Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This One Takes the Prize

Brussels demo This picture may win the Fascist Boot prize for the Brussels 9/11 demonstration.

Here, the police are openly brutalizing a member of the EU parliament. The Baron thinks this poor guy is probably Frank Vanhecke, president of Vlaams Belang, though he would welcome correction from anyone who is sure of the man’s identity…

…oh, at this point of course, one is supposed to mention Vlaams Belang as the mandatory “extreme right wing” party. Remember the rules: the Left are activists and the Right are extremists. It’s from the international MSM-journalism style book.

It’s interesting how the police deliberately targeted many of the suits, who were not inciting anyone or threatening revolt. In this case, they seem to be using some sort of flag as an instrument of torture between this man's legs. Again, perhaps someone could enlighten me.

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My fellow Americans, when the next European sneers at American brutality, just show him this picture. The Brussels police, with their dogs and truncheons, make us look like rank amateurs.

To all Europeans, I would urge you not to give up. This is how the first round went in our American revolt against our colonial masters. We didn’t win until many years later. You have a long road ahead of you. For that matter, so do we.

As the Baron said, we are all Flemish now.

Hat tip: Steen

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Profitsbeard said...


Instead of allowing themselves to be demonized as "far right" or "extreme right", the protestors need to remind their critics that they are simply "preservationists" - preserving and defending the liberties that their ancestors died for.

And protesting to prevent the re-domination of the state by an alien and intolerant religious influence quietly infiltrating Europe.

They need to shout that they are the classical liberals int his contest.

Those opposing them are the true extremists, suicidalists and delusionalists.

Left or right are now meaningless.

Free or enslaved? is the question.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The gentleman in the suit has one arm controlled by a cop on his right. No doubt the other arm is similarly controlled. The hand in the man's crotch is probably from the officer standing behind reaching up to squeeze his testicles.

Men intent on violence don't usually appear in suits. The control exerted by the cops is excessive, even without the officer's hand between the legs.

R. Hartman said...

Judging by the sound of the video and the text of the article on The Brussels Journal the pigs were Walloons, eager to punish the Flemish nationalists, in revenge for Flanders no longer being willing to subsidize the Walloon socialists. The pigs only shout in French, which in itself says enough.

R. Hartman said...

By the way, nothing on this in the Dutch MSM, not even on their internet edition. Those who do address it just report Flip de Winter was picked up, nothing about what really went on. And you need to really search the sites; there's nothing in the headlines to show anything was even happening.

As expected, I should say. I'm not a violent man, but I start wishing I had weapons training and access to some effective ones...

ProFlandria said...

The person in the picture is indeed Vanhecke. The colorful blue-gray item in his crotch is not a "foreign object" of any kind, it's his own tie. Maybe the officer is trying to confiscate it before it can be turned into a fancy garrotte... Gotta watch them extremists, you know?

Dymphna said...


I could see this better in the smaller picture. Thanks for explaining.

ANyone want to do a guest post on the history of the friction between the Walloons and the Flemish? I have -- and have read -- Paul Belien's book but there's no way *I* could reduce an explanation to anything coherent.

Vol-in-Law said...

I guess those who warned of police brutality in advance of the demo were right.

It's a dark day for civilisation, and a darker one for Belgium. If I were a Fleming after seeing this I'd be thinking that armed revolt was the only answer.

Exile said...

It is Franck Vanhecke. Filip deWinter was wearing a blue suit, if I remember rightly.

Both were treated atrociously.

spackle said...

The last time I saw a picture of men in suits being hammered by cops was during the civil rights marches in the 60's. I personally think its a great image that should get lots of sympathy. A suit portrays an image of maturity, responsibility, and non-violence. I think all upcoming SIOE protesters should come well dressed purly as a part of strategy to garner sympathy when the cops,AFA and muslims come to do their dirty work. Not much sympathy for a guy with a mohawk and tattoo's getting creamed, but a suit?

Dymphna said...

I didn't realize this suddenly turned into a pissing contest between Americans and Europeans

You didn't know this? It's certainly not "sudden" -- it's been going on since before our own revolution, Super C. What history have you been reading??

You could begin to get up to scratch with Bat Y'eor's explanation of the motives behind Eurabia, and various policy analysts on why the French have been undermining us since Year One.

At best, you're being disingenuous because you surely couldn't have been in the dark *this* long.

Flanders Fields said...

Dymphna, I don't know if this article will help on your question regarding the Belgium situation, but it has a good recounting of the current situation on the potential split.


On the demo:

I was at a different location than that shown in the photos and the tactics by the police were incomprehensively forceful and overbearing toward individuals. No reason existed for the methods they used. They came behind one man and gave him a forceful two-arm shove. I don't think he was even in the demo.

They manhandled a young lady who had stopped to speak to an occupant of an outdoor cafe table. Again, I don't think she was connected with our attempted demo.

