Monday, September 03, 2007

Lars Vilks Agitates Against an Ethnic Group

Ever since the earliest days of the Modoggies caper, I have expected that Lars Vilks would at some point be brought up on charges of hets mot folkgrupp, or agitation against an ethnic group. Back in June, I reported on the travails of Dan Pettersson, the South Swedish politician who was convicted on charges of hets mot folkgrupp for saying politically incorrect things about Albanian gangsters.

And now it’s happened to Mr. Vilks. Our Swedish correspondent Carpenter reports:

It was just a matter of time before some jerk accused Lars Vilks and Nerikes Allehanda of hets mot folkgrupp. And I’m not surprised that the one who now does it is Sveriges Muslimska Förbund.

Fjordman has written several times about its chairman, Mahmoud Aldebe. He is notorious for justifying honor-killings of Kurdish girls and proposing Shari’a via an open letter to the Swedish government in April 2006.

And now this clown, together with his “association”, involves himself in the debate on NA’s printing of the Modoggies. But not only do they demand that NA be convicted for hets mot folkgrupp and sued so that Sveriges Muslimska Förbund (Sweden’s Muslim Association) can do lobbying for Shari’a; he is also claiming that only the text itself (the editorial next to which Mo was printed) is agitation against the Muslim ethnic group!

Here’s Carpenter’s translation of the article in the online version of today’s Nerikes Allehanda:
- - - - - - - - -
The dreaded ModoggieSweden’s Muslim Association is to sue Nerikes Allehanda due to the publication of the Mohammed drawing. But the probability that the chancellor of justice will charge them is very small.

Sveriges Muslimska Förbund, the largest Muslim organization in Sweden, has contacted a lawyer to prepare an application for a summons to the police.

“We think this is about agitation against an ethnic group [hets mot folkgrupp],” says chairman Mahmoud Aldebe.

The association not only considers the drawing defamatory, but also Lars Ströman’s text.

“The text is about ridiculing religion. They intend to defame an ethnic group.”

He thinks that NA’s publication intentionally defames Muslims, due to their religion.

“It’s not a question of freedom of speech; it’s a question of agitation against a ethnic group”

Carpenter adds this afterthought:

Luckily, nobody will not even think of taking his idiocy seriously…

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Unknown said...

To Carpenter

Luckily, nobody will not even think of taking his idiocy seriously…

I think you are too much optimistic.

Steen said...

The chairman, Mahmoud Aldebe, is the islamist who in early 2006 demanded sharia for swedish muslims:

This is his new chance, and there will be others to come.

History Snark said...

Once again we have harassment of "an ethnic group" when someone criticizes Islam.

I must say, these 'slammy propagandists are good. They always know how to play the press.

carpenter said...


I know from long experience about the multicultural-promoting Sweden, and I guess you've read about it regularly here on GoV. But it excludes Mahmoud Aldebe's kafirophobia. Even the Swedish social-democrats, otherwise known for quotes such as "I hate everything genuinely typhically Swedish" (/Mona Sahlin) or "We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and the Muslims because when we become the minority, they will be so towards us" (/Jens Orback), condemned his and his SMF-colleagues' sharia-proposal last year.
I don't know to which Muslim in the U.S. to compare, some CAIR-radical? Or does CAIR pale in comparison to Aldebe and his Shari'a-fellows?

Unknown said...

“The text is about ridiculing religion. They intend to defame an ethnic group.”

Let's cut to the chase: Why do they equate religion with race?

Seriously, it's an open question.

carpenter said...

One explanation could be that Baron's translation of the Swedish word folkgrupp - ethnic group - is somewhat confusing for all you non-Swedish speaking people out there (Baron changed my translation-word "group of people" to "ethnic group", but I don't blame you for doing that, Baron; What would you know?):
Literally translated it would be "people group" or "group of people". The word folkgrupp itself can mean ethnic group, but it can also refer to a religious, cultural, national or sexually oriented groups (ethnic group, literally translated to Swedish, would rather be "etnisk grupp")
This is of course vastly abused by those who use political correctness, Swedish style, to accomplish their objectives.
For instance, Åke Green, a Swedish "homophobic" priest, who was reported to the police and taken under custody for saying that "homosexuality is a cancer upon the societal body" (and later was released by the EG-court), became a victim of HMF. And now also, unsuprisingly, Nerikes Allehanda for printing Mo' and Lars Vilks for drawing Mo' as a roundabout dog...

Unknown said...

To Carpenter

I am portuguese and live in Portugal.

Hate speech laws were made bye these filthy leftshits to prevent us from speaking about issues related to imigration. And they will be used. The point is we must not fear them. It is a delict of opinion and the sooner people began prosecuted, in fact is has already began in Sweden, for that the sooner we can fight it.

Papa Whiskey said...

The call by Muslims for sanctions against Nerikes Allehanda is pretty ironic in view of the Aug. 24 publication by Sydsvenskan of the “Jewish sow” caricature Lars Vilks had inked in response to a challenge by Ingmarie Froman of Svenska Dagbladet -- a far more malign bit of work than a rondellhund Muhammad. As Paul Johnson noted in his “History of the Jews,” for six centuries in Germany the “judensau” was “the commonest of all motifs for the Jew, and one of the most potent and enduring of abusive stereotypes ... Its endless repetition helped on a process which in Germany was to become of great and tragic importance: the dehumanization of the Jew.” The revivification of this vile slur would seem to leave both Froman and Vilks far more vulnerable to a "hets mot folkgrupp" charge than any puckish portrayal of Muhammad as a rondellhund.