Friday, February 22, 2008

The Netherlands Fouls Its Own Nest

Fjordman sent the following article today.

It is so disgusting that I do not trust myself to comment very much. The Netherlands seemed to be programmed now to kill off its own as soon as possible, while it demonstrates a truly perverted sense of justice. This story is the perfect example:

[A] woman who drove over and killed a Moroccan thief in Amsterdam three years ago has been living in secret locations since, for fear of retaliation. At the order of the judge, the woman has however been tracked down and taken to court.

The woman is being tried for causing the death of Ali El Bejatti. On 17 January 2005, this Moroccan youth opened her car door and snatched her handbag. The woman reversed against the boy, who was on a scooter. He was crushed against a tree, broke his neck and died.

The woman has been in hiding for three years, according to her lawyer Cees Korvinus. She is so afraid of reprisals that she moved from hiding-place to hiding-place, De Telegraaf quoted the lawyer as saying yesterday. The police advised her to go into hiding after the incident, according to the newspaper.

Korvinus entered a request yesterday for the judges to be replaced. This was in reaction to their decision that the session will be public. The court administrators rejected Korvinus’ request.

Korvinus wanted the case to be heard behind closed doors because the woman fears that a public hearing will increase the danger she claims she is in. The judge did permit the woman to hide her face yesterday with a scarf so that she could not be recognised.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) announced yesterday it was demanding a jail sentence of 30 months for the woman. The OM is charging her with manslaughter because she deliberately took the risk of seriously injuring El Bejatti.

That was not their original take on the accident. Three years ago, they considered her the victim:
- - - - - - - - -
The woman has stated that the collision was an accident. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) initially concluded this as well, but later decided to prosecute her after all.

This is Whim Theory as it applies to the law in the Netherlands.

Originally, the trial began without the woman present, but the judge “had her tracked her down to a secret address.” Nor will he allow her to put a scarf on her face to protect her identity. He wants the bull’s eye target as large and recognizable as possible.

Her lawyer describes her as “dead scared” that appearing in court will cause a fatwah to be issued against her - which will, of course, make it open season on the woman for the devout.

Meanwhile her psychiatrist reports that she lives “in a state of constant fear of death.” Well, duh…

The person who robbed her and died for his efforts had previously been in court that day on charges of armed robbery. The OM demanded a two-year jail sentence for El Bejatti, but the judge must have disagreed because he was free that very evening to meet his death in another attempted heist.

The solution to the problem is quite easy: this woman just needs to get over her fear of death.

Problem solved.

And if there is a hell, may this vengeful judge rot there.


spackle said...

I bet if the woman had claimed a conversion to Islam the scarf would have been A- O.K. Disgusting.

Zerosumgame said...

Of course the Dutch have no will to stand up to this tyranny

Any Dutchman (or Dutchwoman) with any ambition or with any hope for the future has emigrated, is in the middle of emigrating, or will emigrate. I believe the lates figure is something like 60,000 native born Dutch leaving annually - that's like 1+ million young, educated Americans leaving each year -- it's a formula for national suicide.

That leaves only the passive sheep, the ones who just want to wait out their days long enough that the slaughter doesn't get to them while they're still alive.

Stopmakingsense said...

Ive got it!!!!.

Ive just realised...

Its a race between the leftist elites of Europe, to see who can f**k up their Country first.

Are the Dutch in front?.
Or is it the British?.

You decide.....

laine said...

There's little point in being holier-than-thou on this side of the ocean as there has been creeping law here as well that aims to make the "occupation" of thief much safer.

There are countless examples of people being tried for using "disproportionate force" against muggers or robbers. Whether any jury has had the nerve to jail the original victim I don't know.

However, damages have been paid to thieves who were injured "on the job". One case that sticks in my mind is a thief trying to break into a school who fell through a skylight while climbing on the roof and receiving compensation from the school's insurance company for injuries sustained because of the "unsafe" skylight.

Nanny states want even thieves to be able to ply their trade under the safest possible conditions. This is the ludicrous result of leftist relativism that does not recognize right and wrong anymore. Interestingly, innocent victims of crime don't interest nannies at all. They are left to fend for themselves more or less. Making victims out of predators and loosing them on society, that's the leftists' specialty.

There's something in their warped psychology that is attracted to thugs on both a petty crime scale and as large scale genocidal dictators. It has to be some variant of sado-masochism, torturing and degrading the righteous, and elevating the anti-social.

