Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Light Posting (Again)

Work pressures are once again keeping me from blogging. For the last week, including the weekend, I have been working ten to fifteen hour days, and the crunch is not over. So my posting will be light for a while.

For those who like to send me things to read: please keep on sending them. I may even read some of them!

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Concerning the post about Ronbo in which some of your comments were deleted:

Dymphna linked to the post in an entry to the guest-book at the Cleveland funeral home site. In the event that the entry is ever approved, grieving family members may see the comments on that post. Anything that might be considered insulting, derogatory, or disrespectful to the dead was deleted, out of consideration for the feelings of those who grieve.

This is a situation with which Dymphna is personally familiar, so she is emphatic about it. It does not portend a change in our general comments policy.

The Ronbo affair grows more and more mysterious. Although I exchanged a few emails with him, I didn’t know the man personally, nor did anybody else that I communicate with. Hence none of us knows for certain whether Ronbo really did commit suicide, whether the Ronald Barbour listed in the Cleveland obituary is really him, or whether the blogger Ronbo’s real name was in fact Ronald Barbour.

For now I’m assuming that he was who he said he was, and that he did what he said he was going to do. If you read the comments on the earlier thread, you know that conflicting tidbits of information have emerged from the investigations people have undertaken to try to find out what happened.

If anything definite is confirmed about Ronbo, we will post it.

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Cincinnatus said...

Very well then. However, here is my original post:

"What bloody use is that?!? Committing suicide invalidates everything he has written. Who cares about a train of thought which leads to suicide? Not interested to look. I don't mourn him, I scorn him."

Now I wrote this under the impression he was a youngish man. But now, we don't really know anything about him, do we? Is he even dead? The name "Ronbo" reminds me of Reagan who was called "Ron-boy Ray-gun".

Facts are changed retroactively too much for my liking. After Bhutto was assassinated, they said there were two assassins. It was all taken for granted. Then in the end, they said there was only one. I've lost count of how many people wrote about the (imaginary) poor mentally-retarded person who was used as the bomb carrier.

My point, now, is that too much energy is being wasted chasing airy-fairy stories. This Ronbo story is just one more of them. It's all a waste of time, and brings these blogs closer to uselessness. Cc.