a Visa Waiver. You must file before your 90 day admission is up.

Apply in person with your attorney at an Asylum Office. Do not go to ICE, CBP, or regular CIS office.

USorThem said...


You are the third poster I have read about who has posted a comment on the Luton's paper's site on this story. They don't bother to publish them it seems. I sent a nastygram to the editor advising they should just not offer a comments section so we don't waste our time composing thoughtful comments that no one else reads.

X said...

Don't forget, it's sunday. I know it's the Luton on Sunday but it's actually printed on saturday, and I sincerely doubt they'll have anyone in the office to handle their web stuff on a sunday.

Diamed said...

So someone who risked his life to help catch a criminal drug ring and get their deadly drugs off the street, saving maybe a hundred lives, is now put on trial for speaking his mind, which has killed exactly 0 people.

Does anyone see the Orwellian nature, the upside down world? Real crime goes undeterred, while the police zealously pursue innocent people in fields they have no right to interfere with. At this point I would say the UK government is illegitimate and its laws are null and void. It no longer serves the basic role of government--it does not protect your life, liberty, or property. It does not control the border or prevent crime. Even the courts are now turned over to foreign sharia courts or voodoo human rights tribunals where there can be no hope of justice. Over 50% taxes go to funding polygamous marriages made in foreign countries. Meanwhile, democracy itself is thrown out by the Lisbon treaty people are not allowed to vote on. What remaining part of the UK government is legitimate? When is the last time it has actually performed the role of government?

Dymphna said...


Could you please email me or the Baron? We need to find an immigraton attny.

You seem to have a lot of knowledge in this area and could help us and the people helping Lion Heart re decisions.

Our main concern right now is that the police in Bedfordshire are changing their tune. In their email to LH in January -- the one and only contact with him -- they tell him to show up by Jan 18th to be served with the warrant and interrogated. They do NOT say he will be released before the Crown Prosecutors make up their minds on whether Lionheart is guilty of "racist" incitement. By the time the CPS got around to making up their minds, Paul will likely be dead. The Pakistani criminals who run his neighborhood (main source for heroin) are finished with him in jail, he'll only be released in a body bag. They've told him as much. These people are considered by Luton to be Al-Qaeda backed.

Notice in the Luton paper, the "spokeswoman" says it's juat an "exercise" like any other crime. Not one word about "alleged" crime.

Is "exercise" police-speak for interrogation? This whole thing is creepy.

Lionheart wants to go home, but not at the present level of risk. Now that police are waffling...immigration could say he doesn't have a case???

VinceP1974 said...

I dont know any lawyers, wish I did.

I did email Tammy Bruce about this to request her assistance in finding a resource.

I have no relationship with her, so it will be a random email in her inbox but I'm hoping with her background and contacts, she will assist.

USorThem said...


I am in contact with Lionheart regularly. I can tell you that he has an attorney but the attorney has no experience in immigration law. The ideas you suggest are sound and he could benefit from a conversation with someone with your apparent experience. Pls email me or Lionheart (his address at his blog) . There are several issues that remain unanswered.

PLEASE contact.

My email:

laine said...

Real crime against person and property is exploding in Britain. Citizens have been disarmed and told to let the police deal with it.

However, the police are sent instead to apprehend those who have committed thought and speech "crimes". This is in fact how all totalitarian regimes have started their cowing of the citizenry.

If enough free speech refugees seek asylum in the United States, perhaps Europe's black eye will become noticeable. Unfortunately, the kind of people who pass hate laws are on course to take over the government here too if Republicans don't get their act together and their naive notion that they are going to teach someone a lesson by letting Dems waltz to victory.

Free speech is on the ropes.