Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Once More with Feeling: Pig Heads at a Mosque Site

Last year the Baron wrote about the planned building of a mosque in Gothenburg. The new mosque is being funded by a radical Wahhabist group from Saudi Arabia, with the approval of the Swedish authorities.

In the latest twist to this story, some unknown vandals have been making free with pigs’ heads to express their deep unhappiness with the upcoming mosque. I certainly hope they were from an abbatoir and already due for their turn on our tables. Otherwise, it’s a horrible waste of perfectly good pork…oh, dear — I hope I haven’t offended the part of our readership made up of PETA advocates.

Saudis are corrupt, but Saudi money corrupts absolutely…

Here’s the story from Göteborgs-Posten, as translated by our Danish correspondent TB.

Pigs’ heads in GothenburgTwo chopped-off pigs’ heads were found yesterday on the ground at Ramberget where a mosque is about to be built.

“One thing follows another. The development is going in the wrong direction,” Bachar Ghanoum comments.

He is a doctor and the vice-spokesman for the Swedish Muslim Foundation (Sveriges Muslimske Stiftelse), which is about to build the mosque at Myntgatan in the southern part of Ramberget.

He had not heard about the macabre discovery when GP called.

“Yeah… how are you supposed to react to such things? I see it as an action that follows the third publication of the Mohammed drawings. Everything in this climate encourages this kind of behavior. It is a way to insult Muslims and Islam as a religion.”

Hostile letters

This “climate”, according to Bachar Ghanoum, has recently been getting worse and worse, and has had the effect that people who previously kept their insulting perceptions to themselves are now letting it out into the open.

He receives hostile letters and phone calls himself on a regular basis.
- - - - - - - - -
“There is maybe a letter every month and sometimes I receive anonymous phone calls. I get worried, but it is not something that makes me stop.”

The planning of the building continues

The same thing applies to the building of the mosque. Since the financing from Saudi Arabia was made available in April of last year, the planning goes on.

“We will be starting the project in maybe a few more months. We hope to start building during the summer.”

The chopped-off pig heads were lying fully visible twenty meters from the road, on the grass at Myntgatan where the mosque is about to be built.

“When I saw them I knew instantly that this was about someone who did not like the plans for building a mosque,” says Mario Curkovic, who made the discovery at noon yesterday.

He lives at Kvilletorget and usually passes by the place when he takes a walk with his dog.

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Félicie said...

The muzzies will just sprinkle their version of holy water on this or say some prayer and declare the mosque site "clean" again. This is more than anything a symbolic gesture.

Frank said...

Symbolic gestures can be quite powerful when taken together. Part of the process of stopping Islamofication is mainstreaming resistance. If it happens once, it's an aberration. If it happens twice, it's evidence of strong feelings, or "hatred" as the forces of PC would have it. If it happens a lot, it's resistance.

Jungle Jim said...

'When I saw them I knew instantly that this was about someone who did not like the plans for building a mosque,” says Mario Curkovic, who made the discovery at noon yesterday.

He lives at Kvilletorget and usually passes by the place when he takes a walk with his dog.'

Mario is also defiling the Mosque-to-be by walking his dog past it.

Frank said...

Rewrite by Monty Python:

'When I saw the Luftwaffe dropping bombs on London, I knew instantly that this was about someone who did not like the British,” said Sir Hijinks Bigglesworth, Minister of the Bleeding Obvious.

Zenster said...

“Yeah… how are you supposed to react to such things? I see it as an action that follows the third publication of the Mohammed drawings. Everything in this climate encourages this kind of behavior. It is a way to insult Muslims and Islam as a religion.”

Far be it from Mr. Ghanoum to consider that, just maybe, Western civilization perceives "Muslims and Islam" as an insult to everything they have fought and died for—all too often against other damned Muslims—over the last dozen centuries or so.

After all how are we in the West supposed to "react" to such things as Female Genital Mutilation, amputations, beheadings, stonings and the odd fully loaded passenger jet airliner being flown into an occupied skyscraper or two?

As always, Islam cannot possibly look in the mirror as it asks these insultingly obvious questions. One day, Muslims will finally realize how it is Islam that "encourages this kind of behavior" in those who just so happen to regard their barbaric and Neanderthal cult as something less than acceptable in polite society.

laine said...

There is enough information out there that establishes Saudi funded mosques do not resemble your friendly neighborhood church but are command centers for the world caliphate (and in many cases in the Muslim world, arms depots).

