Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Danish Responses, Muslim Reactions

In response to the latest wave of Muslim violence, the Danish authorities are working intensively on ways to deal with the riots.

Meanwhile, “freedom fighters” in Gaza are calling for the prompt extermination of Danish cartoonists.

I’ve had these two articles since last night, and I’ve been so busy that I almost lost track of them. Thanks to Henrik of Europe News for translating them.

First, from Jyllands-Posten:

Rioters to be evicted

Housing administrators in most of Denmark are ready to act against the troublemakers behind the arson and destruction in Denmark during the past week.

The young troublemakers, who have caused destruction in most major cities, risk being evicted from their apartments.

Some administrators have already made up their minds to evict the rioters and their families, while others are seriously considering following this line.

Violent unrest

The reactions from the administrators follow several days of violent unrest which spread from central Copenhagen to other parts of the country, where garbage containers, cars and schools have been set ablaze. The total cost of the damage as yet to be accounted for, but the reaction from the housing administrators is clear: If it can be proven that a tenant is responsible for arson or other destructive behavior, he will be evicted for violations of the appropriate law.

“In this case, the administrators are prepared to court and have the persons evicted by legal means,” states CEO of Fællesorganisationens Boligforening in Slagelse, Jørgen Mejlgård, who administers some 3,500 apartments.

Politics of consequence

In Copenhagen, the statements from KAB and FSB, who administer some 63,000 apartments in the capital, are that inhabitants involved in destructive behavior will be evicted if it is deemed necessary. Arbejdernes Andelsboligforening (AAB) with 18,000 apartments are giving the approach serious consideration.

As is Kalundborg Almennyttige Boligselskab, though they are primarily requesting “dialogue”. “But if members of one family keeps wrecking everything, other measures will be considered,” states chairman Richard Poulsen.

Brabrand Boligforening, who owns Gellerupparken [large ghetto] near Århus, have conducted a politics of consequence in the area since 2003, and CEO Torben Overgaard states that this will continue. “We know that it is the same families causing trouble over and over. And if they cause considerable inconvenience to their surroundings, we will cancel their rental contracts,” says Torben Overgaard, who in Århus is supported by Boligselskabet Århus Omegn, who administers Rosenhøj, which had similar problems.

A broad set of initiatives.
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Chairman for Boligselskabernes Landsforening, Henning Kirk Christiansen, who is also CEO of Boligselskabet Højstrup, owner of the ghetto area Vollsmose, supports the tough stance. But he adds that evicting the rioters does not itself solve any problems. “Consideration for other inhabitants necessitates eviction of violent inhabitants. But we are still left with a core question: Why these brats behave like this at all, which demands a broad set of initiatives,” states Henning Kirk Christiansen.

Demands on parents

Minister of Welfare Karen Jespersen (Venstre) calls on the local governments to put demands on the parents of troublemaking kids. This can happen by means of a so-called “forældrepålæg”, where the parents risk the loss of child-related benefits if they fail to live up to certain demands. “We frequently see kids running about late at night without any adult keeping track of what they are doing. This is unsustainable,” says Karen Jespersen.

Also from Jyllands-Posten:

Calls for attacks on Danish embassies

A leading member of a militant organization in Gaza today called upon believing Muslims to attack Danish embassies and diplomats. This comes as an extension of the reprinting of a Muhammad cartoon in Danish newspapers.

“Blow up the Danish embassies and kill the ambassadors,”, says Abu Abir, spokesman for the Public Resistances Committees (PRC) in a speech in Hamas-controlled Gaza. During the speech Danish flags were incinerated.

Abir called upon all Islamists to “track down those who printed the caricatures, those who created them and those who published them, and slaughter them immediately.” The call comes three days after thousands of adherents of the Islamist Hamas movement demonstrated in Gaza against the new publication of a Muhammad cartoon in Danish media.


Henrik R Clausen said...

Today's headline in Jyllands-Posten:


The target of the headline are the Islamists, defined as those who want to replace democracy with the caliphate, and 'Hell' may, at your lesure, be defined as those countries where Islam rule. The sender of the message is Willy Søvndal, chairman of the Socialist People's party, left of the Social Democrats.

I think we just outdone ourselves.

Anonymous said...

What an excellent phrase and much needed ideal, the "Politics of Consequence". I hope it finds its way into broader political discourse.

painlord2k@gmail.com said...

I'm sure that jihading homeless in the danish winter will not be a very rewarding experience for these youths.

laine said...

It is long past due to turn the tables on Muslims and Arabs who arrive in the West with no sense of gratitude at escaping their own Islam-based hell-holes but with a vast unjustified sense of entitlement and the desire to recreate the hellholes in their new abode. They believe they are chosen to rule the earth for Allah, so everywhere they go, they sashay about like owners, complaining to the "servants" about every little speck of dust, sniffing down their noses at everyone, collecting jizya/welfare/tribute with no shame, even for 4 wives and their army of offspring.

They need to be confronted with demands, not merely dish them out to others. Learn the host's language, get a job, shut up about your religion that everyone is heartily sick of. Practise it quietly and privately with no state aid. Stop making demands that your religion does not reciprocate to anyone else. The West is offended by barbarisms in your religion like punishing the victim for rape, stoning, dishonor killings, female circumcision, blowing up civilians including children etc. Eliminate all these primitive practices before preaching to anyone else about cartoons and teddy bears! Pay for your vandalism or that of your "youth" either with damages or if you're on Welfare, with being deported.

By and large, Arabs/Muslims do not have a reputation for being hard workers. Look at what the Jews have made of the desert vs what the Palestinian Arabs have made of their territory. Perhaps following a centuries-long heritage of looting and pillaging other cultures by Islam, Arab men prefer to spend their time destroying than building anything themselves for their children. Islamic countries with money import foreign workers who are treated like serfs while Arab citizens commonly remain drones. Bizarrely, the minority who do obtain an education, even in the West, seem not to use their engineering and medical degrees to improve the living standard of their people, but to plot mayhem against non-Muslims or even blow themselves up along with their higher degree!

Put the onus on them to prove themselves good immigrants and citizens. Make them pay when they are not. When they push, push back twice as hard. That's the only thing they respect, is strength. All co-operation, negotiation, one-sided goodwill they see as weakness to exploit.

Dag said...

If there is any further word on a bombing today, Wednesday, of a sun-tan salon in Copenhagen I'd appreciate a line.

Thanks, Dag.

Henrik R Clausen said...

The explosion was in a part of town that I visit on a regular basis, about 1 km away from the office I work at. The roads were blocked by the police so I couldn't get to see the site myself.

An article in the English-language section of Jyllands-Posten has more news.

The police rules out terrorism, which is nice. The suspects are said to be "men of foreign background" (note: the police does not hide the fact), and the police says it has quite a few leads.

My take: It might be that the tanning center serves as a front for money laundering, and that the explosion is a settlement of a 'business issue' related to this.'

'Cultural enrichment' for sure :(

Dag said...

Thanks, Henrik. I'll follow up on your leads.

It's always easy for me to blame jihadis for everything bad that Muslims do, whether they're motivated by Islam or not. Some Muslims are just criminals. However, this seems a bit suspicious to me, coming as it does during a campaign of rioting over the past week and more. The target is ridiculous, but no moreso than most, targets of opportunity or at times chance, just the dropping of a bomb wherever and whenever. Lastly, and I might be all wrong altogether, criminals usually use gasoline to start fires in businesses, not bombs. Building bombs requires a minimum of study and practice to get it right, not a casual hobby like fire-bombing a storefront. In short, I would guess thy had some previous experience. If so, then what's next?

Again, Henrik, thanks for the leads.