Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Socialist’s Warning to Hizb ut-Tahrir

I weep for my country.

Not only did the USA create an independent Muslim gangster state in the Balkans, but feisty little Denmark is miles ahead of us in the Counterjihad.

In Denmark even the socialists are staunchly against Islamization. Mind you, these are the Danish equivalents of Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy.

Here are two articles from the Danish-language media on the latest pronouncement by the socialist leader Villy Søvndal. First a Jyllands-Posten article, as translated by our Danish correspondent TB:

Søvndal to HuT: You have come to the wrong place

If they are so flatheaded that they really want the caliphate and the sharia they should go to Iran or Saudi Arabia, writes SF’s [The Socialist Peoples Party’s] leader about the extreme muslim organization.

Villy Søvndal“Hizb-ut-Tahrir is not only wrong — they have simply come to the wrong country. They have nothing to do in Denmark, and they will not achieve their goals, writes Villy Søvndal in his blog, and continues:

“There are countries in the world that are much closer to the wet dreams of these fools. So if the wish is caliphate or sharia — then their potential is much, much bigger for example in Iran or Saudi Arabia. So from here a clear request: ‘Move on — and it can’t happen fast enough!’“

The leader of SF has this announcement for “the ordinary Danes, who with good reason are very tired of HuT’s grotesque viewpoints and insane demonstrations: There are a lot of us who feel the same way. I am tired of them too! Therefore let us together send them a clear message: Your benighted state of idiocy has no place on earth, because in the long run nobody wants to live in captivity, ignorance and your pathetic clumsiness”


“To those who feel attracted by HuT and who meet resistance in their life — as every human meets resistance in life: Get out of the role of victim. Get out of the Middle Ages. Have the courage to use your common sense. Acknowledge the historic superiority of democracy, acknowledge the authority and equality of women, acknowledge sensibility and knowledge as the foundation to meet other people. Then, everything is going to be all right.”

The second article is from Berlingske Tidende, and has been translated by our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc:
- - - - - - - - -
Socialist chairman Villy Søvndal to Hizb-ut-Tahrir: Bugger off!

Hizb-ut-Tahrir has nothing whatsoever to do in Denmark, says Socialist People’s Party chairman Villy Søvndal, who calls the organizations Caliphate dreams ‘imbecile’.

Villy Søvndal doesn’t use soft talk on his party’s homepage, where he in a hitherto unseen attack on Hizb-ut-Tahrir urges them to “go somewhere else”.

“Hizb-ut-Tahrir isn’t only confused, they are totally lost. If they really are so stupid that they want Sharia and a Caliphate here, they’ve come to the wrong country. They have nothing whatsoever to do in Denmark and they will not get what they want.”

The party’s chairman calls Hizb-ut-Tahrir and its members “fools” and says that he is utterly tired of their “grotesque demonstrations” and “lunatic views”.

“That’s why I urge Hizb-ut-Tahrir and its supporters — the chairman of the ‘Islamic Society’ [Danish version of CAIR — translator], who marched at one of their demonstrations, included — to go somewhere else. Your cause has no perspective and no future in Denmark. And all ordinary Danes are sick and tired of Hizb-ut-Tahrir and its grotesque and insane demonstrations: That’s how most of us feel. And I am one of them!”


Stopmakingsense said...

It seems that in Europe anyway, only gormless Gordon Brown has absolutely no objections to Hizb ut-Tahrir, and everything for which they stand.

Mind you his party are currently hovering just to the left of Trotsky, therefore what can you expect.

Dennis Mahon said...

Things must be dire indeed, if the socialists have decided that the jihad is no longer a useful cats-paw, but a genuine threat.

pela68 said...


Indeed, indeed!

The problem are that it's only the Danish socialists that have decided that the jihad is no longer a useful cats- paw!

The rest of Europe is still pretty much just rolling over on their backs...

Abu Abdullah said...

little Denmark is miles ahead of us in the Counterjihad

Yet, Denmark is expected to recognize Kosovar Albanians' unilateral declaration of independence, thus sending the wrong signal to the Jihadists in Denmark.

Yorkshireminer said...

I was just browsing the Danish Bloggs and had just finished reading Villy's when I popped over here to read my favorite blogg. the complete text is there and very robust to say the least. The no of comments were around 150 which considering Denmark which has such a small population is very large indeed, most blogger's are luck to get 1000 hits per week.most of the comments were on the line thanking him for saying what they were thinking. there was ever one commentor from Iran.Half way through the comment, he adds a comment himself. I have made a rough translation, enjoy reading it I certainly did.