Western leaders have to stop giving permission for anything Saudi funded and in fact there should be a moratorium on all mosques until there is reciprocity: non-Muslims allowed to build houses of worship in Muslim lands starting with Saudi Arabia itself.

Let the Saudis and their high-priced lawyers sputter. They need to be told that they have no right to demand that which they do not grant themselves. Western legal expertise needs to develop a roving team to stop mosque construction with documentation of Saudi imams preaching hate and insurrection. This will likely have to be on a pro bono basis, by lawyers unwilling to see Western civilization (and their living) extinguished as no one can match the Saudi millions when they're willing to spend 14 million on a vanity license plate. It's like monopoly money to them.

That money has already corrupted free speech in the West in a subterranean way. Saudis have managed to stop publication of at least two books exposing their nefarious funding.

On a technicality that a handful of her book were sold in Britain, American author Rachel Ehrenfeld was successfully sued there in an undefended action for libel by Saudis for "Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It". Any future book she writes could get banned in Britain in the same way as well as the EU and the publisher as well as author made liable for damages. As a result, she has been unable to get a contract in the United States for another book, one on the Muslim brotherhood.

A second book published by Cambridge Press in Britain "Alms for Jihad" also detailing Saudi funding of terrorism was sued into oblivion, with all copies withdrawn from stores and libraries and unsold copies destroyed. Who knows if a few copies have survived in people's homes, whether they are breaking the law?

British libel law is apparently the reverse of in the United States: the onus is on the author to prove what he's written is true, instead of the litigant proving it's untrue (and malicious) as is required in the USA.

No one has as robust a defense of free speech as the First Amendment. It appears there will be a stream of intellectual refugees seeking the right to expose the enemy. On the other hand, Ehrenfield is an American author who can't get published here anymore either due to what happened in no-longer-Great Britain.

laine said...

Just checked. Alms for jihad is not available through Amazon or Canada's largest book chain. But Ehrenfeld's book is available. Buy it now before the Saudis manage to destroy this evidence as well.

spackle said...

"He receives hostile letters and phone calls himself on a regular basis."
- - - - - - - - -
“There is maybe a letter every month and sometimes I receive anonymous phone calls. I get worried, but it is not something that makes me stop.”

Well boo f*****g hoo! How many of those "hostile letters" threaten him with decapitation from angry Christian jihadis? He knows full well that nothing will come of any threats from those letters. The same thing cannot be said for Mr. Vilks or any other brave souls out there who dare offend Islam.

Stopmakingsense said...

I was led to believe that like pigs - dogs were taboo in Islam, because they too - given certain circumstances would eat animal excrement.

Am I mistaken on this point?

mikej said...

From personal observation, I can verify that Stopmakingsense is correct that dogs will eat their own excrement.

I wonder whether Muslims' aversion to pork is as pronounced as some writers on the Internet would have us believe. I've worked beside a number of Muslims, and have never seen any of them flee in terror from the ham sandwiches I brought for lunch. The prohibition against eating pork once made sense for people who had not learned to cure and cook it properly. Trichinosis will make a person deathly ill.

In any case, leaving pig's heads on the site of a proposed mosque will prove as futile as it is silly. Like white Americans, Swedes are incapable of banding together in their own interests. Their latest proposed immigration restriction has so many exceptions as to be meaningless. Swedes will neither elect a government that prohibits further Muslim immigration, nor effectively encourage Muslims to leave Sweden. Swedes, like white Americans, are afraid even to debate either possibility.

While America has an unfortunate history of slavery and an unfortunate geographic position next to a third world country, there was never any reason for the Swedes to accept any third world immigrants. Yet they did. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that America will become a third world country around 2050, though I expect it sooner. We can expect Sweden to join the third world even before America does.

Joanne said...

What good will a couple pig heads do when pig manure is oh so much more fragrant.

Saudi money for building mosques in the West would be like Hitler funding Nazi extermination camps for the Jews in the West. We've already seen Muslims attack the people in the West; how many more Muslims are going to crawl out of these western mosques to commit terrorist acts.

Nemesis said...

Here in Australia...more specifically Sydney, New South Wales, the local muslim enclave have been attempting to build an Islamic School and a meeting hall in the outer suburbs of Sydney since early last year. They have since then had both applications rejected by the local Councils. This has been because of the number of complaints received from the local residents, who banded together to have them defeated.

But this has not deterred our muslim friends who have now moved onto a small town named Camden, which is south west of Sydney, and have purchased an old disused dairy farm within the town precincts.