I never observed lawlessness or rude or violent behaviour by anyone except the police. Even the people they seemed to arrest only for having short haircuts showed no violence or resistence.

The Luxembourg Square was filled by police army units, as that is the only way it could be described. There were armored vehicles full of police in the square with water cannon vehicles to back them. They were there from the time I arrived at 10:30 along with numerous other police in the train station area directly behind.

There were reserve units parked about four blocks away with an additional five troop vehicles carrying eight each, plus another riot truck with water cannon and administative vehicles. They were never deployed so far as I could tell. Whether there were additional reserves in other areas I could not tell, but I suspect that there were.

The troops and the press clearly outnumbered other Europeans. The press seemed to ask good questions in a straight way. Where are their reports? Buried, while the topic moves to the many events which are used to hide events which are important. Reporters who had good stories to tell will have their stories lie in the editors or producers files.

Free speech, rights to assemble and to demonstrate peacefully are no longer the rights for Europe's people. Socialists, with a justifying mantra of political correctness, have seen to that. I don't know if it is that way in every city and country in Europe. It is that way in Brussels and Belgium.

personalrep1 said...


We face a crazy and insane situation. How is it possible that such an evil ideology (not religion) invented by an evil man who owned slaves, raped slaves, beheaded prisoners, sold women and children into slavery, looted and pillaged the property of murdered infidels, raped a child, created a demented and depraved Paradise of whore virgins called (Hurs a sub species of Homo sapiens) who re – virginate after sex, and granted Muslim men eternal hard – ons – be posing such a grave threat worldwide to democracy and freedom.

Any normal person reading the Koran immediately realizes that the hate, terror, violence pouring from the pages is not the word of God. And the second realization is that the Koran is all about Muhammad. The Koran verses are the teachings of Muhammad. There never were any so called revelations from ALLAH to Muhammad – the only revelations were from Muhammad to Muhammad. That no God who is God would ever create such an evil sexually depraved Paradise for murderers who kill and are killed in the service of God. It’s all ridiculous and laughable if it were not so dangerous.

The biggest problem we face in our struggle is that the political, media, and intellectual elites are making criticism of Islam off limits by labeling such criticism Islamophobia. These elites expect us to bow down before this evil craziness.

Nobody cares if Islam is a religion in which people pray 5 times a day, wash their feet, fast for one month, do not use alcohol etc. That would be wonderful. BUT IT IS NOT.

Islam is a declaration of war against infidels. Islam is an ideology of WAR. The Koran is a BOOK OF WAR. Allah is a GOD OF WAR. This war is permanent until all the infidels have converted, paid a submission tax or have been murdered. This is the LAW OF GOD AS SET DOWN IN THE KORAN

150,000 % of all Muslims believe the Koran is the divine word of God – the laws of God. The Koran remains for all Muslims, not just "fundamentalists," the uncreated word of God Himself. It is valid for all times and places; its ideas are absolutely true and beyond all criticism. To question it is to question the very word of God, and hence blasphemous. A Muslim's duty is to believe it and obey its divine commands.

Common sense and normal reason would dictate that no one could believe in a religion that sanctions the murder of people, owing slaves, raping slaves, a sexually depraved Paradise etc as Laws of God.

We must expose The Koran’s evil teachings and the depravity of this ideology. The Koran is not the divine word of God and the teachings of the Koran are not the Laws of God. Again they are the words and teachings of the evil – Muhammad.

We cannot allow Muslims to preach that they believe in all peace and love but refuse to acknowledge that the Koran is not the word of God. THIS IS KEY. We must demand that they renounce, denounce, and remove from the Koran the teachings of hate, terror and violence that fills the Koran. We must not treat Islam WITH ANY RESPECT AS A RELIGION BUT WITH DISTAIN AS AN EVIL IDEOLOGY.

The reform of Islam would be remarkably simple. It would only require the renouncing, denouncing and removing from the Koran the close to 1000 teachings of hate, terror, violence etc – TEACHINGS WHICH HAVE ABSOLURELY NO RELIGIOUS MERIT. Teachings like 9:111 9:29, 9:50 4:24, 4:34 etc etc as well as abolishing the Islamic Sexual Paradise of Virgins.

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The answer could be rather simple:

1. Fear of death. To challenge the teachings of Islam in any way MEANS DEATH. When web sites and western news papers remove postings that reveal the true historical evil of Muhammad because they fear violence - then how can we expect good Muslims who have families to stick their necks out?

2. Islam is all about MEN. It’s a men’s ideology. Muslim men are the Lords of their women and families. Muslim women are nothing more then baby machines. Any reform means equal rights for women and a tremendous loss of power for men.

3. Any reform will abolish the sexual depraved Paradise of debauchery and carnal delights. Millions have been murdered by Muslim men so they can ascend to this sick, immoral place of evil.