Dear All,
now Stop! many thanks for the many kind words from all sides of the political spectrum. And yes, the left has had wool in its mouth generally seen. But I have said many of these things before. But it is very nice that they have been taken seriously today. This will not be the last time that you hear from me on this subject because it is a serious problem we must deal with and I think that it is a problem that can not be solved by the right or left in politics. But in Democracy Freedom and common reasonableness and decency. For everybodys sake. Also for the many with other ethnical backgrounds who really fight for a good ordinary live in Denmark.

Thank you


leadpb said...

This man's sensible commentary demonstrates that it is quite possible to deliver an effective message without resorting to militant or hateful language. He has clearly tapped into the public's underlying anger and fears but only indirectly, a very wise approach.

To say "You know what, we really don't want you here when your only goal is to implement your radical agenda. It's just not working out..."-- that is a firm message that a lot of fence-sitters can relate to. I hope it catches on.

John Sobieski said...

Well, it's past time to take the next step. Strip citizenship of Muslims advocating for caliphate, deport all Muslim immigrants. Any Muslim prisoners, strip citizenship if they have it and deport upon sentence completion. If they agree to go now, then cut their sentences short and kick them out. Make clear to the Muslims citizens that remain, political Islam is banished, fini. Pass laws, whatever it takes, to put Islam on a very, very short leash.

laine said...

The key has always been for western leftist to wake up and get out of bed with the Islamists. Drunk with their own utopian vision, they went to bed with what they thought was a good-looking girl called Multicult and defended her against all criticism and now she's turned out to be a bearded dude with fangs bared and slicing their pets such as feminism and gay rights.

However, there are always the slow learners, you know, the ones who give the key to their home to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, who insist the trail of blood following their misunderstood friend is a "coincidence", who believe they know better than anyone who tries to warn them, who defend the indefensible literally to death, their own death but unfortunately others as well.

I have yet to hear a word of commonsense out of Labor in Great Britain, the Democrats in the USA or Liberal/NDP parties in Canada on immigration and multiculturalism that would even begin to approach this leader of a Socialist party in Denmark. They're still dragging us down into the dark basement from which no one has returned alive after making sure we're totally disarmed of course.

Why has it taken so long to state the obvious? there are people, groups and cultures in the world who despise democracy and Western ideals and use them only to infiltrate and substitute their own inferior primitive ways. They must be persona non grata in the West, not coddled.

The Left has to stop opening all the doors and windows to parasites and vampires in some suicidal hypnotic trance to another totalitarianism.

Profitsbeard said...

Islam doesn't take rejection well.

It's built into the Koran to dominate and not be dominated.

A shame no one in the Western leadership (or even any of its religious heads) bothered to read the al-Qur'an before blindly allowing Muslims to emigrate into the West.

Cuckoo's eggs look harmless, but their hatching is fatal.

Charlemagne said...

I think it may be a little more challenging for the former British colonies of the US, Canada, and Australia to take a tough stance given our histories of being so-called melting pots. In spite of the fact that up until recently all our nations were overwhelmingly of European descent. White guilt drives Liberals to suicidal tendencies. Many Americans of all political persuasions believe that the US is and should be open to any one that wants to come and we have no ethnic claims to the land to leverage to say "enough, no more immigration from non-Western lands". At least in Europe it is, or should be, difficult for anyone (outside LGF) to fault Europeans for wanting to preserve Europe for its native inhabitants. Since we in North America and Australia took over form the natives we don't have that advantage.

Bela said...

To your attention!
I couple days ago I expressed my uncanny feeling in this forum that Europe shall not count on American support in their fight against Islamic encroachment. My observation was considered a sacrilege and I was severely scolded and reprimanded.
I was right and here is the proof:
red blood Americans in TEXAS! converting to Islam in large numbers and their number now reached 400.000 and growing fast.

Please take a look at the video:


Anonymous said...

Bela, I wouldn't worry too much about the red-blooded Texans. That video is pure propaganda from a website called turntoislam.com. I only watched a couple of minutes of it and had to laugh. I'm sure there are many Americans who are converting to Islam, but they are outliers, people from very disfunctional backgrounds. It's not a mainstream thing to do, except for the black underclass or people in prison.

I do agree with you that many people here, and especially our government, don't understand what's happening in Europe and are on the wrong side for the time being, but we aren't converting en masse to Islam. Anyone can make a video, put some emotionally disturbed people in front of a camera, and put the results on teh intarwebs. This video is as informative as the talking cats at icanhascheezburger.com.

Rier said...

It's good to read that Mr. Sovndal acknowledges the stupidy of the Left on this issue, but I have to agree with what Laine noted:

"I have yet to hear a word of commonsense out of Labor in Great Britain, the Democrats in the USA or Liberal/NDP parties in Canada on immigration and multiculturalism that would even begin to approach this leader of a Socialist party in Denmark."

Sad, but true.