Toward the end of 2007 the locals found out about the proposed Islamic school, which would cater for 1200 students, and began to protest on the grounds that the town did not have the infrastructure for such a large school.

In this State, whenever a development application is received by the local council, which is responsible for issuing building permits, the application has to be publicly advertised. Hence the protest.

Over a period of several weeks there were a number of public meetings. As the weeks rolled on the crowd increased. At the last meeting there was an estimated 1000people in attendance, most of who had to be content to remain outside during the meeting because the venue was not big enough to accommodate them all.

And it seems that the pigs head message may be universal, because at one time during an interval between meetings, two pigs heads on stakes with quotations from the bible suddenly appeared on the old dairy farm that the muslims had purchased.There was the usual disinterest by the local police but the gesture made front page news in the town paper.

Anyway there was the usual PC crap from some of the big Sydney papers about 'racism' and there was even some misguided protests against the local 'racists' by some university kids who should have known better.(Just proves how far left the academics are that fill our kids heads with crap)

A final decision on the application will be made by Camden Town Council next month (March) It is expected that it too will be rejected which then means that the muslims, if still wishing to build their school, will have to take their application to the State Land and Enviroment Court.

People power can have an effect. Terry

Stopmakingsense said...


Has the recent election of a Labour government in Aus, effected the landscape of political correctness, or is it, as yet, too early to tell.
These policies of rank stupidity and detriment toward their own peoples don't usually show until a year or two down the line....

Jesse said...


The elites in Australia are having a field day, we just basically had a national "shame" day where schoolchildren were forced to watch a nationally televised PM saying sorry on behalf of all white people in the nation for being born such evil white people.

But like europe resistance still stirs, the elites may change positions but at the end of the day the average people are getting progressively more and more peed off.

To see what happens when aussies get upset with our muslim "enrichers" I suggest a search on google for the phrase "cronulla riots".

It was two years ago but I still know people boasting that they were there, a bit crude perhaps, but its a lesson about what happens when governments and the media simply refuse to listen.

turn said...

What's the old saw?--a stopped watch is still correct twice a day.

Our ardent enemies are correct all hours of every day.

Who sponsors our politicians to prevent our own energy independence by drilling in Alaska's ANWR? Does anyone think that Sierra Club and NWF have the kind of resources to politically foil Exxon-Mobil? Get real. Saudis will pay almost anything to continue OPEC's monopoly cartel. And they have willing accomplices.

I understand that this screed may seem off topic--it's not--it's actually at the heart of this great debate.

There is a triumvirate of our interrelated foes--the resurgence of socialism, Islamism, and energy dependence. We can solve these challenges... but will we?

VinceP1974 said...


That's an interesting idea what you brought up about perhaps saudi is preventing us from drilling up there.

I woulnd't doubt it one bit

Nemesis said...

Stopmakingsense....A new political party has emerged from the shadows calling itself the Australian Protectionist Party(APP).

I have joined this party because it recognises and wishes to be rid of, the political crap that has engulfed this country for the past thirty odd years.

None of the main stream parties (Liberal or Labor) nor the smaller parties, have the political will to even acknowledge the root of most of our problems, Multiculturalism.

So it is now left up to people such as myself to spread the word that enough is enough, we want our country back!

As Jesse has stated in his/her comment, our children are being brainwashed in our public schools with the most anti nationalist crap that a whole generation in future will need to be re educated.

This country is no different from any other western nation in what it has had thrown at it by the bleeding heart hand wringers that emerged in the 1960's. As Jesse says, we are all getting mighty pissed off with it all. Terry

Nemesis said... are absolutely correct! Saudi Arabian money. That is why the Islamic enclaves can afford to buy such huge parcels of land for their subversive colonizing of our lands. Time to wake up! Terry

Anonymous said...

It is indeed true the elite self perceived "intelligentsia" are having a field day following the election of a globalist socialist government in Australia.

The multiculturalist lobby groups are now focussing on Pro Australian groups, already the so called "Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission" has set it's sights on the Australian Protectionist Party for the crime of questioning Islamic immigration into Australia.

They've attempted to intimidate the National Chairman and continue to send letters and copies of so called "racial vilification legislation" to him, with veiled references to "court appearances".

So much for free speech. Australians, like all people in the world, have a right to question government policy and stand up for their identity- their future.

All Australians should get behind the APP- give them your support, they're fighting for your future!