4. The loss of political power. Islam is not only about praying to God – it is also about the use of terror and violence in the name of God to obtain political power. Once Islam became a true religion of peace whose followers prayed to God – were terror was abolished - all means of imposing on society a religious dictatorship and justifying such totalitarianism in the name of God would no longer be possible.

Whatever the reasons – NONE OF THEM ARE ACCEPTABLE.

Western intellectuals and moderate Muslims by not challenging the evil of Islam - who do not renounce, and denounce all violence in the Koran WITHOUT EQUIVATION are, by leaving these violent and abhorrent teachings in the Koran, in effect saying that these teachings are NORMAL. They are acquiescing to evil. Once you accommodate evil, you lose your moral center and become willingly or unwillingly an accomplice to evil. You cannot be a Good Muslim – pray 5 times a day etc – and ignore the evil – the moral black hole that lies at very the heart of Islam.

We can no longer allow Peace Loving Muslims to declare Islam as a religion of Peace and Love and tolerance etc while leaving in the Koran and Islamic texts -teachings of terror, death and destruction, subrogation of women, intolerance, hate etc. We can no longer allow these Muslims to live in a fantasy world of an ALLAH of all Goodness and Muhammad – The Prophet of Peace while the Koran contains teachings of a hateful, murderous ALLAH – the ANTI ALLAH. By demanding that Peace Loving Muslims prove that they are Truly Peace Loving – by removing these evil teachings from the Koran – will be a TRUE MOMENT OF CATHARSIS FOR ISLAM.

Larry Houle

Conservative Swede said...

To accuse Dymphna of a pissing contest is so unfair, and reflects entirely upon the character of Jesus Christ Supercop. And not at all upon the site Gates of Vienna, which has a very balanced view of Europe vs. America. What is characteristic of Dymphna and Baron is their love of Europe, rather than anything else.

If you want to see some real knee-jerk American chauvinism you should go the comments section of the Brussels Journal site. The people there are really fanatical. Read the reactions of the virtual mob that dominates that site, unleashed by a dialog I had with Paul Belien:

It's almost unbelievable.

Here follows a few samples of the reactions. These guys are the most frequent commenters at Brussels Journal. It's very sad indeed that a site with such high quality of the writers, has such a very low quality of its commenters. I should mention while I'm at it how GoV has an amazingly high standard in its comments section.

"I have compared Conservative Swede with the "Arab Street" because both refuse to take responsibility for 'own' conditions and have a need to scapegoat others. It would appear that you are a fellow traveller of Conservative Swede, at least as far as scape-goating is concerned."

"Oh how scandinavian. No wonder my ancesters left your shithole for the "culturally devoid and shallow" USA. We will all be laughing when your Nazi gold runs out and you wake up to the hangover of a muslim majority and Sharia law."

Here is an example excerpt of what I had written:
"then under the cultural hegemony of America of the last century the Europeans were constantly told that their state churches were illegitimate. The political heads of our society were cut off, traditional values eroded due to that, the scene was left open for socialists and the kind, we were told that our churches were illegitimate. And now the Americans are surprised that the Europeans left Christianity. The Americans will always be left surprised by the consequences of their actions."

And here is a sample reaction to this piece, by boxermk:
"Excuse me? Is this what they teach in Sweden? I know you consider yourself very superior, but let me educate you. While your country sat back and and helped supply Hitler's infrastructure, 400,000 Americans died in your continent despite the fact that at that time we were heavily Isolationist and were still tired from the last European-caused disaster, known as WWI, during which yet thousands more Americans died helping prevent Europe annihilate itself (what is it with you people?)

If America knew just how sophisticated you Europeans would turn out to be, we would've turned over the whole shithole of a continent over to the Soviets, trust me. BUT POOR YOU. YOU POOR PEOPLE HAD TO SUFFER UNDER AMERICAN "HEGEMONY"."

Check also this thread, and expect more attacks on me by this fanatical mob of knee-jerk American chauvinists:

I think also in this post I make it even more clear the significance of the historical perspective (with some help from Sean Gabb, who wrote the article). As is seen in the comments above it's all WWII that animates these people. The world before WWI, that was torn down in the wake of WWI, does not even exist in their minds. It's only this kind of complete blindness that could render the question to me: "Which political head of European society do you miss? Mussolini? Franco? Hitler? Stalin?". All in all, the comments exemplify and proves my points perfectly.

It's somewhat ironical that it's the European site that has the crowd of fanatical Amwerican chauvinists, while it is the American site that has the balanced commenters. Except for Jesus Christ Supercop, whom I consider a hysterical European.

PS. Remember that the comments at BJ goes in reverse chronological order.

Conservative Swede said...


Did you read the links I provided you with for perspective?

Unknown said...

Very good. This is how you should deal with populists and liberal scum.