Monday, February 18, 2008

It’s Time to Buy Danish — Again

Remember the boycott of Danish goods two years ago, during Round One of the Great Motoon Crisis? The OIC, with Saudi Arabia in the lead, announced a boycott against all goods produced by those offensive Viking infidels. In response some of the large Danish conglomerates, with the notorious Arla in the lead, caved in immediately and groveled before the sheikhs of Araby.

Buy Danish or elseBut the typical response was the raising of the renowned Danish middle finger to the Middle East and Muslims in general. Word spread through the blogosphere about plucky little Denmark, and counterjihad-minded people throughout the West started buying Danish. Not only was the boycott ineffective, it backfired: Danish exports actually rose.

The Arabs were denied the pleasure of Danish products, while the rest of us gorged on Havarti — not Arla brand, mind you! — and washed it down with Carlsberg.

Danish butter cookiesA few days ago I just happened to notice Royal Dansk butter cookies on the shelf at my local Food Lion, so I decided to renew our personal “Buy Danish” campaign and picked up a box.

And not a moment too soon — in response to the latest crisis, Arabs have announced a new boycott.

According to AKI:

Saudi Arabia: New boycott against Danish goods after cartoon row

A new campaign has begun in Saudi Arabia calling for a boycott of Danish products, after the fresh publication of 12 controversial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, reported the Arab daily al-Watan.

“We will carry out a new boycott,” said the president of Arab entrepreneurs, Mohammed Abidat.

“It is imperative for Arab and Muslim tradespeople and shopkeepers to boycott Danish products,” he said.


The Muslim World League, a leading non-government organisation in the Muslim world, has condemned the renewed publication of the cartoons.

“It is important to take every initiative to ensure that the Prophet is not offended again.”

I say: it’s important to offend the Prophet every day, over and over again, until all the mujahideen drop dead of apoplexy.
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No to Arla!So buy Danish. If your local supermarket doesn’t carry Havarti or Carlsberg or Royal Dansk or any of the other good Danish stuff, check out a specialty store.

But don’t buy Arla! Not only is Arla a predatory corporate conglomerate, but they have also proved themselves to be complete and utter commercial dhimmis.

Skip Arla — the logo is prominent and easy to spot — and go for all the other good Viking merchandise.

Hat tip: insubria.


kepiblanc said...

A few links for those of you who want to buy Danish goods:

Personally, I can recommend Otterup Rifles to be shipped across the pond with MAERSK SEALAND.

I R A Darth Aggie said...

Thanks, Kepiblanc for that info. Apparently not all Danish exports are fattening... ;-)

RAZ said...

Not a problem what-so-ever! I love Carlsberg beer!

Holger said...

Arla is part Swedish so of course they would cower! I'm Swedish and I have no respect for my country or what it has produced...

John Sobieski said...

Definitely buying Danish on my grocery shopping trips! Don't you think we ought to wait before judging Aria and see if they cave again?

Henrik R Clausen said...

I'd expect Arla to cave in, for sure.

We're having some nice rounds of good news. Most significant is probably that the leader of Socialistisk Folkeparti - left of Social Democrats - are asking any and all Islamists to leave.

Really. Get lost. Scram. Move to a country with an appropriate brutal dictatorship.

Commentators on his blog are jubilant!

B.J. Pershing said...

Skagen watches are great