Friday, February 15, 2008

The Danish Intifada

The Danish intifadaAn article appeared last night in Jyllands-Posten about the riots that have been going on for the last four or five days in Denmark. Cars and schools have been set ablaze, and barricades — actual barricades — have appeared in the streets. Is this 1968 all over again?

The article refers to the autonomer of Ungdomshuset, but I assumed that Muslims must be involved too, since Gellerup (a predominantly Muslim suburb of Århus) is mentioned.

The violence is also being billed as a response to the republication of the Motoons over the last few days, but the first cars were burning before the death-plot against Kurt Westergaard was publicly revealed and the plotters were arrested.

So I asked our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc about the J-P article, and for his reactions to the situation in his country. Along with the map and photos shown at right, he sent the following impressions:

It’s just about all those small-scale riots all over the country, setting ablaze cars, trash-containers and whatnot. And when the fire brigade arrives they have to wait for the police to arrive in order to avoid being stoned. No injured humans, so far…

OK, it’s a mini-intifada, but in no way out of control.

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘de autonome’. The punks are 100% Muslims, initially whining about ‘police brutality and harassment’, ‘racial profiling’ (strip-searching all dark-skinned ‘youths’) etc.
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But when PET foiled the murder of Kurt Westergaard and almost all newspapers re-printed the ‘turban bomb’ cartoon, they changed their motives to ‘insults to our dear prophet, Mohammad (pbuh)’.

The general opinion in our country is getting more and more anti-Islam by the hour…

Now we’re waiting for Friday prayers to finish. If the imams are smart they’ll calm things down and postpone the fun for a few weeks, because the weather forecast promises frostbite tonight. And Arabs slow down considerably in cold weather…


Homophobic Horse said...

Cold weather and rain slows down all rioters unless they are particularly determined.

ΛΕΟΝΙΔΑΣ said...

"And Arabs slow down considerably in cold weather…"

Now it all becomes clear. The European obsession with "global warming" and the actions taken to reduce it in the face of the actual onset of a mini ice age are in fact a clever strategy of the ruling elite. This strategy accomplishes two important objectives for the EU. First it increases the power of the bureaucrats over the population and secondly it encourages the immigrants to return to warmer climes. This is indeed a win/win situation for them.

David M said...

The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 02/15/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Unknown said...

The Islam In Europe blog has been reporting on these riots since the 11 of this month.

Infitada Riots

Yorkshireminer said...

Thank you Kepi, I think that there have been about 22 incidents around different places in Denmark and none at all on Fyn, one swallow does not make a summer and a few islamic nuts setting fire to trash cans or a few cars does not make an intifada. I am convinced that the action of the Danish press over the last few days was coordinated. The Danes threw down the gauntlet and raised a very large middle finger in salute and have told the muslims to react. The government would have certainly had the armed forces on alert, the fact that they have not been used only shows how ineffective the muslim reaction has been. If and when they are used in Norrebro expect more than a few cracked skulls. It is many years since I was last in Denmark but I think that I have a shrewed appreciation of how the Danes think. Steen lives only a few hundred meters from Norrebro and I am certain he has looked out of his window the last few days and seen the flashing lights of the police and the fire brigade on the other side of bridge over the lakes. I would have certainly have loved to have seen the look on his face when he came back in and closed the window. The Danes received two years ago a very cold shower when the cartoons were published. The only difference between the Danes and the rest of us is that they have too much pride in there own culture. Danes do not like being lectured too, especially by somebody in a ball gown and a party hat who comes to Denmark lives off the state and tells them that there culture is shit and it wouldn't be a bad idea if there women walked around in black bags. The muslims got in wrong two years ago they thought that the Danes were an easy target being small and very tolerant. They forgot that Denmark is energy independent and that there exports were not dependent on the middle east. A few thousand people lost there job during the boycott, but that was all. You can bet your life that the Danish firms that were exposed and suffered losses during the boycott will have made adjustments to there export policy. I read about a year ago that a danish dairy firm on Bornholm were going to try and reduce there exposure to the Middle east to zero. Translated into normal terms, not sell them anything. You have to understand also that the people who live on the island of Bornholm are more Danish than the Danish although they do speak Danish with a Swedish accent. The normal Dane as I knew them had a very high opinion of his own worth and rightly so. They certainly didn't want to change the world, live and let live was there motto. You can certainly criticize Danish culture, to compare Gustav Wied unfavorably with for example Evelyn Waugh, is not going to get you stoned. What will get you stoned is to say that the Danish culture is not worth a shit, something the immigrants of the last 30 years, especially from the middle east have been saying. The Danes are drawing a line in the sand and the muslims do not realize that, when they step over it they are going to be in for a big surprise. Then and only then will they find out how tolerant or intolerant the Danes can be

Henrik R Clausen said...

The tally for Thursday was 110 fires recorded, and associated riots. Most incidents rather small.

The Friday sermons were quite good, stating clearly that democracy is better than what the Muslims left behind. Usual half-stupid remarks about insulting their fake paedophile prophet, of course, but I had expected worse.

Hamas had 4000 in the streets of Gaza to express their 'religious feelings' on the matter.