I've been a member of the NDP for my entire adult life but as a "small c-" social conservative (by that party's standards at least), I've grown increasingly irritated with it over many years for its stand on a growing number of issues in the "culture wars", and the ideological prostitution of the Left - embodied in it's obscene alliance with Jihadist groups and causes - has, since I've become aware of it over the last few years, been the final straw. They will not be getting my vote in any upcoming elections until they decisively change course on this issue, which they could do, for starters, by reversing the opposition they've put up under their idiotic leader "Taliban Jack" (Layton) to this country's war effort in Afghanistan.

I've been speaking up to people of influence that I know of in the party about the Islamist leanings of the Left and related issues, and I know a few others who feel the same way, but so far with little noticeable result and I have the impression that it may be a very long time indeed before the Left in general can offer much of use to the anti-Jihadist resistance.

On the contrary, if matters come to a head anytime soon, as for instance in another global war or the eruption of the bloodbath in Western Europe that many of us expect to see in the next few years, I'd expect that many of these parties will be so compromised in the aftermath that they, their ideologies and their programs will have to be scrapped entirely and replaced with something completely new, rebuilding from scratch. In fact, I can easily see myself supporting the notion of bringing some of these people to trial for treason once the dust settles.

Its gratifying to read Mr. Sovndal's recent comments but I have a suggestion for him. For the sake both of Denmark and of the entire world, he needs to begin lobbying his counterparts in the Socialist/Social Democratic, Left-wing and centre-left parties of other nations to follow suite. A person in his position may have a far greater influence over them than an alienated grassroots individual like me. And if he truly values the movement that his party and other like-minded ones elsewhere have been part of - for women's advancements, a fair deal for ordinary people, for those in the poorer classes, marginalized groups, progress in health care and education, enlightened social reforms, and the like - he needs to highlight the fact that this (all of it) is threatened everywhere - not just in Denmark - and try to get his message noticed by audiences beyond Denmark, in circles of influence similar to his own. I dare say, it may be that he needs to blast his fellow Socialists every bit as hard as he's just blasted Hizb ut Tahrir.

Henrik R Clausen said...

This is big in the newspapers today. Jyllands-Posten puts it this way, in large type on the front page:

Go to Hell

That's quite clear. 'Hell' in this context would be countries where Islam rules. Bad places indeed.

Villy now has 500+ comments on his blog, most of them exstatic, and he has a new post on HuT up today. This is a watershed event.

For those whining about your own politicians still not getting it, please grab the opportunity and tell them that even the left wing in Denmark has had enough and wants the Islamists to leave our nice countries, and that it is time for other democracies to follow the example.

Writing letters and blogging is recommended. And it takes time. One doesn't get a victory like this in one shot, it takes a bit of groundwork to get there. Since we're the best educated about it, it's our task.

For the Intifada in Denmark, it's pretty much over. Apart from bombing a solarium 500 meters from my office, nothing of note happened today or yesterday.

And Kurt Westergaard, the artist behind the bomb-in-turban Motoon, said Monday that he had no place to stay. I offered to Flemming Rose that he could use my summer house, and lots of others came up with similar offers. He's now safely housed again, and I got a warm 'Thank you' from Flemming Rose.

Islam sure makes life more challenging...

nikolai said...

The Left in Europe has signed it's own death warrant.

Either their attempted colonization of their own countries will backfire and produce a nationalist revival that sees them (at best) lose all influence for 50 years or more. Or, the colonization will succeed to the point where their muslim voters no longer need the left's help and will turn on them.

A lot of them must privately realize this.

The socialists in Denmark may just be trying to ride the wave and survive so they can continue the colonization with non-muslim immigrants.

Personally I'm never trusting them again but it's good news in the short-term.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Nikolai, Villy is sincere on this. He's not triangulating or anything, he simply stands for what he considers right.

I disagree with Villy on a lot of stuff - he's still in many ways a bleeding-heart socialist. But for this one, I can only applaud the good stuff and rejoice.

Zenster said...

John Sobieski: Well, it's past time to take the next step. Strip citizenship of Muslims advocating for caliphate, deport all Muslim immigrants. Any Muslim prisoners, strip citizenship if they have it and deport upon sentence completion. If they agree to go now, then cut their sentences short and kick them out. Make clear to the Muslims citizens that remain, political Islam is banished, fini. Pass laws, whatever it takes, to put Islam on a very, very short leash.

This applies to any Western country that wishes to survive Islam's wave of colonists. The sooner we set about doing this, the less life lost, Muslim and Infidel alike.

nikolai said...


You know the guy better than me so I'll bow to your judgement.

Matt said...

Maybe this is a sign that the left and right need to finally start getting together to come up with a real workable solution before everything descends into one giant crap-storm.