Subvet said...

Brings to mind the first time my wife went to practice at the range.

The instructor ran her through the basics of gun safety and the proper way to aim/shoot. Then he proceeded to demonstrate by placing nine of ten shots in the bullseye of her target. Shot #10 he placed in the outer border. He went on to explain to the wife he always did that so if he was ever hauled into court after shooting some perp nobody could claim he was a marksman, therefore any injury or death to the criminal was unintentional.

And that conversation took place in Texas.

After being mugged in Providence, R.I., my oldest son spoke to the cops about self protection. Entirely off the record he was told to always run if he could because any injuries to the criminal would be held against him.

Lovely, ain't it? Europe has nothing on us for protecting perps.

Dan said...

Recently Joe Horn shot and killed two burglars who were burglarizing his neighbors home in Texas it’s currently before a grand jury and the issue is weather his neighbor gave him permission to gun down would be thieves.

From ABC News

The critical legal question may hinge on whether Horn acted in a reasonable way to defend his neighbor's property.
"You cannot take another person's life in defense of their property unless you're somehow given permission by the other person to protect their property," said [Harris County Assistant District Attorney] Diepraam

Audio of the 911 Call

"Hurry up man, catch these guys, will you? 'Cause I'm ain't gonna let 'em go, I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm not gonna let 'em go. I'm not gonna let 'em get away with this…"

Diamed said...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men"

Self Defense is originally an individual right, government is simply a tool that helps people achieve their right to self defense. The government has no right to interfere with individual self defense, because its very legitimate purpose for existing is to help people defend themselves.

Carl T said...
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Carl T said...

The Dutch are emigrating, you say. My question is: where to? Where will they be safe from white PC suicide? In what white country will they be safe from islamic immigration?

Soon, there will be nowhere to escape. The solution lies not in thinking for oneself. Won´t the egoists awake even now?

Those who voted for the official parties and did nothing to stop what is heading, those who refused to have children in order to live a more comfortable life cannot escape anymore than we others can. It is too late.

Anders said...

"Self Defense is originally an individual right, government is simply a tool that helps people achieve their right to self defense."

But not in Holland, hahaha! At school we learn that the State holds the "monopoly on violence", so as to protect us from ourselves.

This is a completely different mindset, I fear.

Self-defense is legal in Holland, but the impression is that it is interpreted fairly strictly in Dutch courts. For instance, if you use force against a burglar that entered your house, you're at serious risk of being brought to justice.

The use of arms is by all means illegal, again because the State does not grant us the right to bear them.

Dymphna said...

Anders Wellebeeke said:
The use of arms is by all means illegal, again because the State does not grant us the right to bear them.

To Americans, the state never "grants" rights. Those rights are a priori. The state can illegitmately take them away, but that is stealing. And if they were to give back the stolen rights, it would simply be restitution.

In addition to the American Constitution, I suggest looking at the French economic philosopher, Frederic Bastiat. He is very clear on that.

The Netherlands has illegitmately taken away the God-given right to defends one's self. That is suicide administered by the state. Or should I say "granted"?

no2liberals said...

I am constantly amazed by the
rights deprived to citizens in various European countries.
All I can say is, Thank God I Live In Texas.
Here, it is legal to shoot a person fleeing the commission of a felony.
I have one simple standard to follow if I have to shoot someone, I know I have shot them one time to many, when the entry wound, exit wound, and the hole in the floor are in alignment. I don't want the idiot brought before a jury in a wheelchair suing for damages.
As Mark Moritz states in his Rules of Gunfighting, "if you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn't plan your mission properly."

X said...

What I would want to know is, how much of that figure is Dutch people moving to other parts of the EU, and how much of the immigration is from other EU member states? There's a lot more movement of of the indigenous population within the EU these days, even with the language barriers. I'm starting to think this massive emigration is less severe than people are making out. It's a problem, sure, but if my suspicions are correct it's reversible with very little effort.

Zerosumgame said...

JCS Said:

zerosumgame, what the hell is wrong with you? Do you seriously think emigrating is that easy?

Well, that would depend on how picky you are in where you want to emigrate.

And if you are then telling me that it is difficult to emigrate, period, then you are bolstering my point. Those would have the drive and initiative to overcome all the bureaucratic, cultural and persona hurdles in order to leave must really think things are bad and are not going to get better.

These people also have the drive and initiative, that, if they felt there was any hope in saving Holland, would stay and save it.