This evening I ventured through Gellerup, one of the ghetto areas, to see how life was. And I saw:

Absolutely nothing unusual.

I did hear some weird noises, though, and it turns out that on a different street there was indeed some trouble. But it was underwhelming, I must say.

MeThinks we're out of the woods, for now.

Zenster said...

If Islam has one single dominant character trait, it is that of overreaching itself. Perhaps it reflects a downside to their monumental hubris in that Muslims feel they can do no wrong. More likely, it is a result of their fatalism and sense of predestination.

Whatever the mechanism, Islam consistently overplays its hand. Pretending to hold all the trump cards, they fail to anticipate their opponent's grand slam. The most shining example of this is in how the poorly armed MME (Muslim Middle East) continues to antagonize Western nations who maintain large nuclear arsenals.

As others have noted, the Islamic tendency to act prematurely is probably a blessing in disguise. If this new Danish intifada has one lasting effect, it should be to cement all further perception of Muslims in Denmark as the destructive and non-integrating colonists that they are. Horrid as it may sound, I can only hope that all this destruction and threat to human life will galvanize the Danes into acting against their Muslim interlopers.

There is a strange calculus that defines the equation of how Islam and the West interact. Western tolerance permits an influx of Muslim immigrants, a portion of which set about defying all opportunities for assimilation. In order to mask this purposeful avoidance of integration, these Muslims congregate into enclaves and slowly establish no-go zones. Any protest over this is countered with how Islamophobia drives such clustering even as these Muslim districts subsequently expel all other cultures from their midst. From then on encroachment upon neighboring areas is accompanied by the usual spate of lawfare aimed at insinuating shari’a code into regional jurisprudence.

Muslim intransigence and uncooperativeness intentionally serves to channel all outside efforts at conciliation into forms of appeasement. The question of reciprocation—much less integration or any sort—is routinely quashed amidst howls of victimization. This creates a lopsided hudna whereby Muslims continue to advance their own agenda while imposing a paralytic sense of guilt upon Infidels regarding the total absence of fair play.

The foregoing pretty much sums up how things stand at present. There is some growing dissatisfaction with how lopsided any concessions are between the two groups but nothing has really come of it as yet largely due to ongoing abuse of Western tolerance. From all appearances, that is about to change, at least in Denmark.

A good analogy for this situation is the problem with school bullies. Reluctant to draw attention to their own selves, children (or members of the community), hesitate to make forceful complaints against the aggressor (Muslims). This “Code of the Playground” only serves the bully’s (Islam’s), ends by creating a sense of immunity that thwarts any useful application of discipline (or law enforcement). Be it with one single individual or a group, eventually things are brought to the breaking point. The behavior pattern of bullies literally guarantees this. They will continue to escalate their aggression until brought up short. Nothing else will abate the problem.

This is where America and Europe diverge in their given responses. European citizens—accustomed to delivering up all behavior correction to the state—will more calmly endure the slings and arrows of their tormentors. This over-reliance upon state based solutions permits both undue deterioration of the ongoing problem in addition to evolution of countermeasures that go well beyond the issue’s scope.

Desirable or not, in America the problem is far more often self-correcting. Increasingly, the bully is simply gunned down. While I cannot in good conscience advocate such vigilantism, neither am I surprised or mystified by it. Much as with Islam, most everybody simply hopes that by ignoring it, the problem will go away. This only encourages individual measures and here is where Europe and America are likely to part ways in how Islamic jihad is dealt with in their respective regions.

Largely disarmed and furthermore traumatized by World War Two’s excesses, Europe has demonstrated a pronounced tendency to avoid all conflict, regardless of scale. A lack of vigorous response to the Parisian Banlieues and Dutch insurrections evidence this fact. It is impossible to ignore the conclusion that such reluctance will only invite another over-reaction. Unlike the Holocaust, this one will occur with much greater justification, however needless such excessive force might be were there but officials who chose to perform their duties in a timely fashion.

The American story will likely be quite different. An armed populace has far less patience with predatory members of the community. All indications point towards a volunteer military that will not accept orders to disarm America’s citizenry. Much as with the school bullies, it stands to reason that summary justice will more often be dispensed in this case as well. Most ironic of all is how America’s “gun toting vigilantes” will likely end up incurring a much lower death toll than the cascade or avalanche effect that is so likely to occur on European soil.

Let us all hope that Denmark’s intifada signals a turning point with respect to exactly how much oppression and bullying the Danes are willing to endure. There can be few more sure signs of what awaits any further countenancing of such ridiculous and hostile ingratitude from their Muslim colonists. Either Denmark awakes to the fact that a large—if not unanimous—portion of their Muslim population must be deported, or they will be subjected to increasing levels of unacceptable bullying until a catastrophic breaking point is reached.

Ren said...

I was in Copenhagen and north zealand for a week in 2005. You wouldn't think there was a muslim problem. There was hardly any to be seen in the centre of Copenhagen. It's different in central Munich where the burkha brigade are out in force. I suppose they stick to Norrebro and their other strongholds. I just hope the Danes hold the line and don't let their country go under. Returning to Denmark on holiday this year. This time I'm going to Jutland. Hope I don't run into any rioters in Ribe and Sonderborg.